Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

And nothing comes close to teh Golden Coast

Yo, 2 weeks after teh last post i figured it's time to update.

Arrived Gold Coast with Tyler on teh 1st of feb at our Villa in Broadbeach. One of my former Malta roomies stayed with us the first couple of days b4 going to Byron Bay and 2 other guys arrived on the 2nd so that we are 4 people in our place atm. I start of with some pictures that you get a grip:

Overall we all quite satisfied with the house even though we are paying shitloads for it but in the end it's moar important to feel good than to be cheap i assume. As usual i ended up winning teh flip for teh master bedroom at least for teh first month which is a good thing too.
We are located in Broadbeach which you can probably call teh poshy part of teh Gold Coast especially compared to the moar touristy and well-known Surfers Paradise...
In teh end i'm quite happy we ended up here bc clubs seem to be a bit better and restaurants a little moar upscale even though the food seems to be good everywhere. Locationwise it's pretty cool as well, you can reach everything you need by foot - can even walk to 3 nightclubs in max. 15 minutes.

Compared to Sydney or Melbourne i feel alot better here and this is for sure a place i can imagine coming back to another winter for a couple of months. For my taste it rains a little bit too often but it is basically always warm that you need no jacket at night like in Sydney or Melbourne. Living in this house obviously helps feeling better but there for sure other things which are good as well. Partywise i'm still pretty stunned because all the clubs i've been to so far are supermodern, with sick soundsystems and basically always busy. If you know where to go you can prolly go out each day and have fun.  People seem to be moar easygoing as well, most likely because many are just tourists enjoying their time here. Still everything's happening to early - people have dinner between 6 and 7, clubs peak at 11, there are no real afterhours, etc.

But teh major thing blowing my mind here are the girls especially in Broadbeach area. It's probably fair to say i haven't seen this insane amount of stunners on the streets during saturday night even compared to Brazil last year. I'm close to doing a video because it's really hard to describe if you haven't seen it.

Broadbeach Skyline from teh cab
Unfortunately haven't done alot besides work and party so far. We want to do some trips and take a look at some stuff all teh time but it's rather hard to plan with this weather changing every 2 hours and like 80% rain probability each day. But I definitely want to see Byron Bay and Fraser Island which we will make happen sooner or later.

Still hitting teh gym hard and running alot so that I'm down to 79kg and finally can wear my Boss shirts again which weren't fitting too well around christmas time. Sixpack should be back pretty soon as well even though it would be alot easier without teh damn alcohol.

My plan for after Gold Coast is Bali for 3 weeks so that i'm now looking to sort some nice villa close to beach and party in Seminyak area which i got recommended from several people. It's also good to see how much value you get for your money over there compared to here. For a house like we have at teh moment you basically pay around 20-25% of what we are paying here so that i just could get a villa for myself without worrying about teh costs. So far a german non-poker player is coming along for 3 weeks and we for sure will have a good time there before returning for eurosummer somewhere in may. If you want to get out of cold europe you moar than welcome to visit. (same counts btw for our place here, we still have one spare bedroom so book your flights and just come teh fuck along...) From what it looks like atm we will have 3-4 bedrooms so that we will have space for sure. Flights are a little steep but once there i assume everything is cheap like shit and weather should be quite good as well...

I'm not in heavy writing mode now and want to go for an early run so i leave it like this for now i think. There isn't too many crazy stuff to tell anyways.

Fairly dangerous offer and my new favorite thurstday...

BBQ wit teh backpackers at our place

Seagull called Ibis
Broadbeach with Surfers Paradise in teh back

One funny story regarding the beach maybe. Two of my mates almost needed to get rescued by life guards on our first day at teh beach because at a certain point it is almost impossible to swim back on your own. It's kinda funny if you tan at teh beach and they rescue like 10 people each hour. Would be sick how many people would just drown here if teh beach wasn't patrolled...

Last but not least: Teh office update.

And yeah, I have to say things going quite well in teh villa upswing so far. Checked results for teh first time this month 30 minutes ago and it's a bit moar than i expected:

I obviously don't include an EV line because even teh last reader of tis blog should've figured out by now that i have a rigged account. Had some pretty swingy sessions every now and then but overall games are good and i feel like i managed to play better times compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Also changed some stuff of my game, mainly playing a tad loser, a bit moar aggressive and started 3betting moar which works out very well so far that i'm up almost 50Buy Ins after only half of teh month. (all is NL200). I really want to finally have tis 100Buy In month even though i'm not sure if it's going to happen tis february with only 28 days. I'm nevertheless in a very good position if i put in teh volume teh next 2 weeks. Also feels good that i now know i made alot moar money than i'm spending here which is always a good thing.

That's it for now,

peaze out