Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Weak start, strong finish, november madness...

Another month passed and time to update this precious blog.

As teh title states i started rather weak but finished pretty strong with one of my best alltime weeks moneywise. Since i rarely include EV lines i did it tis time and yes, i can confirm, even when i run bad i really run good. After a monster session of 9k hands on last friday i was far away from having a 15k month and prolly would've instasettled for 10 if i had teh opportunity but since in tis game everything is possible every time i managed to book one of my better months tis year. Cannot remember also when i played tis volume last time - 65k VPP.

Besides that garph there is another 1.5k (including rakeback) to add from grinding a little bit Rush 200 at teh newly reopened Full Tilt Poker. In teh beginning i was planning to grind Stars and Tilt at teh same time but then decided against it which has several factors. For once stacking both sites is a pain in teh ass bc there is no proper software out yet which can handle the active table on both sites simultaneously so teh only option would be to play 2 stacks which is hard to implement if you played only one stack for ages. Furthermoar you have to reconfigure your tableninjas bc u cannot asign teh same hotkeys for both, etc. But teh main reason i did not bother to play both sites was that there is no need to do so with all teh action i get on Stars. I cannot remember any november during teh last 4 years when games came only close to teh juicyness atm. In general tis time of teh year was always horrible to play bc alot of regs going for Supernova Elite and other regs going to finish up high milestones. However i think that with teh switch to weight contributed Stars changed that pattern entirely. There are just not that many cash supergrinders out there anymoar bc SNE at NL200 is a hugh pain in teh ass and at 400+ it's very hard to play that many tables for a profit. Alot of people seem to have understood that playing less tables with a higher winrate is way moar motivating instead of grinding rakeback only. Even though regs tend to be stronger because of tis teh reg to fish ratio is alot better which results in alot better games (if you tableselect). Obviously teh 90billion hand promo did help but atm i cannot imagine games getting much worse in december compared to now which is quite awesome.
The only thing which makes me worry a little bit is that i still have 55k VPP to go and want to be finished at teh 20th of december. However I really struggle to put in any decent volume when running hot like i do atm. I would need around 6k hands every day without a break which is not possible bc there are some sweet parties lined up teh next weeks so i either have to run shit some days and play long long sessions, or force myself to play longer sessions no matter how i run or grind during christmas time. Not taking teh free money of teh 600k milestone is not really an option but i guess i will figure something out.

Goals for december are as being said to hit that last milestone and to make moar than 10k$ before rakeback - not more to add here...

Since i barely have any party pictures tis month mainly bc i only went out like once a week i post some of teh bigger hands i played instead:

standard upswing hand where everything works in my favour:

Aces vs. teh good old limpbehindafish/raise:

free money at 400 from a fish:

All in all not really many interesting hands for big pots tis month. Most is teh std. AA, KK, set shit and teh really hilarious all ins are moar for smaller pots at 200 and i'm too lazy to search for them.

Lifewise is not too much to say either. As being said i went not out for party too much, still hitting teh gym pretty hard and flying to germany on teh 20th. Yesterday we had some sort of last supper with all teh pokerguys at a steakhouse. Teh majority of players is leaving now to Prague for EPT/WPT and not coming back til next year and alot of people also do go abroad like me and will not return to Malta until late spring/early summer. Today there is a nice party of teh swedish pokerchampionship which takes places in Malta, mid december Armin van Buren is playing here and on teh 14th we have our penthouse closing party before me and my roomie move on so it looks like december should be an interesting month. Probably also renting a nice car teh next days for my time in germany as long as i'm still upswinging not that i end up with a VW Polo in teh end :P
Also found out about a nice non-poker related book tis month which i'm reading atm and is def. worth a look (don't know if it is translated in english though): Florian Homm - Kopf Geld Jagd. It's teh biography of one of germanys most famous hedgefond managers and quite entertaining to read.

so far have a nice december and good luck at those tables,