Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

2k12 finish, soon off to OZ

Finally i'm done for teh year after some massive grind in teh end.

Was like 10th of december when i realized i'm playing by far not enough to hit the 600k milestone anytime soon so that was when i finally made an excel sheet with numbers. That i still had a couple of parties lined up until my flight to OZ was not helping either but my main goal was to be done b4 i board my flight. And in fact I managed to finish around 12 hours b4 that flight so still kinda proud. Even had 2 days where i played over 13k hands which i basically did not do once teh entire year and in teh end i was playing 20-24 tables (majority shorthanded) on an 18" laptop. All this was going surprisingly well and smooth, maybe bc of christmas i would say - had to play a little tighter though once 20 tables were exceeded ofc...
Resultswise it's basically like all those other months in the end of 2012. Playing breakeven for half of teh month and making money in teh 2nd half while being significantly above EV (as usual).

Also made a little apperance at teh hyperturbos while chasing those VPPs but i assume it's pretty safe to say i will not be seen there again anytime soon.

Regarding 2012 in total i'm satisfied as well, at least about teh 2nd half of the year. While i started fairly slow and even had one of those rare losing months (b4 rakeback) in may when i returned to Malta things turned around in teh end of teh year and i believe from september on every month was 5digits b4 rakeback...

2012 BB garph

I don't want to use $ figure for whole 2012 so BB garph and WR's by months will be all i make public here. Don't wanna say too much about those garphs besides that they pretty much tell that online poker is far from being over... All in all i'm close to 30k$ above EV though which certainly helps but even without that boost i would've made some money in 2012...

2012 by month

Alot of people complain about Stars lately, that they only act in their own interest etc. I'm not one of those complaining. I was majorly pissed when they made the switch to WC and i lost 20-25k$ bc of this in 2012 but games this year were in a way way better state compared to 2010 or 2011 and games even got better during the year so i would assume they might even improve moar. In teh past years for example decembers were horrific to play bc of just too many regs while tis year december was a wet dream for any grinder out there... There are a couple moar things not 100% otpimal atm like teh russian 40BB armada, grimming, bumhunting and lately seating scripts but none of those minor issues seem to fuck up teh games as much as some people claim and like to pretend. I believe teh loudest complainers are people who not making much out of poker anymoar bc they stopped improving at a certain point of time and now their main job is to find excuses why they are not making as much money as they believe they should make. - "wer nicht mit der zeit geht, muss mit der zeit gehen...".

Anyways, i'm really really looking forward for teh grind in 2013. SNE is still not really an option but 600k VPPs or maybe even a bit moar is teh volume goal.

Besides poker teh Barracuda penthouse is finally history. If you don't know about what teh fuck i'm talking:

Had a pretty good time there but all good things come to an end sooner or later... Also kinda looking forward to having my very own place for next summer in Malta (if i return) which i haven't had in a long while. Originally we planned having a farewell bash in teh penthouse but since weather was unstable we booked a club mid december in order to celebrate teh farewell of teh penthouse and me and my roomie moving to OZ for some time. Here one of the pictures - we managed to gather 80-100 people i would say and basically had a mental open bar after everybody brought his own stuff:

christmas farewell

Another big event was Armin van Buren playing in Malta 12.12.12. and as you can see on the picture my mate managed to get a rather decent table for that night:

Armin van Buren

Exactly one week ago i arrived in germany and started by visiting some good friends in the city where i studied followed by visiting my parents over christmas and meeting up with some moar good friends from my hometown.

Weizenschein in Marburg City

After all those years it's still pretty sick how good my contacts are to very different friend circles in different cities with different backgrounds... Schoolfriends, Studyfriends, Pokerfriends, Maltafriends, etc.
Kinda proud that i still manage to see teh vast majority of those people at least once a year and def. not going to change that :)

Since my destination is summer now i also got a new summer haircut from my favorit hair dresser in Mannhighm so that i look 17 again and teh majority of that australian girls will have to watch out!

forever 17

Flight to Sydney departs 18:30 in Frankfurt so that i have to leave my parents place in around 3 hours after teh last big meal :) Flying over Seoul and will arrive in Sydney 29th in teh morning. Sharing a flat with a good poker friend of mine directly at one of teh most famous surfer and touri beaches in Sydney: Bondi Beach. Definitely looking forward after this week in germany (7 days are almost too much for me here these days). Depending on what happens in Sydney and how interesting it is i might blog a little bit moar in near future but we'll see what happens. Furthermoar that is like teh first NYE where i have absolutely nothing planned yet. Most of teh time i was disappointed anyways so i guess this time i don't put any effort in and see how it goes.... In teh end of teh day it is summer, it is OZ, it is Sydney, so what is teh worst that can happen...