Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

Everything sorted, back to work

Bit belated since its already 10th of june but better late than never so here comes the may update.

We start of with poker which was ok but nothing too special. I didn't had those extreme swings/extreme under EV run which i experienced the months before and had one or two heater sessions as well which werent happening in oh so long that i almost forgot how they feel like, But first the garphs before going into more detail:

may with rakeback

may table winnings

As you can see i managed to win 4k at the tables which doesnt exactly make me ecstatic but combined with rakeback it's about 8000euro net which is still alot more money than most people make a month so complaining about that would be complaining on a high level. But in general it's always tough if you really experienced big big months back in the days to get used to abit less...

Didnt checked results all month and was expecting abit more but you cannot always be so lucky. Especially the small downer at the end of the month hurt and prevented me from finishing up 6 or 7k.

Overall game quality was not too bad, probably because of SCOOP and the signings of CR7 and Neymar which also should bring in a couple of new players in future which is also good. Games atm are also fairly decent and alot better than the last months and i hope it stays like that over summer.

Havent checked results for this month so far but running fairly good for once. Also changed some stuff so that im back playing a decent amount of 6max and playing way less tables on average compared to the prior months. Especially lately i became aware more and more if i hit a certain table count that my game starts deteriorating massively due to too many hands/h and too many decisions and atm i'm playing significantly fewer tables and having great results with that so definitely gonna keep that up and see how it goes from here. That's it in regards to poker.

Regarding Vienna life my furniture finally arrived after 2 weeks in the new flat and they turned out to be a great investment so that i'm really happy with my room as of now. Always wanted to have a white room but since i always lived in furnished places so that i never really had the chance.

Basiclly everything you see on those pictures (apart from the Hermann Miller + screens) was 3000euro all in so that you don't really have to spend a fortune to have nice room with bigass TV and home cinema.
Total size of the penthouse is probably 150m² with both terraces and i'm sharing with a guy i lived together in Malta 5 years ago. Here are some more pictures of the 2terraces and the 2nd level of the flat:

Overall life is good so far and weather turned around now as well so that you can finally speak of eurosummer.
As already mentioned everything here is fairly convinient and grinder friendly. I get breakfast until at least 3pm in most places, shitloads of restos in walking distance (way more than i ever had in any other place i lived) and everything i need goes 24houirs - mainly to mention gym and food. If i'm hungry at 3 i can order decent food, if i want to take a break from poker at 2am i can go to the gym. No problem. Especially the gym thing is insanely valuable for me because i love working out when barely anybody is that and given that it's 24/7 you don't really skip it often either because if you dont go at 11 you go at 1, if you dont go at one you definitely go at 4. There's no excuses not to do so...

Also different to most other places i've been is food quality. You can essentially taste that the stuff is good, grass fed, free range, bio, whatever, you name it. And if you order a main dish here it's a fucking maindish. In Thailand i could order 3 of those in some places and still be hungry ffs.

So far so good. Im very likely going to Malta for a long weekend end of this month to meet some friends and do some raging and will afterwards reevaluate if i wanna go there from August on for a couple of weeks. Also depends abit on how work goes from here but the vacation and this month is pretty much sorted.

Not to many other plans over the course of the week, will try work out at least 4times a week, play a decent schedule, wake up around noon, eat healthy, etc.

Last but not least the current state of body which shows still some room for improvement but already got a bit better since i came back from Asia.

So far and until next month,

peaze out