Samstag, 1. März 2014

Boring aka healthy february

Month started with me being alone with teh staff on our 3000m² property because teh other guys went to teh Aussie Millions donkament in Melbourne.
Since being alone is boring and i got aware that teh dutch HU SNG prodigy Marijn van Puffelen was in Jakarta for teh weekend i invited him to come along teh next week that i have some company. Basically we did not do much besides eating out and grinding but went out for one night to mark teh end of my detox phase. Sadly or thankfully that was teh only night i went out in february haha. Was a good night though. Mad respect also through what this guy is going - literally swinging 5figure amounts on a daily basis but seems to have a decent mindset and no moodswings bc of that at all. I couldn't do it...
He left after a week pretty much when teh other guys returned from OZ. That was around teh time where i managed to catch Bali Belly aka travellers diarrhea for teh first time while here. Took around 2 days and was really feeling like garbage.
Then after i recovered my Alienware started to go balistic once again (just had teh thing repaired) and after receiving no support at all as usual i decided it's time to go for an independant brand and quit teh Dell bullshit after using them for several years and ordered one from a shop in Singapore:

Hope that this one is doing a better job then teh last one.
So after my alienware was out of order i started grinding on teh desktop of my roomie again which is a decent upswing device and i still had all my data on it that i didn't lost too much time through that.
Two days ago i needed to go for a visa run which i combined with picking up teh laptop and doing some shopping. Bought my first expensive watch also:

In teh Jaeger club now

This visa run was quite a pain in teh ass mainly because i was on grinding schedule which meant waking up in teh evening and going to bed when normal people go to work. I arrived in Singapore 9 in teh morning and went to teh mall where i wanted to hunt for a Patek Phillipe but discovered teh shop was still closed. After having a 25euro breakfast then (was good though) i returned to discover they were still closed. Since it was a mall there were plenty of other options to get some money off my credit card though so that i went to teh DSQUARED flagship store. That they called this shop flagship was quite a joke though because they had everything in 1 or 2 sizes and mostly not mine. 2 Shirts i liked but since they go for teh used looked with holes, spots and stains all over teh shirts i decided Dean and Dan can suck it and i'm not go to give them 200Euro for a shirt which essentially looks as if i were in 2 barfight before even hitting a bar. Continued to my friend Armani where a cute girl assisted me and believed that i were model and appeared in some real tv show in South East Asia... After blowing some money there teh Patek shop was finally opened only to discover that there watches start at 15.000$ which was a bit above my budget and those "cheap" ones looked shit anyways.
After 2mins taxi i was in teh next massive mall (gotta love Singapore) and went to a shop with several brands. Made my decision pretty quickly to go for a Jaeger which would'be been my 2nd best choice anyways. Now teh pain started though bc both netcards got declined and teh limit of my other card wasn't enough to make this time piece mine. Offering teh guy a deposit of a couple k's and sending teh rest via banktransfer later that they was not really a gamble teh sales guy was willing to take - after all i don't blame him, didn't really made teh impression that i could afford one of those given my clothes and 4 hours of sleep anyways...
My flight back was at 4pm and it was oreddi quarter past one so that i was running out of time as well since i haven't picked up teh laptop yet. Since i knew there was enough money on my cards and teh shop was just stupid i decided to try to get as much out of atms as possible and pay teh rest with teh card which always works. Thankfully i managed to get enough money out of teh ATMs that this plan worked in teh end. Way from teh ATMs back to teh shop was quite funny because i couldn't close my wallet anymoar...
Then took next taxi, picked up teh laptop and went to teh airport in time. Teh pain wasn't over just yet even though i was already shattered (shopping is hard). After arriving in Bali i had to wait for an hour at teh immigration and when i finally made it to officer teh guy was playing games with me to test my temper. First he send me 3 times back to fill in more stuff in the visa application, then he said "Germany huh, are you a nazi?" which he pronounced nasi and for about 10 seconds i had absolutely no clue what he means and just smiled at him. He was not finished though after realizing i had quite some indo visas in my passport: "what you doing in Bali, you working??? You not allow to work!!! You working illegally?" After keeping my temper once more and telling him i just like the country and serve a bit he let me off teh hook though. Arrived at home 10pm and went straight to bed sleeping for 10 hours - what a fun day :)

I would like to write moar but literally nothing happend this month so that we can move to teh pokers from here. After having a fantastic january it was quite clear thas this is going to be hard to top:


Certainly not teh best month but certainly not teh worst either. Had some sessions which weren't really going my way but in teh end quite satisfied with my game. Still fullring only for this year. Volumewise is a bit weak given that i played all month but mostly i quit sessions teh moment i don't feel like it anymoar which i think is still teh superior approach towards saying i play 3k hands now and don't stop before i have 3k hands. Especially given that i don't play for VPPs anymoar and it doesnt really matter rakebackwise which milestone i hit because everything besides SNE is samasama anyways...
March started with some decent rungood already, games seem to be still good even though not as good as beginning this year and i'm a bit undediced if i will revert back to vampire schedule and play bigger volume or stay at 9to5 schedule grinding off peak and get less hands but potentially better winrate and also see some daylight - we'll see what happens.

Future plans: I have a bit moar than one month left in Bali before i pack my bags with destination Bangkok and weather here gets better and better since wet season is coming to an end finally. Mid this month my parents coming for a visited over my bday. Haven't seen them for at least half a year so definitely looking forward. Besides that prolly alot of grinding again because i don't really feel like going out here too much anymoar since most nights are boring and it's prolly better to take 4k EV weekends instead of having a mediocre night out and being hungover for 2 days...
Also not quite sure if i go to Bangkok directly or do a month or two in Singapore - bit dependant on teh political situation over there and how things develop.

that's it for feb, unlikely that there will be any news until end of teh month but if there are i'll keep you poasted!


special sisha

Only night out with teh dutch prodigy

Ahh, yes, and then there was this: