Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014


Month not really over but since i'm not playing any crazy volume teh last days and since i'm at my parents atm having some spare time i figured it's better to get this done now than once back in Bangkok.

Was pretty sick month pokerwise overall, especially if you consider that i was in Malta and going out 2-3 times a week moastly. One of those months where basically everything is going your way, be it setups, EV, gameplay, you name it.

Here's teh garph:

july 2014
Garph is a bit to pretty to put in teh EV line as well so i just left it in teh info box. As you can see it's decent amount above but my ev adjusted WR overall was almoast 3bb with which i am quite happy as well.
Here is also teh stake breakdown:

So what changed compared to last month? Basically only teh one thing that i dropped 6max for good and played exclusively fullring. Tbh last month garph itself wouldn't have looked very different without playing 6max. That being said i had 2 major heaters over those 122k hands and was pretty much never running really bad - garph makes that obvious - furthermoar games became alot better once teh worldcup finished and it should go up from now bc euro winter is coming :) Also there is no rakeback included so with rakeback im def. in teh 20k's for july which makes me a happy man!

Goal for august is to ride that heater as long as possible and not lose too much once it's over. Volumewise i should also be able to play a bit moar overall once back in Bangkok but volume is not necessarily my goal as long as i run good and make enough money.
Ah, yes, and definitely not trying to play 6max anytime in near future but i guess that's quite ldo after those results.
So in regards of poker i leave it with those numbers for - don't really know what else i should write.

In life regards i spent teh 2 weeks after my last update in Malta and left it yday and am in Germany now for appr. 2 days. In retrospect i prolly should've left Malta after teh worldcup because i was quite bored overall teh last 2 weeks but than on teh other hand i put in some good work, made some money and felt good overall so teh 2 weeks were not really wasted. Nevertehless though i'm quite happy once i board my plane to Bangkok tomoro and will be out of Europe for teh foreseeable future. Just an easier life over there, way moar laid back, friendlier people, cheap as fuck, no stress, hot temperatures, etc.
Last 2 weeks i went out a bit but not as much as during teh worldcup i think but put teh main focus on poker.
Nutrition overall was not very good either so that this is going to be a main focus once i'm back to get a better gym schedule again. Wasn't necessarily bad in Malta - still average 3-4 times i guess but some breaks every here and there and overall too much pizza, pasta and alcohol... time for change!
Really not much moar to tell now that i think back which prolly explained my boredom in teh end. On of teh cool things i heard lately was teh Dan Bilzerian interview which i can only highly recommend:

Dan Bilzerian Interview

Guy seems to polarize pretty heavy, lotta guys hate him, lotta guys like him, i fucking love him. So you better enjoy that link ;)

After i arrived in Frankfurt i was positively surprised about teh weather and went straight to teh rental car company to get teh M6:

M6 fresh in teh airport garage

However in teh 30minutes i needed to sort teh car out teh weather changed so that i had to close teh roof directly and german autobahn looked like this:

It's a bjuuutiful day

So yesterday and today i didn't do much besides sleeping, eating and chilling with teh parents and tomoro i prolly gonna meet some friends in Frankfurt before flying out to Bangkok. Going to bed soon and will try to wake up superearly to grind a bit in order to be hopefully tired during teh 2nd half of teh flight - since it's business i might even be able to sleep a bit if i'm lucky...

Once back in Bangkok Damon Booth will be oreddi waiting for me which i think is moar a bad than a good thing but i have to accept teh fact that he is going to be there to make my life worse - looking forward.

Somewhat tired so that's it, short update but better than nothing i'd assume.

take care guys and cu on teh other side...

rgds from Germany

last pic of my malta pad

sunrise from teh terrace

bedouin partyaments

lunch at waterpolo club

comom procedure

bjuutiful paceville in teh morning

gonna miss that pool

lunch at teh sea


other sick penthouse i had a look at

another sunrise

bday fun #nohomo

home sweet home



Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

How to get teh CHEAPEST airfares for business and first class - WORLDWIDE!

Hi there,

update a bit earlier than expected but this is not a real update but moar like a promotional post on my behalf.

Just yesterday i scored an affiliate deal with a fairly new company specialized in business and first class flights world-wide (long haul 5hours+ only). If you are not interested in this you basically can stop reading here because what is following might be not very appealing to you. If this sounds interesting please continue ;)

To give you an impression what is possible:

I just booked Frankfurt to Bangkok with Thaiairways for 1250Euro while the normal rate on Thai Airways would be 1720Euro. So in the end i saved 470Euro on this one which equals 27%. The economy flight would've been around 600Euro which makes business only double as expensive, which is a really really sick deal if you know a bit about flying. This is one way and you can expect roundtrips to even be cheaper from a percentage standpoint! I inquired not even 48hours ago and received my Ticket this morning via emai, i paid very conviniently on Stars.
Also note that flights from and to Europe in general have the worst %-deals. For example when you fly Asia to US or Asia to OZ the %-age you save compared to the regular business class should be significantly higher than the 27% i got here.

A good friend of mine is one of the agents for the company and so i offered him a collaboration to boost their business a bit.

Basically there are two options for you to get a quote and to book:


go to I only fly first class > Booking Request, add your details and what flights your looking for and post "timstone" in the "how did you hear about us" in order to 100% get the best rate available. They will give you quotes as soon as possible and you can decide afterwards if you want to take their offer or rather fly eco instead.


you get in touch directly with me via Facebook, Skype, Line or whatever and i will you forward you to my friend the agent who will take care of you from that moment on. Overall i would recommend this option because you will receive direct feedback and have a bit more personal experience but in the end this is completely up to you.

Every quote you get will be specifically researched extra for you with the best price available!

A wide variety of payment options will be available once everything is finalized - at the moment they have for sure paypal, skrill, pokersitetransfer and some banks, credit cards will be following asap.


- business and first class flights for better rates than found anywhere else
- worldwide
- long haul 5hour+ only
- if you are in a miles program you WILL NOT receive any miles for using ionlyflyfirstclass
- very easy booking process - all work is taken care of by the agents
- you'll receive your ticket via email you provided and will even be able to change your seat, meal preferences etc. afterwards

I really hope this might be interesting for some of you. If not just ignore!


PS: Also, if you think that might be interesting to your friends please feel free to share this, i really appreciate it!

Montag, 14. Juli 2014

Don't cry for me Argentina...

Alot of people asking me where teh fucking update is and since i'm a bit hungover after teh game yday i figured it's time to write a bit.
As you prolly oreddi know since teh update was delayed last month it was not a very pleasing in case of poker for me. I had a pretty poor start (after decent last may), then went to europe and started in Ibiza where i cannot grind poker bc teh market is seperated and once i was back in Malta i got back on it again.
To be honest i was fairly surprised when checking results - i knew wasn't teh best month but was also quite sure that i should be somewhat in teh black so i was surprised ending up down b4 rakeback. This is teh beauty of a garph which came with it:


While this itself doesn't look very impressing it gets a bit moar interesting if you filter for Fullring and 6max:



As you can easily see 6max once again costed me a fairly decent month and made it into a breakeven one. Good thing after all this is that i think i finally learned my lesson and will not play 6max anymoar unless games change drastically or i put in an insane amount of theory. I don't see one of teh both happen in near future.

So far i haven't played a single hand 6max this month and i think i should be up around teh 10k mark before rakeback which is certainly one of my strongest 2 week performances up to date. Feeling very confident at teh moment and needless to say i know this is a giant heater but after running fairly meh for several month now i think i somewhat deserve it. I haven't really checked results so teh 10k figure is a guestimate but i don't think i had moar than 2 losing days so far and 80% of my sessions are winners which is quite insane.
Definitely have to fucking stick to my game which is fullring for teh rest of teh year and whenever i feel teh need to play 6max again i will prolly just reread this blogpoast :D

Enough about poker though because it was fairly busy and interesting month in regards to real life as well.
First week of june i didn't do much besides grinding and hopefully making some moar money for my europe trip (which didn't really worked out as u can see haha).

I left Bangkok teh 9th and arrived in Ibiza on teh 10th to stay there for 6 days, party with teh gumballers and meet some old friends.

First off here a video of like 80% of teh gumball cars:


My friends there had a nice Maserati which definitely turned some heads while cruising around town :)
Regarding Ibiza i don't want to write alot but i didn't like it too much to be honest. It's like nothing compared to what it was 7 years ago when you could walk down playa d'en bossa and see shitloads of characters you wouldn't see anywhere else in teh world + a shitton of insane chicks but now it's moar like a copy of mallorca with football teams, bachelorette groups etc. I don't understand in teh first place why so many people on normal salaries go there while they prolly would have a better time for way less money on teh neighbouring island. But not really my problem in teh end. The clubs were, besides teh music, fairly meh as well, normal areas too crowded, vips too empty and insanely expensive or better said a very bad value for money if i compare it to alot of other places i've been. The good parties during teh week were teh ones far outside of playa d'en bossa - Blue Marlin and Destino to name two. Those were daytime events, you don't pay teh usual 50 or 60 euro entrance and all of a sudden you see chicks way hotter than anything you would ever see in a club and all of a sudden people start speaking spanish and english and not fucking german :)
If i should ever go back i definitely will play teh whole thing very different, getting a villa in teh middle of nowhere, a car or a driver and go out daytime and stay in at night - just not worth teh hassle and teh money.
Alot of people might prolly disagree with me here, maybe i'm just getting older, maybe i have a different perception of thing, who knows. But at least teh 2 guys i spent teh majority of time with had a very similar opinion of this. Don't get me wrong here, i had a good time but moar bc of teh idiots i went with and not because of Ibiza and i could have that good time basically everywhere else in teh world for a fraction of teh money or a better time for teh same money if i think about Florianopolis, Brazil where i was 3 years ago during carnival which is just waaaay better on any level if you compare to Ibiza in it's current state...
Last but not least couple of Ibiza shots:

one of teh moar quiet nights

posing in front of teh stradale

salinas - def way better beach compared to d'en bossa

view from teh ushuaia suite

worldcup chill at Nassau


First night out, def. moast money i ever spent in one night for a fairly mediocre party

Blue Marlin - this thing was teh bomb

Destino beachclub

Anyways, was fairly relieved when i could finally leave after 6 days with destination Malta. Scored a quite decent flight (it's normally big hassle to go Ibiza-Malta) but took only 4 hours with one stop in Barca. Unfortunately this layover was too short for my lugage so that i ended up without it for teh first days in Malta.
First night i crashed on teh couch of another grinder and on teh next day teh goal was to find a flat for 4-6weeks. Shortlets though are a big pain in teh ass which i realized quite quickly so that there was not much available and what was available was nice but sick expensive (for example if you would rent it longterm would be like 1.2keur and shortterm they ask 2.5k+ a month). However ran fairly lucky when another player i had on facebook approached me if i want to move into his penthouse and share rent so that i snapped that offer and basically moved in 3 hours later.

That's the rooftop of my current residence, def one of teh sickest penthouse pools i've seen so far
Feeling quite good here atm with my 2 roomates and we having tons of fun for sure. Also be able to put in decent amount of work in which finally seems to pay off this month.
Was really nice to come back here and meet all teh people again and see how they doing, little bit of party etc. but after 1 month in i can oreddi moar and moar tell why i left in teh first place last october and getting excited about going back to Bangkok end of teh month.
So far i've been out 2-3times a week here but still was able to play alot which is good. However good old paceville just bores teh shit out of me so that i will try and focus on other parties teh last 2 weeks i'm here. But in teh end in regards to put in serious work and make money Bangkok is definitely teh better place for me. Just too many distractions here, people drinking 24/7, party after party after party, etc. Definitely good for a couple of weeks but too hardcore for me to do it longer than that. The other thing is also quality. In Bkk i go out on night a week and i know teh night is teh bomb, no matter what. Here i can go out 4 days a week and it's a complete hit and miss and if you run bad all parties were shit...

Allrighty, almoast over teh hangover so time to finish this up and go back to work. Also finally no moar fucking football for teh next 2 years and finally Germany on top of teh world again - bout time!

Dont cry for me Argentina

as usual couple of actual shots at teh end. be safe and i assume next update should be coming first week of August!

Champagne Wars wit our personal dwarf


communal pool of my bangkok condo

german supporters in Malta

After game drinks

espresso is mucho importante

another one from champagne wars

gay sunset

result of my shopping spree b4 leaving my spiritual home

in teh penthouse prepartying

Me on swedish midsummar with my current roomie

Posing with George and a good old friend from Germany who was visiting

Before pubcrawling / D-Booth farewell

My new look after hairdresses didn't understood "a tiny bit shorter"