Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Finally a decent month... weeeeee

It's end of november now and this is probably teh second month this year (after february) where I'm really satisfied with my results and my play. Beginning of the month was the usual breakeven shit over about 70k hands but since I returned from the start of carnival in Cologne I started running alot better and also game qualitiy increased prolly due to the Pokerstars 10 year Promotion in combination with the WSOP win of the german player Pius Heinz. My last 6 working days were all winners and I had only 3 days this month were I was losing moar than 1000$ which is pretty good also... Anyhu, here's the garph:

So I managed to play a pretty decent volume and made almost 15k$ at teh tables (month is not completely over yet) and another 6k$ from boni and milestones which puts me above the 20k$ mark which is basically the goal each month even though I did not reached it too often this year. Not to much else to say here, games are outstanding atm, I play very good poker and enjoy every minute of it and looking forward what december has to offer. In the end I should not really be surprised bc when u increase volume u run shit and when u decrease it you run decent.

I'm at about 730k VPP so far which means I'm going to hit the 800k milestone pretty easily before Christmas if nothing special happens. Goal for next year is definitely Supernova Elite again with a little better time management though. Unfortunately I will not be able to play too much during the first 4 months bc of my travelling so that it is going to be a rough end of the year but I'm quite confident I can make it again.

In case of winter plans I booked a direct flight to Phuket from Munich for the 28th of december and will hit Germany before after I hit 800k VPPs on Pokerstars. Plan for Phuket is to stay in some nice Hotel over NYE for a couple of days and then do a little bit island hopping and sight seeing thereafter. I plan to stay 3-4 weeks and then fly over to Brazil for 3 months in order to meet a couple of pokerfriends from Malta who staying there for the winter as well. While I most probably will not be working much in Thailand plan for Brazil is to play a somewhat decent volume and make party in the meanwhile. Haven't booked my flight yet for Brazil but it is basically set in STONE.
Balneario Camboriu, Brazil
Unfortunately it's going to be rather expensive to go there from Phuket so that I have to calculate about 1500Euros one way to Brazil but money doesn't matter - amirite? Late April I'm going to be back on teh rock for another fantastic maltese summer. In the meanwhile I trying to sublet my room for that timeframe bc we just signed a new contract for our penthouse for another 12 months :)

Yesterday my new LOMA exaust arrived so that I will be busy the coming days finding somebody who can install it. In the end I'm looking forward that you finally can hear the 404HP of the car. Unfortunately weather is pretty much shit here atm so that I will not be able to drive too much...

Prolly taking most of today off (need to sleep soon anyways) and hit the town later to spent some of my hard earned money.

I think that's everything for now,


Montag, 7. November 2011

Say no to Supernova Elite, say yes to Life...

Long time no update here so I guess it's about time...

Mid october I decided that I will not go for SNE this year which had several reasons in the end. First off I said from the beginning if games getting significantly worse towards the end I will def. quit the chase and that was exactly wat was happening. Needed alot longer to get my sessions running compared to end of september for example and it was fairly hard to get 24 tables besides the very peak times on teh weekends. I experimented a little bit with CAP but here is the problem that I find it extremely hard to mix CAP and normal tables bc they are more or less 2 different games (for example I need different raise sizes, different contibet sizes, etc.). So I tried playing CAP alone for a couple of days but came to the conclusion that even if I'm getting massive amount of hands and VPPs per hour the absolut max. I can expect there is something like 0.5PTBB (more likely something like 0.0 while playing 20++tables) with insane swings. I mean in the 50k hands I played I was down 3.5k in EV during the first 20k hands and up the same amount in EV during the next 20k hands and I haven't even played much 600 and 1k - I never experienced that in the appr. 5Mirrion hands I played fullstacked. Another reason was that I was already starting to burn out after 3-4weeks with an average of at least 10.000 US hands each day and still had another 8 weeks in front of me.
So I decided to skip SNE for this year and better focus on my game and trying to play a little higher when there are good tables available. That's basically what I'm doing since then and so I was able to sit down at an NL2k table for the first time since mid 2010 which definitely felt quite good.

October in total was pretty meh. Played a shitload in the beginning and alot less in the end but still managed to put in appr. 250k hands which resulted in 140k VPPs and some decent rakeback. Besides that I was not running to well at the tables and prolly don't played my a-game especially in the last hours of my days mainly because of the volume. Anyways I managed to book a winning month with about 5k $ before Rakeback (might be a bit less than in the garph bc some CAP is not included bc I played CAP with Holdemmanager) allthough my winrate was atrocious...

Anyhu, I cannot change the past so ocotober is over and I gotta move on. Atm I'm playing between 6 and 8k hands a day when I'm playing and doing alot moar theory than I had done during the first 10 months of the year and I think that will pay of in an increased winrate soon-ish. It's also quite cool to not be forced to play no matter if you want to or not because now when I don't want to play I don't play which was not often possible during the last 2.5years.

Besides poker I did some detox after the octoberfest fail. Managed to stay completely sober and healthy for moar than 3 weeks and atm I'm going out 1-2 times a week. This will change a little when I will be flying to Cologne for Carnival tis thursday and staying the whole weekend which will result in a massive intoxication of alcoholic beverages but I guess we only young ones.
Weather in Malta obvisouly got alot worse during the last couple of weeks which results in a decent amount of rain for the most part. It's still basically always above 15degress and yesterday for example we had probably 23 and sunshine for the whole day but still it's not really comparable to summer.
So I try to piss of to destination thailand as soon as possible. My time of departure will be between early december and the 2nd christmas holiday if everything goes fine which I assume. Thereafter my Brazil plans are still actual.

Furthermore me and Adrian are about to sign a new 1year contract for our penthouse here in St. Julians so that I will be definitely back for some moar crazyness next summer. If somebody is interested in subletting the place during winter for 1-5 months you can find the official 2+2 thread right here: