Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Februar Review aka Back in Business, Bitches!

Februar was alot better than I expected because Buy-In changes and some serious run good helped alot.
It's not my best month money-wise (I have only played 116 hours) but I never had a better month when you take the average winrate and the amount of money won per hour into account. So I'm pretty satisfied.
Furthermore I think I had my longest streak ever without a single losing day which took part between the 10th and the 25th of february. Unfortunately I experienced a little downer during my last 3 days of playing but I ran pretty g00t b4 so I will not invest to much thought in this shit...
Bottomline is over 17k $ made from the tables and another 4.5k $ from Rakeback which brings me above the 20k border which is always a very good thing.
Here the garph:

Besides the last few hands it looks pretty decent imo. Have to say though, that I'm fair amount above EV (3-4k$). But on the other hand I ran 3k under EV last day of january as earlier posted in my blog. So what's the conclusion of this? EV doesn't matter if you play for a living. Whatever you lose in EV, you will make it back in the longrun and whenever you run above EV there will be days and weeks when you run under. I'm really trying to get this shit in my brain so that there may come the day where I just don't give a fuck when I run under EV and stop complaining like a whiny bitch about it - gl me...

I'm not feeling to good these days. Just defeated the cold I catched in Malta. Was pretty sick because I had a mad cough for a whole week which didn't got any better and then I went out one evening and drank massively and the from the next day on my cough was completely gone. Leads me to the conclusion that I should drink more often/more...
Furthermore the weather is fucking me up more and more - cannot take the grey sky and the permanent rain any longer and will be very happy when I'll arrive in Malta in the end of this month.

I booked a flight to Germany for wednesday some days ago because I wanted to spent the week for carnival in cologne but atm I don't think I will take the flight. I still feel last weekend in my bones and main problem is that I don't have too many time this month for playing (bc I'm prolly sending my car with the monitors and the 22nd destination Malta) and when I now miss the start of march I gotta have to play high volume mid of the month which I don't really wanna do. Furthermore I'm not supermotivated for carnival - maybe I'm just getting older or maybe it's just because I was the last 5 years in cologne for Altweiberfastnacht - w00tever...
Still some chance I gonna take the plane on wednesday but it's prolly like Kings vs. Aces pre... never say never though!

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Summer residence signed

Haven't played poker since friday so this is gonna be pretty much entirely related to other things. Have to say though that I was riding a solid heater the over the last days I played and games literally seemd to be getting better each hour after they dropped 20-50BB tables...

However, on monday I took the plane from London to Malta. A good friend picked me up at the airport and I was pretty much chilling and relaxing the day. Went out in the evening for 3 beers but was pretty tired (prolly Jet Lag related...) and so we decided to not go any further...

On tuesday we (me + future roomie) had an appointment in the afternoon with Matt Barry who is one of my buddies here and a very good real estate agent at the same time.
We took a look at 10-12 appartments and penthouse ranging between 1.6k Euro up to 2.3k Euro p.M.
In the end we saw some interesting ones but nothing which really blew my mind. So we decided to take another look today (wednesday).
We ran pretty lucky today (bc that's what I do) and we managed to find something which you can really describe as a class of its own. Over the last 2 years I've seen shitloads of nice appartments and penthouses and alot of pretty ballsy stuff what most people in their 20s even couldn't imagine but this place was seriously sick!
After riding the elevator directly into the flat I basically knew from the first second that I want to live there.
Amazing outdoor area with pool, sound system, guest toilett; massive kitchen in which everything is doubled (2 ovens, 2 microwaves, 2 fridges, and so on); good sized living room with big TV and integrated sound system as well; and finally 3 bedrooms (2 with ensuites) and a big main bathroom. Everything was amazingly modern and clean - some sort of designer had done an amazing job... In short: this place was pretty much 100% what I was searching for. The only thing which could've been lil bit better is the location but it's still in walking distance to maltese nightlife so I should be fine...

Made an offer pretty soonish after we viewed it and after short negotiation we managed to decrease the price by almost 20% so that I'm now pretty satisfied with everything. cliffs: paying up front is always a good thing to do...

First pictures are online on Facebook and I'll share them here as well... From April ongoing alot will follow.

Heading back to Londres tomoro and from what I've heard the fashion week is taking part at the moment. In general I wanted to work this weekend but I heard of models and bottles and am not 100% convinced if working is a good plan anymore...

summer gonna be a hot one!

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Not too much to write since my last update.

Poker is going pretty slow this month (haven't played alot because some friends from Germany came over last weekend). Was losing some, winning some. Not so satisfied but should be up slightly though. Just the std rollercoaster.

Did yesterday an interview with Vincent Wille (guy is probably teh best small stakes NL Texas Holdem Player worldwide and maintains a pretty nice blog while making a shitload of money.) Interview was mainly about what to do to become a 6pack and since I had a pretty decent one back in the days 2008 when I was without a job and with plenty of time to workout/diet I seemed like a good interview partner I assume. 
Everything else you can read on if you are interested in the shit.

Made alot of party during the weekend but I'm seriously getting old which sucks. Seems like it is almost impossible for me these days to drink and go out massively 2days in a row which ends up in having a solid friday and a lame saturday where nothing is gonna work out at all. Have to seriously consider taking 1 day off if I want to go out multiple times on teh weekend... Whatever, you gonna learn early enough what I mean once you turn 26 ;)

On Monday I fly to Malta for 4 days in order to rent something baller. Hope it all works out but since I've got a pretty good real estate agent (if anyone is interested in moving to Malta, short or long term just get in touch with me and I will provide you with contacts which will make your life alot easier...) I'm not too worried. Will post updates and maybe some pictures when everything is [x] confirmed!

Today is the 10th of february where hopefully everything is getting better in case of onlinepoker and the rats dying a slow death and move their business from Poker Stars to MC Donalds. 
Everyone who plays Poker knows what this is supposed to mean but for the readers who are not playing for a living: Rats are people (mostly from Germany, Russia and Spain) who are buying in for the Minimum of chips at any texas Holdem NL tables (taking advantage of a so called "short stack" AKA "gay stack" strategy). Afterwards they are using a starting hand chart which is based on math playing a shitload of tables and doing nothing but folding or going ALL IN for 20BigBlinds. Once they reach 25BBs or more they leaving the table and sit down at a new one with their tiny 20BB stack.
Me and many other guys who are playing for a living hate these guys from the bottom of their hearts because these rats are abusing the current buy in structure. Unfortunately (for the rats) these structure will change today (rats can only play vs. other rats with 20BBs) and all the guys who like to play real poker will get their own tables. 
I can only speculate what this means for me but in general this change should reward the better players and the players who like to buy in with 100BBs and more. I count myself in both that categories so that I'm pretty convinced these changes are good for me personally but also for the futures of NL Holdem Cash Games at PokerStars. Thanks again Stars for pulling the trigger!