Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

One week in Sweden - Visby, Gotland Update

Allrighty, sitting here in Visby in my hotel room and since it's teh first day this week where I'm taking a break from teh party and teh alcohol I guess I can give my impression so far.

First off I was expecting way moar of this week. In teh end we running pretty bad weatherwise and I assume that is prolly teh main reason why nobody of us is satisfied.

I arrived on tuesday with 5 other pokerplayers for teh Stockholm week in Gotland (small island in Sweden for those who don't know. But yeah, the main problem is probably teh sick amount of rain and it is insanely cold for july even for Sweden (around 16°C during daytime). The other probably even bigger problem is that everything is closing at point 2am in teh night which is tilting teh shit out of all of us. We prolly wouldn't have even bothered coming here if we would've known that from teh very beginning, but somehow teh clubs screwed up their licenses to open longer during this week and so the law forces them to close at 2. I would even be fine with that if parties would just start earlier but clubs don't get packed b4 0:30am which leave you a timewindow of 1.5hours to finish between 7.5 and 10liters for champagne - you not allowed to order any other bottles like vodka or whiskey either, again thanks to teh law. That all this is not going too well is prolly obv. and especially for me who I would consider as a late clubber this is just horrible. I could not recall a single night out in my life where I had my peak b4 2am and could not even tell a single night in teh last 5 years when I went home this early. You would think now that there should be an intense amount of private afterparties going on but from what i've seen even that is just not happening - seems like the people just accept their destiny but maybe i don't know teh right people though.

The only thing I really enjoyed so far are teh dayparties at Kallis which was voted as teh best beachclub in europe. As soon as there is some sun this place is just awesome, packed with beautiful people, good music, good vibes and alot of alcohol. But still this is just nothing compared to something like P12 in Brasil with 35°C and everybody in swimmingpants or bikinis. I will not complain too much here though bc I might be a little spoiled and obv. I cannot expect 30°C in Sweden all of a sudden bc teh TimStone shows off.

What's also weird is that teh city is not even that busy, I was expecting way moar people but prolly alot canceled bc of teh mix of poor weather and these ridiculous opening hours - i mean no real clubber will even bother to come if he knows he has to go home at 2 i assume.

On teh brightside I'm really satisfied with teh people i'm here - even though we running bad in basically every aspect we have a shitton of fun, laughin our asses off all day, never having any serious arguments and just trying to enjoy it teh most we can and in teh end that's what it all about i guess. And obviously girls are stunning but that's prolly not even worth a mention bc that was clear from teh very beginning... But still, we prolly would've had moar fun if I just would've invited my friends to Malta while saving a shitload of money in teh meanwhile bc if Visby is one thing for sure not then it's cheap :P

Since it is almost rock bottom teh positive thing is that it cannot really get any worse and we still have lined up some sweet parties teh next days and maybe things finally turn around.

You see alot of frustration in this post but life not always goes your week and in teh end all this are ridic luxury problems anyways.

After all I heard I def. wanted to see and experience Gotland - mission accomplished I guess. Chance that I do it again is rather small though. Staying here until monday, then another night in Stockholm and tuesday back on teh rock, definitely looking forward :)

Don't want to write too much about poker here but month is going pretty decent so far. Obviously I'm not grinding while here but I'm up around 7k with rakeback,
while only having one losing day so far and very low variance. Only thing which sucks is teh volume i put in so far which is mainly due to teh sick heatwave in Malta
with basically every day over 35°C until mid july. Hope to go out somewhere between 10 and 15k this month and once i'm back in Malta it's def. time to grind.

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Big June, back in business baby...

Don't really feel like writing bc I'm still damaged from teh weekend but still want to do a recap of the month.
After the disaster in may i had a pretty good month at teh tables in june due to running insanely hot and playing well. Basically it was just one of those very rare months, where everything is going in your favour no matter what. So I'm shitloads above EV, managed to find a sick fish at 1k and play him shorthanded until he busted his account, tons of setups vs. regs, etc. These months tend to not happen too often but every now and then you get lucky i assume.

After last month I changed some stuff as being already stated in the last blog post and it seems like everything i did was the right decision. I don't think I ever played this few hands in one month since I'm playing for a living but on teh other side I never had a higher hourly before either I assume. In general the main things i did was kicking out 6max 600 and above of my filter and playing way shorter sessions while table selecting harder than before. Games ware basically always good so that I could play any time around the clock. Obvisously I did not always had 16-18 tables open, sometimes there were sessions were I did not find moar than 8 at the same time but if these 8 are good it doesn't really matter...

So for july I will not change too much and just hope that the godrun continues for a while :P

BB garph


Besides poker it was a pretty busy month in case of serious partying... MTV music week is just over so that I can focus now a littlte moar on poker I guess. Weather here is awesome, haven't seen a raindrop or even a cloud in weeks :) Mid of july I'm going to Visby (Sweden) for the stockholm week which is going to be sick and unfortunately pretty sick expensive as well so that I hope to make some money b4 I catch my flight. Last but not least teh obligatory random party shots from teh last two weeks.

peaze out...

Hotel Pool Party

Sunglasses at night

Hotel Pool Party 2

Hotel Pool Party 3

Isle of MTV

Bedouin Bar

Marakesh White Party