Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Going strong

Quite long time since my last poast and already a couple of people asking where teh new one is and why it takes so long. Well, the good news is that here it is, teh bad news is that there's decent chance there will only be one post per month. Long story short i really only checked results one time this month - couple of hours ago. I didn't checked a session, a week, whatsoever. Until a couple of hours ago i had no clue how much i was up for teh month - i knew things are going well but didn't know up to what a degree. While this is good for me the problem for this blog is that i cannot provide any garphs, results or insides about poker bc essentially i don't even know how things are going myself on teh 15th of teh month. One could argument though to maybe do 2 posts a months - one which focusses on poker at teh end of teh month and one which focusses on other thing middle of teh month. But while this sounds good in theory it a little different in reality because this month there wasn't much to write besides poker because i did nothing else for the most part. Anyways we will see what happens.

To kick this thing off i start in chronological order this time:
My last post was directly after chrissy and shortly before my flight to BKK. I think i flew out on teh 26th and arrived in teh afternoon at teh smaller airport. To my hotel i was directly scammed by teh cab but was long ride due to teh protest and taxi driver was cool so i wasn't very mad. The Hotel was in one of teh 3 "sexpat" areas in Bangkok (Nana) so it was quite interesting to see all those old and sad western man in teh bars as early as 3pm drinking beer and hitting on bar girls - but i should not judge, god knows where i will be in 20 years haha. Arrived in teh Grand Sukhumvit which was supposed to be 5Stars but in my book didn't even came close to it. Our room was quite large and teh beds were extremely comfy but besides that it was pretty rundown already. Probably a problem which goes hand in hand with teh area we stayed in. Don't get me wrong it wasn't like superbad but def. too expensive for what we got.
When i arrived my german friend was oreddi waiting in teh room with some beers and from that moment thing become a bit blurry over teh next couple of days.
Cliffnotes basically are that we went out alot, did some sightseeing, met a couple of new poker guys who residing over there, etc. Definitely love teh city and it's prolly teh sickest nightlife i've seen so far (and sooo sooo cheap <3) only to be compared with B.A (Argentina). Stayed for appr. a week and in retrospect a week for me is prolly teh worst time you can stay. Bangkok is definitely not easy if you are in your late 20s and a week is prolly teh worst bc you want to see it all but u don't have enough time. I think it's way better to just go for 3-4 days and go completely ballistic that time doing nothing but drink and party and then piss of or go 10-14 days and do a bit of everything without teh fear to miss to much. If you go for 7 days you basically want to see all teh nightlife, don't want to miss anything but also see some sights, go shopping etc. This basically results in a hungoverlike state for several days until you finally leave teh city... (maybe i'm just getting old, who knows...)

Anyways my current plan is definitely to move to Bangkok and stay there for at least 6 months, most likely longer. Have pretty exact plan now what areas i want to live in and already made teh first connections over there during my 1week trial so that i'm looking forward. Didn't really made too many pictures in my time there bc of teh hungover like state and well yeah, teh city is not as pretty as something like Singy...

the 2 taller guys are teh morons i spent most of time with in BKK

view from teh So-Sofitel Hotel where we attended a pool party which was crap, don't bother

dinner and sisha with teh tourguide

new years table and drinks

view from teh highest building is a bit limited due to smog

one of teh king residences i think

Arrived back to Bali on 2nd of jan majorly exhausted. Plan for january was to do a major detox, hit gym alot and grind like there's no tomoro. Basically all goals were accomplished. As of now i haven't had a drop of alcohol this year, haven't seen any nightclubs from teh inside, went to gym 18-19 times and grinded 28days out of 31 i think.
If you really focus and have no distractions, no hangovers, no appointments, etc that success is not far away. So it's prolly no coincidence that this was one of my best months of all time and definitely my best month during teh last 18 months. To show you what i'm talking about i better post garphs now and go into details later:


If you take rakeback into account i'm almost at 30grand for teh month which makes me euphoric. I also won teh (inofficial) NL200 fullring leaderboard for teh month i think which is nice to have as well.
In the end one of those months where almost everything worked out. If you have Aces, they have Kings, if you have a draw you hit, if you bluff, they fold, etc. Here's teh data per day which pretty muchs show how sick it really was while having teh biggest losing day with not even 1k and teh biggest winner over 4k...

every day a k keep teh doctor away, well almost...

Can also see teh quite heavy upswing during teh middle of teh month which i haven't had for a long while...

So what are teh reasons besides healthy lifestyle and healthy upswing which lead to those results?
Imo teh main reason is probably that i finally got rid of all 6max games in my filter. I played 6max for at least 18 months but decided after carefully analyzing all data that it's for teh better to go back to teh games i can crush and where i feel 100% comfy. It's not that i don't beat 6max - i do beat it, but if my fullring winrate is like 2-3 times as high over significant samples teh big question is why bother with it? So far this change seems to work out. Another thing i did this month as being already mentioned was not checking results at all which gives u alot piece of mind as well (even though i knew anyways that month is going quite sick...)

Nevertehless i'm still on teh hunt for that glorious 100BuyIn month:


[x] failed again

It's still offseason in Bali and even though weather is alot better lately than it was before there is not too much going on so that february will be business time as well and i will try to copy this month's success as good as possible. Since there is teh saying never change a running system goals are not to check results before 1st of march and stay away from 6max. Besides those 2 whatever happens happens.

I also promised to some guys to make a little marketing for their new product. If you use Pokertracker 4 this stuff might be interesting for you. Basically those guys coded me some custom stats for my hud (which work like a charm) and they have alot more in store:

Basically they developing a whole new generation of huds and teh stuff looks quite impressing so check it out. If you using CrapemManager2 for some reason don't bother, they only seem to work with teh superior tracking program ;)

Currently a female german friend i knew from Malta is visiting me on her way to Melbourne (all other roomies are gone for Aussie Millions) so that i took 2 days off last week to go to Lombok and GiliT with her. Quite happy that i finally managed to see teh sister island after 4months down here. It's like a quieter a little bit moar natural version of Bali but i assumed that alot less people where living there. Was quite surprised when our tourguide told 3.5million people which is only 1mirrion less than in Bali. Was a nice short holiday - took a look at some villages in Lombok and finally managed to see my first cockfight and win some money and relaxed teh next day at teh beach in Gili T. Weather was quite awesome for a change that i got a bit of my tan back as well.

Beach Res Gili T

Bfast at Padang Bai Harbour


Leaving Lombok

Disrespecting OZ


Our resort in Lombok

wood shop





Girls in teh village need to learn this in order to get married

Bali version of roulette

Sunset at Malimbu

On teh way to Gili T

Regarding fitness i started taking creatin again and since i'm not drinking atm stuff is going quite well. Am back to 75k with similar bf so still quite shredded. Going 2 days for 1 rest day atm and quite satisfied with that volume. Prolly going back to clubbing fairly soon so that stuff gets a bit moar complicated again then but on teh other hand i'm not planning to go postal here teh next weeks bc it's just not worth it.

On a sidenote there were alot of pokerplayers lately who did charities and stuff so i thought about this as well and came to teh conclusion to raise some money during february and invest it into Patek Philippe at teh end of teh month in Singapore - looking forward!

Here teh video of teh cockfight! (please keep in mind that i neither approve nor disapprove this. it is an old balinese tradition and brings together alot of different people. Different countries have different traditions and alot of stuff will look cruel coming from teh "civilized" world. Independant of if i'm attending and watching a "match" this tradition will continue. And now feel free to flame me ;) )

Cockfight in Lombok