Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Summersummersummertime aka back on teh Rock

It's been a while, i know... This is mostly due to teh horrific month of may which was one, if not teh worst month in my career. To put things into perspective: I was still slighty up after rakeback but really only pocket change.
But that's poker i guess - there are months were absolutely everything works out and ofc there are months were everything goes wrong as well. It still blows my mind til the current day how much variance really is involved in this little game of cards. I mean, I end up making close to 25.000$ US at the tables in april and once i return to Malta i manage to lose around 5.000$ US over a similar sample of hands. Without making too many big mistakes in neither of those months. Good news is that I managed to win around 10.000$ US so far in June so I'm back in teh zone and will not complain about teh dirty may...
In short the main reasons for the massive win and the decent loss in both months was running insanely hot at 400+ and running insanely bad at 400+. Before i continue here teh garph from may ongoing:

Still makes me wanna puke when I look at teh beginning haha.
However after that month I reevaluated some stuff, made decisions and changes and this seems to work out so far:

- I will abandon every 6max game above 400NL no matter how good teh game is, while continuing to play fullring up to 2k (which is not running anyways lol); main reason for that is, that I have to admit I'm at best a mediocre reg when it comes to 600+ 6max games and I just don't want to have that kind of variance on a daily basis while 85% of my hands are NL200. Even if i only play the sickest tables i'm still getting a butload of spots vs. regs, especially blind vs. blind that i just don't want to deal with anymoar. The games are so sick agressive that even hands like 99 or AQ are non-brainer All Ins for 100BBs vs. 80% of the regs. While this might be neutral to slightly +EV teh variace (especially money-wise) is just brutal for me. It's super frustrating if you grind your as off all day at 200 and make 6 stacks and then lose it all in teh last 15 minutes of your session bc of 2 standard spots at 600+.
Now you might say: "just play vs. teh fish and avoid big pots vs. teh regs". While this might be working fine at 200 and ok at 400 it is just not working at 600. The folks there are too good, they will see what you doing and own teh shit out of you.
For fullring everything stays like it was bc i'm feeling much moar confident there playing a 600 or 1k table compared to shorthanded

- I will start new tables at 200 every now and then, especially during non-peak times and try to improve my HU and ultrashorthanded game. However I will most likely only start tables vs. fish, so if you are a reg and read this just don't sit me bc it is very unlikely i will give you action. Why? Bc most likely I have a bunch of other tables running and need to focus on them as well and given the current state of games there is moar then enough fish willing to start tables with me. Feel free to jesus seat this fish whenever you can - i don't blame you, i don't care.

- I will play shorter sessions: Works out pretty well so far not playing for moar then 2.5hours in a row. Especially my non-showdown winnings seem way better while doing this bc you are really focussed teh entire session which is not really teh case for me when i play significantly moar than 3 hours in a row.

- I will play no moar ZOOM if games there get not significantly better

- I will further improve table selection and godseating aka timstoning. No comments for that one ;)

Basically that was everything in case of poker since teh last update. On a sidenote I bought action for around 5k$ from 3 different guys who play teh WSOP in Vegas so maybe I'm lucky and some of these guys bink something big which would give me a nice payday without too much effort.

Besides poker i'm back in Malta for good since teh 1st of may. I also attended my first wedding (of a pokerplayer) in Berlin and therefore went to Germany for some days of good party.
While may was still pretty quiet in Malta and teh weather was good but insanely windy, summer now really has arrived. Everyday at least 27°C, no clouds, no wind - just like a summer is supposed to be. Furthermoar since beginning of june it got insanely busy in case of parties. Every week from now on til beginning of september are at least 3 events which I don't want to miss which obviously doesn't go very well with work. However I have the feeling that I have a pretty good mix of work, party, sport and recreation atm that i will keep it like this for now and see how it goes.

Most likely i'm going to spent most of my summer in Malta, mainly bc there is just no reason to leave teh island during teh next 3 months bc everything i need is right here. However I will go to teh Stockholm week in visby in teh end of july which is supposed to be sick in every hinsight and a good friend of mine is a big promoter in ibiza these days, that i might have to schedule a couple of days in august or beginning september there as well but we will see...

After I lost my phone in Buenos Aires and replaced it with a shitty Galaxy Mini i'm now proud owner of teh brandnew Galaxy S3 which is dope. Definitely teh best phone I ever had and i would highly recommend it.

I guess that's it for now, some newer partyshots you can find hereafter. GL at teh tables to all teh players and everybody else a nice summer ;)