Montag, 1. September 2014

Back to Bangkok - #augustaments

This update gonna be on time for once :)

First off not too much happend this month overall but let's begin with poker. I came back to Bangkok pretty much the start off August after having had my first real business class travel (and safe to say i'm prolly not flying anything else in near future).

Thai Royal Silk
Arrived back to my place and after alot of parties in europe i wanted to focus this month on teh grind. However when i returned i realized that those morons turned off my electricity after me not paying a dime since moving here - tbf i cannot really blame them. Was kind of a hassle to find out where to go and pay them off but with the help of a friend i managed and was back on at teh end of teh day and ready to grind.

However things in august weren't going too well overall but see for yourself:


EV wise it's a pretty similar month to last month but while i banked 17k pre rakeback there i only managed to bank appr. 5k pre rakeback here. Shows you a bit about variance and running good vs running bad. But yeah, bottom line i'm up 10k ish with rakeback to i definitely had worse months and not gonna complain here...
Played mostly fullring during teh month and went to ZOOM for 3 days at teh end of it but i think i'm cured for teh next couple of months in that hinsight. Was fairly happy with my play and volume overall - managed to make a bit over 60k VPP in total. But yeah, every now and then you'll encouter months where you lose majority of flips and stuff where you are miles ahead - nothing can be done about it.
Plan for september is to grind decent amount as well. Aiming for 600k milestone i think and am pretty much on track. 700k is not unpossible either but prolly too much of a grind to be bothered for teh little moar rakeback it gives. Main volume will stay at fullring but i gonna mix in a couple of good 6max games as well to get sessions started bc fullring it sometimes just takes too long/forever to get a session going.

Regarding life i'm happy to be back in Asia but Bangkok sucks bigtime at teh moment. As it seems of now there is really no moar clubs open after 2am in pretty much teh entire inner city because off teh army.
When i came here in April you could go til 6,7, 8 whatever you like. Then teh army took power and almoast everything started closing at 2 with a few exceptions which stayed open longer. As of last week it seems that even those exceptions are gone for whatever reason so that you basically have to go home at 2am or organize some sort of house party or whatever - a bit pathetic in a city this big.
As being said atm i'm so pissed off by that i prolly not bother going out much at all anymoar here and move to Pattaya soon for a couple of weeks/months until they get their shit together here because things over there seem normal in regards to nightlife and i also miss living close to teh sea :/

At teh beginning of teh month i had a friend visiting who still managed to break down with a mild heart attack after a couple of days here even with all teh restrictions - maybe i'm just playing it wrong, who knows.

Also had some other people visiting during teh month so that i managed to get out of my routine every now and then. Might start doing some city/party trips over weekends in september/october, especially as long as nightlife stays like it is at teh moment. Really kinda hard to tell what is happening, could be over tomoro, could stay like this for very long...

Besides that not really much to tell - having a fairly stable gym routine with like 4 days a week and as being mentioned one day of drinking per week with terrible hangover teh next day. Besides that it's grinding and waiting for the rainy season to go away :P

Last but not least a few shots and i hope next time i have a bit moar to write!

sofa view

goodbye at teh airport

one of my fav places - @seenspace

still rainy season (its not THTAT bad though for moast part)

breakfast in Pattaya

hooked on espresso and vape

Muay Thai in a mall

Bday night out of a friend