Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

Neverending downswong, decembru update #thankgoditsova

Final updataments of teh year and teh title pretty much speaks for itself. Will be poker only tis time so if this isnt for you just gtfo and wait for next poast.

Came back from Japan beginning december and had pretty much exactly 70k vpp to do for teh 600k milestone and since there wasn't much else planned this month i decided to go for it. My biggest month vpp wise this year was around 55k so i was up to quite a grind. In retrospect prolly a bad decision but after seeing results its always easy to say stuff so i prolly would do it again if i had to.

The good news first:

600k vpp done

also cleared 2.5 1.6k$ bonusses along teh way which is nice.
But thats about teh good news.
Bad news is i pretty much lost all what i made in bonusses at teh tables which was not so much funas...

Overall just teh usual terrible month where i never caught any heat apart from teh very last couple of days besides showing big heart along teh way - sometimes big heart is not enuff though. Month also fits in quite well into teh entire abomination 2014 was apart from 2 siq heater months (jan and july from which teh majority of my table winnings are coming from...)
But yeah, rough stretches happen and given my overall run since i turned pro i'm not really suited to complain too much just yet bc i was running way too well for way too long to put things into perspective.

Here's teh overall beauty for december:

december total

As you can see, there is no hope in this garph, there is no god helping in certain spots, nothing. Its just you against teh world.

I started playing a wild mix of 200-600shorthanded and fullring and some PLO as well beginning teh month and aimed for around 3.3k vpp/ day which is around 7.5k hands in order to leave early for NYE celebrations in Taipei and to maybe have teh odd day off every once in a bluemoon. Never checked any results but wasn't quite hard to guess that i was down teh majority of time after swearing and shouting at my monitor which rarely happens in general.
Around mid december i decided that i dont want to bother with those intense swings anymoar and switched teh entire volume to fullring no limit while including NL100 as well and 18-24tabled that teh majority of teh time for teh last 2 weeks. VPP/hand obv went down significantly but hands/hour went up and since i was a bit ahead of pace it was ok to proceed like tis and in retrospect it prolly helped me finish down only 5kish instead of possibly 10 or moar. But even here i was running atrocious apart from teh days after chrissy where i caught teh first heat in ages. Even managed to have a minus 13stack EV session in 4k hands 1 day prior to chrissy (havent checked how much i was down in real $) and i wouldn't even have thought this is possible but if tis month taught me one thing: UNPOSSIBLE is nothing...

FR no limit only dec
after switch to massgrinding FR 100-600

Teh garphs above are for fullring no limit only and at least teh 2nd one gives some #hope that there are better things to come (can also see teh epic 13 stack EV downer in teh middle where i thought teh worst is over now but got slapped straight in teh face afterwards.)
Also quite fun if you compare those garphs to 2011 fullring ones - it's just insane how much variance is involved now even in a game with comparably low variance playing a fairly low variance style overall...

In teh end month showed me though what will work for me and what will definitely not. Gonna start off next year by massgrinding hundo+ fullring and gonna aim for 200k us-hand months like in teh old days with decent winrate and see what happens. After couple of months in i can reevaluate then and see how things go but especially during 2nd half of teh month i felt quite good with my overall play and i think this aprroach is teh moast +EV i can can take for myself in teh current state of games.

Will upload BB garph for entire year once its loaded but made a bit over 6figs usd (including 50k rakeback) which was like teh mingoal for 2014 (and is definitely my worst year as a pro up to date) and which is definitely disappointing especially how teh year started. Main reasons are not enuff work on my game during teh first 6 months, a very constant bad run throughout almoast teh entire year and mixing and jumping around too much between different games, etc.
Should definitely be able to avoid most of those things in 2015 so we'll see what happens...

2014 in BB

That's it for poker and fingers crossed for a hotter 2015.
In appr. 12 hours im flying over to Taipei to spend NYE there and visit my major travel aquaintance who studies over there. Quite pumped to finally have some days off and recharge for next year.
Might possibly head to a beach on teh Phillipines for a couple of days after but given how this month went i really need to make some cash so i might skip and go back to Bangkok on teh 2nd to go back to work.

so long, work hard, dream big...