Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

CAP is a sick game...

one garph says moar then 1000 words... first 23k hands CAP...

Supernova Elite Chase Update

First off, to make it short, I quit the sleep thing after around 40 hours in. Main problem was that I was super tired after the 8th or 9th nap basically not able to do anything. And definitely not able to play poker (at least not winning poker). Unfortunately I have no other choice than to grind bc of SNE-Chase and so I said fuck the experiment. I'm convinced it will work if you have some time to get used to the new schedule but I didn't have that time atm...

In case of SNE it's basically like every damn year. Your volume goes up and your EV goes down:

Graph looks shit, I should be up around 4ish and be down around 2k... Well, could be worse... I know the EV doesn't look too good either but that's mainly based on the fact that I run like a one-legged hooker and getting alot of coolers especially at 400 in no brainer spots where I nevertheless have awkward equity... One of the prime examples is this hand:

PokerStars - $4 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3:

UTG: $220.15
MP: $581.50
CO: $296.00
BTN: $526.60
SB: $200.35
Hero (BB): $400.00

SB posts SB $2.00, Hero posts BB $4.00

Pre Flop: ($6.00) Hero has Jh Jd

fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to $8.00, fold, Hero raises to $32.00, BTN calls $24.00

Flop: ($66.00, 2 players) 6d Js 9h
Hero bets $40.00, BTN calls $40.00

Turn: ($146.00, 2 players) 7d
Hero checks, BTN bets $80.00, Hero raises to $328.00 and is all-in, BTN calls $248.00

River: ($802.00, 2 players) 8d

Hero shows Jh Jd (Three of a Kind, Jacks) (Pre 81%, Flop 74%, Turn 23%)
BTN shows Tc 8c (Straight, Jack High) (Pre 19%, Flop 26%, Turn 77%)
BTN wins $799.00

And if you get a bunch of that bullshit at your highest stakes it is hard to make money. But things will even out in the long run so nothing I can do for now besides playing my best poker...
In the end I also have to take into account that I played each day this month at least 10.000 hands which equals at least 8hours, often I played more than 12 and when you put in that volume your game will definitely take a hit especially during the last hours. That's the price you have to pay and it's totally normal.
After boni and milestones I'm up a little bit but that's anyways a joke...

In fact variance isn't even hitting me that hard yet when I look up the days seperately. My biggest loser was 1200$ over 10k hands of NL200-1k which is not that much and the biggest winner is 2.3grand over 11,3k hands which is not much either given the stakes.

Furthermore I started playing a little CAP lately as well. For those who don't know, CAP is a special form of No Limit Holdem where the betting is capped after 20Bigblinds. So in any given hand you cannot lose more than 20Bigblinds but cannot really win more than 20BBs either (unless it is multiway pot obviously). It's a very robotic game of poker where you will be all-in before the flop most of the time and experience alot of variance bc you getting your money in as a small fav or small dog very often.
Obviously I run like a peaze of shit in this game as well. So I'm down 2000$ after around 10k hands with an
expected value around 0. I have to see how things go but from what I saw there's alot of very juicy games especially at 400 and 600 with some massive fish who overcalling All-Ins for 20BBs with stuff like A8s or QJo. So my conclusion is that even if edges are slim these games should def. be beatable with a healthy table selection.
Main reason to start CAP was that I had problems getting moar than 12 tables after 7 in the morning especially during the week and if I don't want to end up playing 14 hours each days I have to get more tables running at the same time. NL100 herefore is not really an option because the VPPs are shit and so I thought I might give CAP a chance.

That's the current VPP count so it is still along way to go but atm I'm quite confident I should be able to make it if I do not go on some massive downer. I'm like 7000VPPs behind my schedule for this month so I might have to increase volume a little bit this and the next weekend to catch up. My plan is basically to average 6500points each day until christmas with appr. 8-10days off.
On a sidenote I took my first day off last wednesday were I was pausing my detox for a couple of hours. Before that I haven't been drunk for 3 weeks and now I will be a good boy until Halloween.

I hope things turn around and there is some heater coming along my way soon but obv it is poker and you should always expect the unexpected...


Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

The Uberman sleep experiment

I don't exactly know how I came up with it but like 15 hours ago I decided to give it a try.

The Uberman sleep schedule is a schedule, where u sleep 20-25minutes, then stay awake for appr. 3.5hours, going back to sleep for 20-25minutes and repeat. More detailed information u can find with the help of google. Gossip tells that people like Da Vinci and Einstein used to live with that schedule for a long time.

The main upside is pretty obv. You only need 2-2.5hours sleep a day and basically have over 21hours where you are awake and can be productive. At least that's the theory of it. I bought a book about it this morning which should help me alot on my way.

Main reasons why I'm doing this is because I'm curious if it really works and because it would be very good for my time management in case of the Supernova Elite attempt as well bc I have moar time to work and moar free time.

I started basically yesterday afternoon. I woke up after a long sleep at around 3pm in the afternoon, then stay awake until 7:30am in the morning.

At around this time I was trying my first 25minute NAP which failed unfortunately. However, at noon I did my next attempt and it worked out nicely. Same at 4pm. Nap at 8pm wasn't that good, I think I only slept for maybe 5 minutes. Anyways atm I'm feeling really good. Maybe a little tired but not very bad and my next Nap comes in 2 hours at midnight anyways...

From what I read so far the hardest thing is the adaption to the new schedule. Especially days 3-5 shall be a pain in the ass and they say you get insanely tired. Thereafter it is going to be better. After 10-20days you should have completely adapted and be able to function with only 2-2.5hours sleep each 24hours. We'll see what happens...

For most people this schedule is not applicable bc you cannot manage a normal 9-5 job and doing strict naps every 4 hours but since I'm flexible as shit bc of poker I don't have this problem so I figured I could give it a try.

Only real issue is when I finish my detox at around Halloween it is going to be tough to live this schedule. I mean, imagine taking a nap at 8, starting pre drinks at half 9, taking another nap at 12, going to a club, probably drinking, coming home at 4 sharp, sleeping 20 minutes, waking up at 4:20, having to stay awake for 3.5hours half drunk and pretty exausted - well, I guess I have to deal with it when the time comes :P Furthermore they say this sleeping pattern gets u in euphoric state, comparable to a drug, so maybe I can skip alcohol completely :)

keeping u posted.

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

SNE Hunt first update

Seems like my health is directly correlated with my success or better said luck in case of poker... I'm painfree now, ass is fine again and my teeth no longer hurting but from the upswing I had when I was in pain I came directly to that current downswing when I'm painfree. In the end it is painfull anyways though...

That's the AI-EV garph for the month so far. I'm kinda satisfied with my volume even though I have to increase it a little bit to hit 200k VPPs this month and I'm def. satisfied with my game giving that volume. I'm still highly motivated but when the current bad run continues over teh next 100k or 200k hands then this might change eventually... Alone today I think I lost more preflop AI's with Overpairs then I won in like 8k hands which is insane. Nevertheless I was up in EV last month alot so things equal out I assume. I would nevertheless not mind a somehow steady run without that EV bullshit but I guess variance is part of teh game and especially shorthanded increases it alot which I am learning teh hard way at the moment...
Besides poker I'm not doing too much tis month. I'm still on my detox until Halloween (maybe I finish a week earlier but highly depend on my playing volume) and I'm finally back in the gym and back running. Even changed my gym to the one next door, that I save some much needed grind time :)

Cannot say anything about results for the moment bc I'm not checking but it's pretty obvious that I'm down a bunch so it's comebacktime for now...