Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Arrived in Vienna, downswong finally over?!ap

Long time no update so here we go.

The frequent followers prolly oreddi know what happend but yeah, pretty much had one of the worst stretches i can think of since playing for a living and didnt really felt like updating after that abomination of march. Havent even checked results for last 2 months until like a couple of hours ago:

As you can see the only thing which was somewhat allright that month was volume. 175k hands is not too bad but nothing was working out ever and in the end the beyond EV run started as well which made things only worse and made me finish at the around -3k USD mark. With rakeback prolly a small winner afterall but nothing to brag about and definitely nothing which pays the bills :D

April started of alot better


but became complete aids pretty quickly as well. Its really mindblowing how you cannot make any hands over such huge samples, get coolered left and right, win no flips, get sucked out by fish. Like everything which could go wrong went wrong around mid of the month and confidence in my game was shattered pretty heavily once again after like 300k of barely breakeven poker. The only good thing if you play as long as i do is that you know it will inevitably turn around at a certain point of time but you never know if this point comes in a couple of days, weeks or even month. So all you can do is grindgrindgrind, hope for the best expect the worst and be prepared for whatever happend.
In retrospect i prolly was never that happy for making around 5k and from the general feeling i had without checking results i was quite sure that month would be max another breakeven one so that i was kinda nice surprise to be up almoast 10k combined with rakeback. Volume of 150k hands was not too bad as well if you consider that i moved to Vienna at the end of the month and therefore had alot of stuff to do regarding the new flat like buying furnitures, changing adresses, get used to new surroundings, etc.

Here is the overall garph for last 2 months in Bigblinds won:

march and april in BB

As you can see biggest factor is pretty much the 30stacks im under EV, if it weren't for those it would be still not great but somewhat allright at least. But if you ran like me over the years it also makes not much sense to complain too much about EV anytime soon even though it still sucks massively if you hit such a streak but i'm up way too much in EV to ever complain.

I hope that for now the worst part is over and i can go back to winning and aiming for 10k month pre rakebacl again but we'll see what happens. At least the last 2 weeks or so were significantly better than everything which happend before but you can never be to sure. April looked decent as well in the beginning and became pretty nasty at one point. Afterall its poker and everything is possible.

That's it regarding poker. Last 2 months in Bangkok were fairly quiet and i didnt do too much besides grinding. I went for a short weekend getaway to Hongkong which was nice and interesting. But living there as a grinder is not really the best option because its ridic expensive. My friend where i stay was living in 40m² in 25th floor for 3k USD and pretty much everything else isnt cheap either. Think of 20USD pizzas lolol. Havent managed to see Macau while i was there but yeah, sooner or later i might make it.

Had another friend in Hongkong visiting me over Songkran (the water festival and thailand new year) which was cool as well and ended in a pretty decent sized Hangover.
But as being said overall not too much happend those last 2month. I was somewhat happy in Bangkok but afterall it was really time for a change of scenery after my 12 months there.

Took my flight out of Thailand on the 24th and scored a pretty cheap business flight with Finnair via Helsinki to Vienna for 1.1k. Definitely would recommend for that price. Seat was fairly decent and service was good as well. Food was a bit disappointing but for that price you cannot have it all.

Arrived in Vienna like 10 days ago and so far i'm superhappy with my decision to move here. Moved into an already exisiting pokerflat and will be living together with a kid i was living in my very first penthouse in Malta and also spent some time in Australia with. So there was not much to organize afterall and i just had to pick up the key somewhere. My roomie is not even here yet but will arrive tomoro coming from Australia.
Only thing which is not optimal with Vienna is that you hardly find any baller furnished flats (like 90% is unfurnished) so that you have to invest some money in furniture (which will arrived on friday finally). On the brightside rents here are really really cheap considering its a major european city with allegedly the best lifequality world wide according to mercer.
Location where im at is pretty awesome bc i havent 100s of restaurants only couple of minutes walk away and food delivery services are very good as well. Compared to Bangkok where nothing besides fucking MC Donalds is delivery after 11pm here i have at least 5 restos to choose from which will deliver me all sorts of foods all night and the biggest plus is that they bring it up to your door. Was so tilting in Bangkok to always go down for it #firstworldproblem

Weather is a bit different here obviously but i think i chose a pretty good time so that its not too cold afterall and finally some fresh air to breathe. People are very friendly as well and so far i havent experience any of that hate that some austrians are supposed to have towards germans :)

Also amazing to finally have normal internet again, no more disconnections while playing poker, your downloads are finished in a couple of seconds, etc.

But yeah, couldnt be any happier so far with how thing are going here and i hope it continues.

Last but not least the usual pictures from the last 2 months, hope i'm not too embarressed to update in time next time.

So long, peaze

last sightseeing in Thailand at Ayuthaya

3k usd hongkong flat of my mate

impressive hongkong skyline

me above hongkong at the peak

flying to hongkong with alot of legroom

champagne isnt built for teh freezer

art convention honghong

oveview of hongkong

little bit of party

one of the last parties in bangkok with visitors from j-town

another one with the awesome jakarta girls

gay songkran poolparty with like 80% males

my luggage before moving out
watching mayweather fight in style, still lost 100 quid ffs