Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Epic AIDS run at teh office continues


really didn't felt like updating but since i wanted to do monthly updates at least here we go.

As you can guess from teh header stuff is still going horribly wrong, at least on teh poker front.


Fairly disgusting month, always under EV, getting coolered left and right and prolly making some questionable plays every here and there as well but if you run shit for too long it will affect you one way or teh other. If you take a scale from 0-10 where 0 is teh nutworst you could possibly run to 10 which is hotter than teh sun i'm on a constant 2.7 since beginning of march with occasionally having a day which is 0 and literally not a single real heater session and even if things going well you drop it all back next 10k hands anyways. In teh end it's part of teh game but it's tough especially if it continues for several weeks/months. I probably can be happy with teh run i'm experiencing that i still made almoast 2k at teh tables and a 4-5k in rakeback which covers at least teh expenses. Seriously starting to get a bit frustrated but not much you can do besides waiting bc games are good and there will come better days. Another good reg who is pretty much breakeven for teh year said something along teh lines of "I'm just happy when i run teh absolute nutworst for a long time i still manage to at least be breakeven + rakeback instead of guy x or y who drop 10-20k during their downswings" which is a very true statement. Even though things go terribly wrong during march and april i'm still up 8k-ish after rakeback with a 3bb winrate which is alotta money in Bangkok :)
As usual i made teh same mistakes over and over again which i tend to do while running shit: changing games, stakes and formats on a daily basis: SH midstakes in, SH midstakes out, NL100FR in, back to FR only, etc. I definitely have room for improvement here and should try to just stick to my strongest aka bread and butter games which is NL200 and NL400FR where i having almoast a 5bb EV winrate over teh course of teh year so far. The only issue with playing FR only is that you cannot play euro mornings bc there are just no games compared to you can play anytime if you mix in some 6max. I still haven't found a solid schedule yet (last week i was waking up early morning, going to bed 9pm-ish and before waking up at 6 in teh evening going to bed 11am). I think i will try out finding a compromise here with waking up in teh late afternoon and going to bed during teh wee hours which will still give me some daylight, alot of decent fullring action and it's quite a good schedule to rage as well. That's it for poker and april, goal for may is just to start running better which worked out well teh first day where i should be sick amount over EV mainly bc running with KK into AA several time and winning moastly - almoast feels like my account is slowly coming back into speed.

Regarding life even though poker isn't going too well i'm very satisfied and convinced i made a good call with Bangkok. Still a bit early to tell after being here for a month but cannot recall any other places i've been where i felt that good. City gives you like a permanent slight euphoria that i always catch myself just running around somewhere and smiling thinking "this is it, fucking BKK". Compared to basically all other places i've been teh biggest difference is if you ask people how satisfied they are and what there future plans are. If you ask this question in London you will get mixed answers which will range from "i love it" to "i have to get teh fuck out of this hellhole asap". If you ask people here in Bangkok they will smile and say "this is teh best fucking city in teh world, i don't want to be anywhere else". Compared to Malta teh striking difference is teh longer people stay in Bangkok teh moar they seem to enjoy it while teh longer people stay in Malta teh moar they want to just get teh fuck out of there :D
This is quite sick or better said interesting if you put into account that Bangkok itself is not a nice city, in fact it's probably teh ugliest and dirtiest place i've ever lived, even in the best aka highsociety parts of town it's stinks at every corner, if you walk down the street you'll see alot of fucked up people, there is alot of poverty, teh sun comes out every 10days bc of smog, there is no ocean and no views besides skyscrapers and concrete, etc. But what all those studies about teh moast livable cities in teh world don't take into account is how satisfied are teh people really, how inexpensive is teh city, and especially HOW FREE do you feel/are you. I can just laugh about seeing aussie capitals rank up high there every year bc people here are so much moar satisfied than somebody in europe, OZ or whatever possibly could be...
I would assume a major part comes also down to teh religion here which is Budism and hands down one of teh coolest religions which is out there. Those guys just don't give a fuck, it's your life, do whatever teh fuck you want as long as you hurt nobody else...

Anyways, I'm really settled at my new place now and as you can see i'm satisfied. Even though i have teh flat for myself i already had 4 visitors and wasn't really living alone for teh moast time since i'm here. As i poasted in my last entry i have everything directly around teh corner: gym, malls, cinema, supermarkets, restaurants and even nightlife is only a short taxi ride. And oh what a nightlife it is. I don't think that anything i've seen so far anywhere in teh world comes even remotely close to what you have here and while nightlife is sick for a couple of weeks/months in alot of places it's sick here all fucking year. There is so much variety, you can go out every night, etc. Potentially on a tuesday here you could experience teh best night of your life - in which city is that even possible?

Here's a couple of pictures of my current condo. I got 2 bedrooms and it's quite spacious so it will be always possible to have people staying with me. But if you plan to tag along please give me notice couple of weeks beforehand bc there seem to be alot of people coming and going (as mentioned i'm here 4 weeks and oreddi had 4 different guests^^):

I went out quite a bit so far but nothing overly crazy. Just don't really have a clear head during those downswings and don't want to go out 3nights a week if i don't feel it - that might change though. Was also cool to be here via Songkran which is Thailand new year and just sick. City shuts completely down for a couple of days and everybody is celebrating and making each other wet. Try to poast some videos about this but not sure if it works out.

Regarding future plans i will definitely be here and try to work alot during may and am thinking about going to Ibiza and Malta for 4weeks in midjune to midjuly. There is are some mates in Ibiza who drive teh Gumball so i could combine that and go to Malta for teh world cup after. But especially since poker isn't going my way i might postpone that, it's prolly 50/50 atm. There is not really any point for me in leaving just now bc everything i could every potentially want is just here right now. Plus it's a pain in teh ass of a flight. But yeah, if i somehow manage to make decent cash this month (which is questionable) i might just change my mind and book it. It's not like i couldn't literally book a flight to europe and leave teh next day :)

I also finally managed to buy a new gadget i was missing since my Malta days:

Finally able to push through long sessions once again...

Also for teh first time in over 7 years i got a new haircut which went surprisingly decent given teh limited conversation skills in teh english tongue of teh hairstylist:

Bought a Herman Miller embody for around 1.3k euros shortly after moving in to complete teh Bangkok shipping center which is definitely worth it's money if you are looking for a sick(expensive) chair:

In the gym there was a machine which was measuring body fat which has to be terribly wrong bc there is no way i'm anywhere close to 5.9 atm :/

Last but not least some party impressions. Failed massively in case of taking pictures so far but will try to step up my picture taking game a bit in future:

And finally some videos shot during Songkran and other nights:

Youtube screwed up a bit so might have to turn your head sometimes :P





Time to hit teh gym,

peaze, TimStone out