Dienstag, 14. November 2017

Fasten your seatbelts, teh ruler's back! #manilaments

Sup boys and girls, guess who's back?!

After more than 2 years i decided to keep this precious blog alive - i hope all you beggars are happy now!

To my own suprise over those 2 years alot of people asked me what happend to this blog, alot of people of whom i have never heard of before which indicates there may have been a bigger readership than i was aware of.

Anyways, i don't wanna dwelve too much into the past and more focus on present and future but will still give a short overview of what happend and what lead me to the decision to put this blog on ice.

Shortly after my last post in 2015 i got banned on Pokerstars for 3 months period for buttoning (was it 3months im not even sure anymore) but it was certainly long enough that i couldn't just sit this one out.
So i got creative and was probably the first guy or one of the first guys playing SNAP on 888 with a HUD, this was working fine for a while until everybody got a HUD and games got worse again which lead me to going back to the cadillac of Poker which is and always will be No Limit Holdem 9max.
2015 was a pretty shitty year rungood wise and this didn't change much in 2016. This was also the first time in my life where i could see the end of the rainbow in sight. Yes, i was still making money, yes, i was still making more money than most other people BUT i certainly wasn't making anything close to what i made in my golden years or what i wanted to make and the big question was: for how much longer all this will work out...
So with seeing Poker coming to a possible end in a couple of years i started getting into Price Action Trading and focussed alot of my time into this endeavour. The problem with this was that my days became pretty much 12 hour days, 6 poker, 6 trading and there wasn't much time for anything else.
Unfortunately Trading for me never took really off because i definitely underestimated it's complexity. Everybody who gets into this has the mindset "well, im a smart guy, if i put x amount of time in i will see results by date y". Unfortunately you have to multiply Y by 5 to 10 to maybe get a realistic picture. Overall Trading is still my longterm plan (even though currently on Ice) but i'm quite sure if i want to do the transition i will need at least 2 years fulltime nothing else to maybe be able to get profitable there. After all i've seen though so far i'm convinced that almost all decent pokerplayers could be very decent traders given they put in enough time. It just will take alot more time then you would estimate/hope for... But yes, if it would be easy everybody would do it.

But enough of this. So i basically was on my way out of poker when the call of a old friend from my Bangkok days pulled me straight back into it. I cant recall what he said word by word but it was something along the lines: "dude, fucking go out buy 6 fucking ipads and dont fucking ask why" "why?" "because fucking china man, thats fucking why" and the rest is pretty much history.

So yeah, fast forward to today, im still in this fucking industry of poker which i love to hate and im already having my best year financially ever by a longshot but im very aware that this shit has a limited lifespan and i dont care how good you are, what stakes you play and how big your cock is, all this is true for you as well and you should prepare for day X and put some money on the side in the meanwhile ;)

But let the past be the past. Since a couple of people asked if i would blog abit about my time in Manila here we go:
After 2 fairly boring winters in Vienna i decided some time during 2017 that i wont bother with the cold again and move for a couple of months to my spiritual home which is and probably always will be Asia. How exactly i ended up in Manila isn't even superclear to me but now i'm here. I wanted something new and i wanted a big asian city so Bangkok was out from the getgo (even though i plan going abit to Bangkok beginning next year), Singapore unecessarily expensive, same for Hongkong, Jakarta probably abit too mental to really live there (even though i loved my weekend there back then), Kuala Lumpur too boring and the Japan and Korea stuff just too cold. Other options probably would've been bigger town in Nam or Cambodia but now i'm here - and i couldn't be more happy but more about that soon!

The original feedback i got from people about Manila was nothing to be ecstatic about: too dirty, its a shithole, its dangerours, yadayada. But since i like to paint my own picture of things i had to see for myself.

In the end as almost everywhere it comes down to 3 things: Location, Location and you guessed it, location. I did alot of research prior to going here and ended up with 2 options, either Makati or BGC. Both are fairly similar but BGC is certainly newer, more modern and cleaner so guess what i decided for. It's actually quite funny because this district is almost like another world. As strange as it sounds driving into here is like you arent really in Metro Manila anymore but in Singapore or a CBD in Sydney. But more later.

So my flight out of Europe was on 30th of october and the connection was horrible (2 stopovers) but since i was able to afford business it wasn't the end of the world:

Vienna waiting for departure
Cathay business

After 20 hours or so i arrived fairly exhausted at the airport and directly got scammed for 20x the normal fare of a taxi. FINALLY BACK HOME i thought with a smile on my face and it was a fairly decent hustle so the guy for sure deserved his money.

As with almost everywhere, where you go shortterm but not holiday shortterm, it is a massive headache to sort out a flat. Most landlords wont rent to you because they want 6 months+ and because of this you are mostly limited to hearsay and airbnbs. Viewing them prior isn't really an option either which means you have to book the good old cat in the sack so to speak. However i spent alot of time looking into those Airbnb flats and boy i ran good this time for once:

view from balcony

living room 
more living room


one of the best showers i had up to date

left tower is mine (not literally unfortunately)

other people use this place to cook i think

So as you can see the flat looks quite decent, was exactly as advertised on the pictures in Airbnb. Obviously all this comes w a pricetag especially renting monthly which costs me pretty much exactly 2k Euro/month. But i even looked for how much they asking if you rent them for good which is 2k usd as well. Probably will get it abit cheaper than that but i doubt it will be significantly cheaper.
However for that price you also get amenities which are fairly sick. The pool in those modern asian condos is generally always nice but the gym mostly consists of 2 steppers and one machine but not here. Over 2 floors you have pretty much anything you may need for a solid workout (unless you are a professional athlete in which case it may not be enough). But for a small kid like me it's just perfect. No more time wasting commuting to the gym, i just run up one flight of stairs and im ready to roll:

Lobby and entrance hall of the tower

So far i make heavy use of gym and pool and i hope this will stay like this and i may see some interesting results in a couple of weeks. Even did some doubledays and will try continue doing so as long as the body allows it.
As i mentioned the district i settled in is by far the newest which Manila has to offer. Unfortunately they are still heavily developing it which makes the view from the place quite mediocre:

balcony view
However given that my tower seems to be very good qualitywise you hear next to nothing from the construction and from what i've seen so far in BGC it's almost impossible to not end up next to some sort of construction site because they building literally everywhere.

Another big plus of the area is that it is very well planned out and mostly consists of high and midrises which means it's not very big and you can pretty much walk everywhere in in max 15minutes. It's most likely also the safest area in the entire Philippines with several security guards in front of each building there is even at night. I have to be honest apart from BGC and Makati i haven't seen much yet but there isn't any reason to really get out. Everything you could ask for in regards to daily life is here: clubs, restaurants, malls, parks, whatsoever but fear not i will try to travel to some other places as well during my stay here.
So far i planned to move on in january after 2 months but given how much i like it so far i could easily see me staying abit longer than originally planned. I can't really remember the last time i felt that good at a certain place. Everything is just perfect from a worklife balance, it's warm, the people are friendly - just really really good overall. I should note though if you come to Manila to save money you wont save too much money compared to most places in Europe if you decide for this area. It's by far the most expensive and everything will be on par with western prices, some things like taxis for instance alot cheaper but on rents and restaurants you wont be able to save much if any. You get a pretty decent value in return though.

Don't really wanna drag my blog comeback out for too long so i will close with one interesting observation i made so far in regards to employment. From what i've seen so far and what it feels like everybody who comes to Manila and wants to work is getting a job. I don't really know how they do it but it has some hilariousness especially if you lived in Malta for a couple of years. In general i would call it overstaffing of places.
You often have 20-25 waiters in midsized restaurants, you have 10-15 people working in a small phonestore, you have 10 sometimes armed guards at just one gate of my compound (there are probably 15gates total), you have 5 people running the reception at my tower and the most obscene one up to date is: my tower has 4 elevators and in each of those 4 there is 24/7 one person in who's sole job it is to remember what floor you live in and to press the button for you - complete insanity if you ask me but all this leads to a very high standard of service in the majority of places you go to.

That's it for now, i hope the guys who asked for teh comeback are happy now,

peaze and good luck to whoever is following my adventures!

almost forgot to add a ytd garph for teh fanboys:


Samstag, 5. September 2015

Big one! time to finish teh year strong

Sup folks,

wanted to update abit earlier but got a bit siq for 2 days that i wasn't motivated to do much than lying around in bed hoping for the best but expecting the worst. However i seem to have dodged the cold so that i was back to 100% this morning after maybe 36hours of suffering.

If you follow me on facebook and if u read the headline correctly you already know it was rather big month in the current environment. I netted around 11k pre rakeback and 15k after which puts me on pretty much exactly 80grand for the year and with some rungood i really have a shot at a 140 or even 150k year now which i didn't really saw coming after the first 6 months in. That being said there is still alot of stuff that can happen and alot of stuff which can go wrong but 80k is certainly good yet not great for now.


Month overall went as smooth as it gets even though it was one of those months where i didn't really had a clue how much i'm up at any time. Obviously made me even happier to see i'm up 11 but wouldn't have been surprised either if i checked end of the month and was up only like 3...
Remember last month when i wrote i wanted to play exclusively 1k hand sessions? Pretty much quit that endeavour on day 2 of august because i realized my focus went straight downhill for the last 200-300 hands of the session. Was around the time where i also got the suggestion of teh business man himself JNandez to use a timer and finish sessions based on time. Experimented abit with that and that seems to work way better overall so that currently i break/quit sessions around the 1hour mark which normally results in 700-800 hands. After this month results i will definitely keep operating like this. Another thing which happend beginning the month that i was really not feeling happy/confident at 400SH that i deleted it from the filter pretty much instantly and never really looked back. For the moment i have no plans to add it in again even though results indicate i should/could.
Before we go any further here the usual garphs for august:

dollar won and EV

BBs won and EV

rakeback and winnings combined

As you can see after a slow start thing really kick off and go where they are supposed to go. Unfortunately again failed to have that magic 100 Buy In month but i swear im onit. Not too much to say about all of this apart from that i ran and played pretty well. Not really much variance in there either thankfully.

The good ol bell curve indicates decent heat as well showing alotta sets and flushes getting there.

By day
Noteworthy here that i hadnt had a single losing day the last 12 days of the month which is fairly sick i think. Overall only 20% losers out of 30days very decent track record also

Only thing im still not really satisfied with is volume but in the end it is what it is and i rather take a low variance 11k with 116k hand than something more swingy with 150k hands. The days to focus mainly on volume are long gone anyways.

Before i forget i also managed to clear another lifetime achievement at pokerstars:

5mirrion vpps
I guess that equated to 15million hands++

Plan for this month is to change pretty much nothing (which should be easy) and to not be sad if i make less than 10k (which should be alot harder...). Invested some money in a bunch of different LOLdonkament players for the WCCOP (world championship of online poker) so time to run good there for once and get a decent return on investment on my money - fingers crossed. Had some investment this year at EPT Barcelona as well and broke even pretty much so not really much to write about this. Guess that's it for poker and from here on to the other life stuff ive been up to.

As previously discussed i wanted to get a new car and ultimatively ended up with another Corvette (as expected). Would've had tons of different and mostly cheaper options but in the end i wanted to have something i will be 100% satisfied with and decided against getting a Porsche which everybody who has some money in Vienna drives anyways and went for a car which essentially was built for me and maybe 5 other people in Vienna call their own.
I first went to a Corvette dealer in Vienna but that guy was superoldschool and i dont think he bought the whole pokerthing anyways. Convertible started at like 108k there and i swore to myself beforehand that 100k is teh absolut max i'm going to spew away (before people start calling me names again cars are fucking expensive here bc they get taxed an additional 30% on top but not much you can do about it). However i managed to find a (barely) used C7 Convertible from another dealer very close to Vienna which specializes in sport cars (mainly Maseratis and Ferraris) so i went there the next day. Car had pretty much the exact specifications i wanted to have (manual, sport seats, red leather, etc) so after a short test ride and a short negotiation i signed the contract and shipped the moniez.

new ride
Havent received the car yet because i needed to get some stuff down beforehand - black rims and wrapped up in white but expect to have it somewhere next 2 weeks after everything is finished.
Also managed to finally get the right documents to get my drivers license back which i lost somewhere in Asia which probably took me a good 20-30hours in total. Definitely not going to lose my license again ever - what a giant wasted of time...

End of august i took my miniholidays as usual. This time Zurich was on the list. While i have been to Switzerland before i never been to Zurich which is one of the richest and most expensive cities in the world. Directly once you get out of the airport you realize that something is very different here because well, the cars are different. Even in the first 10minutes you saw like more nicer cars than in Vienna in a month. Every Audi you see is an S or and RS, Maseratis everywhere, etc. Also all modells are like 2010 or newer and you rarely see cars that are smaller than a BMW 3 series. Thankfully i managed to get an Uber which was 20euro and appr. 25% of what a normal cab would cost - god bless UBER! Afterwards i met up with my former student roomie who lives and works and Zurich now and we were crusing around and went to Zurich lake for a couple of pints. City is fucking bjuutiful and that lake is insane and gives you a somewhat mediaterranean flair - basically like living by the sea. There also tons of mountains around which makes it even nicer. But don't be fooled, that city will break you or better said will break your wallet. Essentially everything you do is 3 times the price you'd pay in Vienna and 5times+ what you would pay in cheaper cities. Casual restaurants you will not leave without spending at least 50euro p.P and you still will be hungry afterwards. Taxis start at 7Euro at the moment you sat down, etc. I'd guess you live a way easier life with 2.5k/month to your name in Vienna compared to 6k/month to your name in Zurich. Also the police is quite sick over there so that i heard some funny stories. Probably the funniest one is that they caught my roomie speeding with 36km/k too much and he got license suspended for 3 months and had to pay 4k fine. Even funnier is if they get him again for something similar offensive he's going straight to jail lolol - speaking of a police state...
On saturday we attended street parade which is like a giant technofestival in the city center which attracts over 1million people from all around the world each year. Weather was brilliant and was good fun and definitely could do again. Sunday was relaxed sightseeing day and i went back to Vienna in the evening.

750k porsche in front of a 5star hotel which served brilliant kopi luwak

M6 of my mate which is one of teh moar modest rides in Zurich town

thats actually a lido in Vienna with a nice view over the city

my room in Zurich - lot better than pay 150euro/night+ for hotel

view from the terrace of the flatshare in zurich

supernova elite university ETH 
not big enough for the Golds Gym :(

enjoying zurich lake with some beverages

Zurich lake in the back on one of the hills around the city

another meal at the lake

lunch break during street parade - casual 160euro bill for some coffee 4 beers and 2 mains

view of zurich's largest buildings

israeli fish dropping wisdom with his avatar

Dolder Grand luxury hotel on top of the hill

Last but not least alot of people seem to ask me lately about poker and if they should get into it. So i want to elaborate abit on this.

Firstly, no, you shouldn't.
What i write here might make it look easy like 1 2 3 and while for me it doesnt feel that hard it will be 10 times harder for you. Chances are, that if you were supposed to be in poker you would be in poker already for a long time. It's not like you read a book, deposit some money and you start making 5k+/month - those days are long gone. If you start with that goal you pretty much going to fail any given time. The guys who are still left in poker love the game. When i wake up in the morning i'm genuinely happy that i can sit down at my computer and can get my first session fired up. Every day. There are no days where i say "ahhh fuck that, today i do something else" because even after 6 years i really really enjoy what i'm doing and i would assume for the most grinders who are still alive and kicking it is very similar. I also spend 200hours+ each month grinding, watching videos, discussing hands, reading poker related articles, browsing poker forums, etc. That doesnt really feel like work to me bc as being said i love what i do but chances are that this might feel like (too much) work for you are high. If you play poker in 2015 poker will be a massive part of your life and will be with you in the back of your head everywhere you go - there are no people grinding part time anymore (at least no successful ones); it's either you give it your all or nothing at all.
If you are unemployed or have some supershitty job (and its easy to find something else any time) and you have enough time to really invest 250hours a month working on your poker carreer then it cannot hurt to read some books, watch a bunch of videos and start grinding microstakes with a 50$ deposit and see how it goes - after 3months you will have a pretty clear picture if that is how you want to spend the next years/decades. But if you have a serious job and you doing fine i wouldn't wanna put that at risk for a tiny shot at a debatably better life because odds are heavily stacked against you making it.
If you still decide to pull teh trigger good luck though.

And also once again: No, i don't coach - games are tough enough already and i don't need any more competition and i definitely don't need to raise my own competition for a quick payday.

see you next month. peaze out!

Sonntag, 9. August 2015

Smart investing for pokerplayers and expats

Sup guys,

you probably werent expecting to hear from me so soon after last post but this one isn't about poker it's about something i wanted to write for a while now: Investing your money!

For me personally it goes way back. I'm one of the biggest winners at my stakes but apart from playing poker and transfering that money into my bank accounts i never did anything with it. And there are better ways than having a couple of hundred k's lying around in bank accounts making 0% a year and losing to inflation and stuff. And what i gathered so far is that like 80% of pokerplayers operating exactly like this basically because they are uninformed about opportunities, unsure about taxation, scared of dodgy financial advisors or just too lazy and always say "yeah i gonna invest some money soon" and push it further and further. Especially the last point was very true for me personally but i changed this beginning this year.

I have a good friend i know for several years now who works as a financial advisor for one of the biggest financial investment companies worldwide for over 10years now. However this guy never approached me and asked me to invest some stuff with him so that i had to take matters in my own hands this year and approached him about this.
In the end i opened up a retirement investment where 1.5k getting booked of my credit card each month for the next 10years, that money goes into an account where it gets reinvested and you are supposed to make 5-8% on that per year - does sound better than having your money stuck in your overseas bank account, no?
I also invested some money in structered notes and stocks over an independant platform where risks and rewards are abit higher. But this is just me and possibilities are pretty much endless.

Since alot of guys are just uninformed and lazy i wanted to write this blog to give you an opportunity to take action. You are not dependant on doing the research yourself, you get a strong contact via me. A guy which works in this industry for years and who is already working together closely with other pokerplayers (myself included). Now obviously this is also a self-serving post. If i forward him clients i make money through commission and he makes money through commission. But ultimatively you will make money as well. So essentially this is a win win win for everyone. I also want to note that i don't want/need to make some quick cash here. If you follow this blog closely you should know that i do very well for myself but i genuinely believe that this is a good opportunity for alot of guys getting some of their hard earned money invested with decent returns. As long as capitalism and the interest system is still in place it's just plain stupid not to take advantage of this completely indepedant of what you might think of it.

If you are interested in this the most important things are:

- you cannot live in the UK or in teh land of teh free because of tax reasons
- it doesnt matter which nationality you are from
- 50k minimum for fixed investments
- 1k minimum/month for structured investments (the one i described above aka retirement plan)
- for most people living abroad it will be tax free, this doesnt apply if you are american

That's the main cliffs you should keep in mind if you are interested in working with us. Every other details can be discussed directly with my friend.
I also want to point out here that we are talking about fincancial investements and every single one of those will have a certain risk and there is a chance to lose money. It's completely up to you how much risk you are willing to take but in general the higher your potential return is the higher risk that investment brings along. Since this is mostly written for pokerplayers i'm quite sure though that you are familiar with the system of risk/reward and so on. Just wanted to emphasize that all i'm giving you is a very strong contact to a financial advisor i know very well and would vouch for any day. A guy with whom i have invested a decent amount of money myself. But by no means i'm responsible for your investments/money so be aware that if you go down the road and invest some and it doesn't go according to plan that was your decision and neither me nor my friend will be responsible for this by any means.

That's all i wanted to write about this. If you want to get further information about what is possible and what not, what to expect, etc. just get in touch with me and i will forward you (preferably via Skype) to my friend to discuss details. There is absolutely zero cost to get in touch with him and get informed about that stuff, if you don't like what you hear there is no obligation to invest anything.

Allrighty, hope that i can help some people out with this, if there is any interest you know how to reach me!


Samstag, 1. August 2015

July at teh office

Another month another update.

Fairly on time which says that things overall seem to have been allright.

Overall pretty decent but rather unspectacular months. If you dont check results you always know how things are appromixmately but over the course of the month you tend to lose track sooner or later. More often than not you are positively surprised but this time i honestly expected abit more than just the 6k i was able to bank. Obviously this is complaining on a fairy high level so i will stop at it right here and provide the graphs:

dollar EV july

Abit over EV dollar wise, abit more buy in wise. As you can see fairly hot start, then a while into breakevensville, some real heat and back to breako.

BBs won
Pretty similar picture in Bigblinds, think i was 13 stacks above EV which is definitely nice.

Total earnings including rakeback appr.
You can see with rakeback i almost exactly hit the 10k USD mark which is nice because 10k is alotta money and can buy alot of things :) Theres certainly some swings included but the positive ones almost always outway the negative ones which always tends to give alot of peaze of mind. Was happy with my game overall even though i would've wished/hoped to hit 10k before rakeback. Regarding stakes this is like 1% 600, 5% 400, 24% 200 and rest hundo. Was pretty much 50/50 split between ring and 6max and was running decent at all stakes apart from 100 6max where i lost a bunch which is somewhat surprising because it prolly is the softest gametype im playing atm. But yeah, made that back at the deep tables and in generally ran good at 200 and 400 so that's that.
Days break down as following:

By day
Definitely higher swings then the last month but unsurprisingly because i had NL400 6max again in my filter for the first time in a while which tends to creates swings both ways. 9 losers out of 30 could be better but could also be worse. Still waiting for that 2k day which i havent had in a while...+2k that is!

Main negative aspect where im really not satisfied is volume. Of course as being discussed i play less table lately and therefore get less hands per hour but really wanted to hit 125k hands which i slightly failed. Not biggie but still. The main problem i currently have/had is that i aimed to play 4-6 sessions a around 750hands. Afterwards at least 15minutes break to cool down. What happens now is once i run hot i play 500 hands quit, i play 600 hands quit but i dont play 750. I also tend to play only 4 or max 5 sessions over the day when running hot while originally planned to play 6. Vice versa once i run cold i dont stop at 750, i stop at 1k, 1.2k, or take supershort break and essentially play one long session. Over the next month(s) i really want to experiment with fixed session lenghts aka 1000 which is around 90-100 minutes. No matter if im up, down, etc - i play 1k hands. Only exceptions are if for some reason i don't get enough tables, are supertired/unfocussed or i have jesus on a massive whale at 600. But for the most part i really want to stick to this and see how it goes. Clearly my current system is working but the question is to what degree and i'm sure it isnt max EV. Theoretical it should make sense playing longer when running hot - 1k hands instead of 500 and shorter when running cold - 1k hands instead of long session of 1.8k or something. This way i should be able to maximize earnings while minimize losses and also makes it alot easier to time your day.
If this doesnt work out for whatever reason i havent though of yet i can still revert to how i was doing things the last 2 months.
Another thing i want to change as well is waking up and going to bed abit earlier. Average wakeup time this month was 1:30pm and i definitely want to push that back to noon. I also dont wanna grind after 3am and be in bed by 5am. Ambitious, i know, but hopefully it works out.

Regarding reallife not a crazy lot went on. Wasnt out club very often and took a miniholiday to Krakau for 2 days at the end of the month to attend another pokerplayers wedding. Was good weekend and fun catching up after a long time and a well deserved break from teh office as well. That being said though i went out both days in Krakau and was essentially hungover for 5days, was damn close to puking the plane, etc. I really have to figure something out to make all this stop or i really have to quit drinking for good sooner or later because im really not willing to put up with that shit anymore. I have 6 hours fun and be completely out of order for at least 24 hours followed by a state of mild depression combined with zero motivation to do anything. That gets worse and worse every year now and i somehow have to deal with that shit. Not even to mention how much money i lose out on while not being able to work/finding no motivation to work. That wouldnt even be the worst thing if that time would be quality time but its pretty much nutlow time. Anyways, went to pharmacy and bought alot of stuff i will experiment with over the next couple of drinking sessions to see if i can get it fixed or im really going to evaluate. As usual you heard it here first. And for all the young guns beginning 20s i can only give you the advice to party as much as you can bc there will come a time sooner than expected where things change... Resume of all this is the aftermath of drinking sucks especially once u cross the 30-line, beware!

Im also as being focussed on the carhunt atm. Abandoned the plan to get the 160k Corvette because 160k well, its abit excessive given the general poker economy etc. And until i can buy a used one for a reasonable price will at least take a couple of years.
So currently i have pretty much the following options:
- get something cheap which i dont like for 25k - no
- get something american aka mustang, camaro or old corvette for 40k - would be the most sensible decision but im not sensible in regards to car so probably no
- lambo gallardo for around 80k after bumhunting one - always said i gonna drive lambo by the age of 35 but also spend the last 5 years telling people the gallardo is for lamborghini what the boxter is at porsche: essentially a car for people who want to drive lamborghini but cannot afford lamborghini so i cant really get the gallardo no matter what happens...
- get a porsche 911, aston vantage, maserati gran cabrio or jaguar f-type with 50k km+ for 70-75k - definitely an option but then again:
- get a brandnew Corvette 2015modell cabrio for 100k

As you can see i'm currently tending to option 4 (just because that fucking brand was created for me) but i change my mind fairly often so who knows. Also have to get my drivers license back first which i lost in Asia and its a damn pain in the ass to get it sorted. Essentially had to commit to a new health insurance to confirm my Austrian residency in order to get the license. Still don't have it and i hope it takes 2 weeks from now on but afteral what happend im not even sure.

Think that enough for now. Pokerplans i already elaborated earlier on. Regarding life in july i have some old friends coming over the next 2 weeks so that i have to go out clubbing every now and then and at the end of the month i will take my monthly miniholiday. This time Zurich is on the list where i will visit my first ever roomate from german university (who is a giant moron but also a fun guy) and attend a giant rave called the Street Parade which is essentially what the Love Parade was only in Zurich instead of Berlin. That gonna be good for sure and i hope im not too old for that shit.

peaze out and for teh case you grind gl at the tables but moar luck to me

ahhyes, some pictures - arent many though #boring

one of my countless driver license runs

funny and ohhtrue mtt meme

sucking some sun on teh rooftop

very appropriate wedding sign

radisson blue krakau

my vienna douchbag outfit if i feel like annoying people

picture from the wedding