Samstag, 5. September 2015

Big one! time to finish teh year strong

Sup folks,

wanted to update abit earlier but got a bit siq for 2 days that i wasn't motivated to do much than lying around in bed hoping for the best but expecting the worst. However i seem to have dodged the cold so that i was back to 100% this morning after maybe 36hours of suffering.

If you follow me on facebook and if u read the headline correctly you already know it was rather big month in the current environment. I netted around 11k pre rakeback and 15k after which puts me on pretty much exactly 80grand for the year and with some rungood i really have a shot at a 140 or even 150k year now which i didn't really saw coming after the first 6 months in. That being said there is still alot of stuff that can happen and alot of stuff which can go wrong but 80k is certainly good yet not great for now.


Month overall went as smooth as it gets even though it was one of those months where i didn't really had a clue how much i'm up at any time. Obviously made me even happier to see i'm up 11 but wouldn't have been surprised either if i checked end of the month and was up only like 3...
Remember last month when i wrote i wanted to play exclusively 1k hand sessions? Pretty much quit that endeavour on day 2 of august because i realized my focus went straight downhill for the last 200-300 hands of the session. Was around the time where i also got the suggestion of teh business man himself JNandez to use a timer and finish sessions based on time. Experimented abit with that and that seems to work way better overall so that currently i break/quit sessions around the 1hour mark which normally results in 700-800 hands. After this month results i will definitely keep operating like this. Another thing which happend beginning the month that i was really not feeling happy/confident at 400SH that i deleted it from the filter pretty much instantly and never really looked back. For the moment i have no plans to add it in again even though results indicate i should/could.
Before we go any further here the usual garphs for august:

dollar won and EV

BBs won and EV

rakeback and winnings combined

As you can see after a slow start thing really kick off and go where they are supposed to go. Unfortunately again failed to have that magic 100 Buy In month but i swear im onit. Not too much to say about all of this apart from that i ran and played pretty well. Not really much variance in there either thankfully.

The good ol bell curve indicates decent heat as well showing alotta sets and flushes getting there.

By day
Noteworthy here that i hadnt had a single losing day the last 12 days of the month which is fairly sick i think. Overall only 20% losers out of 30days very decent track record also

Only thing im still not really satisfied with is volume but in the end it is what it is and i rather take a low variance 11k with 116k hand than something more swingy with 150k hands. The days to focus mainly on volume are long gone anyways.

Before i forget i also managed to clear another lifetime achievement at pokerstars:

5mirrion vpps
I guess that equated to 15million hands++

Plan for this month is to change pretty much nothing (which should be easy) and to not be sad if i make less than 10k (which should be alot harder...). Invested some money in a bunch of different LOLdonkament players for the WCCOP (world championship of online poker) so time to run good there for once and get a decent return on investment on my money - fingers crossed. Had some investment this year at EPT Barcelona as well and broke even pretty much so not really much to write about this. Guess that's it for poker and from here on to the other life stuff ive been up to.

As previously discussed i wanted to get a new car and ultimatively ended up with another Corvette (as expected). Would've had tons of different and mostly cheaper options but in the end i wanted to have something i will be 100% satisfied with and decided against getting a Porsche which everybody who has some money in Vienna drives anyways and went for a car which essentially was built for me and maybe 5 other people in Vienna call their own.
I first went to a Corvette dealer in Vienna but that guy was superoldschool and i dont think he bought the whole pokerthing anyways. Convertible started at like 108k there and i swore to myself beforehand that 100k is teh absolut max i'm going to spew away (before people start calling me names again cars are fucking expensive here bc they get taxed an additional 30% on top but not much you can do about it). However i managed to find a (barely) used C7 Convertible from another dealer very close to Vienna which specializes in sport cars (mainly Maseratis and Ferraris) so i went there the next day. Car had pretty much the exact specifications i wanted to have (manual, sport seats, red leather, etc) so after a short test ride and a short negotiation i signed the contract and shipped the moniez.

new ride
Havent received the car yet because i needed to get some stuff down beforehand - black rims and wrapped up in white but expect to have it somewhere next 2 weeks after everything is finished.
Also managed to finally get the right documents to get my drivers license back which i lost somewhere in Asia which probably took me a good 20-30hours in total. Definitely not going to lose my license again ever - what a giant wasted of time...

End of august i took my miniholidays as usual. This time Zurich was on the list. While i have been to Switzerland before i never been to Zurich which is one of the richest and most expensive cities in the world. Directly once you get out of the airport you realize that something is very different here because well, the cars are different. Even in the first 10minutes you saw like more nicer cars than in Vienna in a month. Every Audi you see is an S or and RS, Maseratis everywhere, etc. Also all modells are like 2010 or newer and you rarely see cars that are smaller than a BMW 3 series. Thankfully i managed to get an Uber which was 20euro and appr. 25% of what a normal cab would cost - god bless UBER! Afterwards i met up with my former student roomie who lives and works and Zurich now and we were crusing around and went to Zurich lake for a couple of pints. City is fucking bjuutiful and that lake is insane and gives you a somewhat mediaterranean flair - basically like living by the sea. There also tons of mountains around which makes it even nicer. But don't be fooled, that city will break you or better said will break your wallet. Essentially everything you do is 3 times the price you'd pay in Vienna and 5times+ what you would pay in cheaper cities. Casual restaurants you will not leave without spending at least 50euro p.P and you still will be hungry afterwards. Taxis start at 7Euro at the moment you sat down, etc. I'd guess you live a way easier life with 2.5k/month to your name in Vienna compared to 6k/month to your name in Zurich. Also the police is quite sick over there so that i heard some funny stories. Probably the funniest one is that they caught my roomie speeding with 36km/k too much and he got license suspended for 3 months and had to pay 4k fine. Even funnier is if they get him again for something similar offensive he's going straight to jail lolol - speaking of a police state...
On saturday we attended street parade which is like a giant technofestival in the city center which attracts over 1million people from all around the world each year. Weather was brilliant and was good fun and definitely could do again. Sunday was relaxed sightseeing day and i went back to Vienna in the evening.

750k porsche in front of a 5star hotel which served brilliant kopi luwak

M6 of my mate which is one of teh moar modest rides in Zurich town

thats actually a lido in Vienna with a nice view over the city

my room in Zurich - lot better than pay 150euro/night+ for hotel

view from the terrace of the flatshare in zurich

supernova elite university ETH 
not big enough for the Golds Gym :(

enjoying zurich lake with some beverages

Zurich lake in the back on one of the hills around the city

another meal at the lake

lunch break during street parade - casual 160euro bill for some coffee 4 beers and 2 mains

view of zurich's largest buildings

israeli fish dropping wisdom with his avatar

Dolder Grand luxury hotel on top of the hill

Last but not least alot of people seem to ask me lately about poker and if they should get into it. So i want to elaborate abit on this.

Firstly, no, you shouldn't.
What i write here might make it look easy like 1 2 3 and while for me it doesnt feel that hard it will be 10 times harder for you. Chances are, that if you were supposed to be in poker you would be in poker already for a long time. It's not like you read a book, deposit some money and you start making 5k+/month - those days are long gone. If you start with that goal you pretty much going to fail any given time. The guys who are still left in poker love the game. When i wake up in the morning i'm genuinely happy that i can sit down at my computer and can get my first session fired up. Every day. There are no days where i say "ahhh fuck that, today i do something else" because even after 6 years i really really enjoy what i'm doing and i would assume for the most grinders who are still alive and kicking it is very similar. I also spend 200hours+ each month grinding, watching videos, discussing hands, reading poker related articles, browsing poker forums, etc. That doesnt really feel like work to me bc as being said i love what i do but chances are that this might feel like (too much) work for you are high. If you play poker in 2015 poker will be a massive part of your life and will be with you in the back of your head everywhere you go - there are no people grinding part time anymore (at least no successful ones); it's either you give it your all or nothing at all.
If you are unemployed or have some supershitty job (and its easy to find something else any time) and you have enough time to really invest 250hours a month working on your poker carreer then it cannot hurt to read some books, watch a bunch of videos and start grinding microstakes with a 50$ deposit and see how it goes - after 3months you will have a pretty clear picture if that is how you want to spend the next years/decades. But if you have a serious job and you doing fine i wouldn't wanna put that at risk for a tiny shot at a debatably better life because odds are heavily stacked against you making it.
If you still decide to pull teh trigger good luck though.

And also once again: No, i don't coach - games are tough enough already and i don't need any more competition and i definitely don't need to raise my own competition for a quick payday.

see you next month. peaze out!