Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Back on Track!

May is history so time to update teh precious blog.

Was a pretty decent month compared to the previous ones with a massive heater during teh second half. Unfortuntately i managed to drop at least 10buy-ins on teh 31st which gives teh whole thing a bittersweet ending but given how good i ran prior to this incident i don't think i should complain too much:


EV like so often was in my favour once moar so that i managed to finish with over 12k USD from the tables and given i played over 190k hands this month there should be another 7k ish coming from rakeback (80.000VPP which is about SNE volume) which makes it almoast a 20k month.
As usual i did pretty much everything different than what i had planned so that i decided to massgrind for teh first time in a long while and see how it goes. For this goal it was essential to get a decent part of my volume in at 6max which was going quite decent overall. I decided not to cap at 15 or 16 tables like i did before but even play up to 20 or 21 fullring and 6max combined. Alot of sessions i'm not playing during peak times i rarely hit those numbers but some sessions i were definitely 20tabling for a couple of hours which obviously gives you an insane amount of hands.
Not sure how i ended up here but crunched some numbers a couple of days into teh month and i'd assume that currently this massgrind approach is definitely the moast +EV in case of money that i can do.
For sure i'll have a lower winrate while 20tabling compared to maybe 12tabling but teh amount of rakeback i get in exchange should be well worth it. Furthermore there will be less variance on a monthly basis if i managed to play 200k hands compared to a month where i play only 80k hands.
The thing is especially at 6max there are a couple of players who are just way better in a game theoretical point of view compared to me. It doesn't really matter if i play 8 tables or 20, those guys will kick my ass anyways but those aren't the guys of which i make or want to make money so it doesn't matter. In fact i might even be better off 20tabling against them bc then i just fold and don't try to get fancy and play back.
But yeah, as being said i was quite satisfied with how teh month went and with how i approached it so that i don't plan to change anything for june here. Since i'm going to europe for a month on the 9th it will be unlikely though i come close in number of hands - my goal here is to aim for maybe 150k hands which should be reasonable...

Besides poker there wasn't too much going on. I think i went out 3 or 4 times during teh month but that's about it. Main focus was definitely poker. On 22nd of teh month thai military did yet another coup d'etat which resulted in a nightly curfew from 10pm to 5am which made going out for party more or less impossible and gave me a good excuse to further increase volume at the tables. Alot of people asked about my well being and everything is fine down here, apart from the curfew (which is now midnight til 4) everything goes fairly normal - i even went out on saturday without any issues whatsoever. The only bad thing is that like 90% of the nightclubs are closed after 12 and only a handful of venues are there to choose from which go all night.
Even though it's not too bad i decided a couple of days that i'll get out of teh country for a couple of weeks and rather do my europe tour now then in august. Don't really wanna be here during the worldcup for instance - i assume that will be way moar fun in Malta.
Booked my flight to Ibiza for teh 9th so that my goal is to play alot of poker during this week and hopefully make some cash bc Ibiza will not be too cheap. 2 friends of mine driving teh gumball and they get into Ibiza on teh 10th and i will arrive teh same day so that this gonna be a quite tough and ballsy week ahead. I think last time i've been in Ibiza was at least 3 years ago so gonna be interesting to see how things changed. Also have a bunch of good friends living and working there and very much looking forward to see them all again.
My connecting flight from Ibiza to Malta is on teh 16th and i will rent a nice pad in Malta for appr. another month. Goals there are to find a good mix of poker, sun and party and meet up with alot of friends from back in teh days. Plan on returning to Bangkok around mid july but havent set any date yet - maybe if i like Malta i might stay a bit longer than originally planned - we'll see what happens.

Apart from this there is not too much to write about this month bc as being said my main focus was poker and nothing else. I'd assume next month i'll have a bit moar pictures and stories to poast but for now that's it...

I also managed to hit my first milestone hand on Stars where my J5o managed to hold for a quite nice pot at NL200:

The biggest suckout given in my career also happend this month:

Unfortunately i have barely any picture to show for May but that should change for next months update:

pool area of teh condo

pool area of teh condo

Will try to write a short update mid this month when i arrive in Malta and can recap on Ibiza! Stay tuned,

peaze from Bangkok