Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Strong Start into June, Upswing inside /att: Pokeronly post

Has only been couple of days since my last update but since i'm riding a nice wave of upswing so far in june i feel a little bit moar like posting compared to wat has been there most of teh year so far.

Only 7 days into june but i'm already over 6k up and feeling that i'm playing very very well for teh first time since ages. Cannot really explain why but last sessions i could focus so much better compared to anything i can think of. Running good obv. helps a ton but still i'm supersatisfied.

Might've found something which was some sort of a leak which worked out fine 3 years ago but which just doesn't work today for me: putting in volume no matter what. Since i'm not doing SNE i should not really put volume in when i don't need to. It just doesn't make sense. Thought alot about it over teh last months and will now definitely try to play shorter but moar focussed sessions and more of them. So instead of playing 3 big ones i will try to play 4-6smaller ones and see how it goes. And i will not focus on how many hands i play in a certain session.
The big problem is once i'm down i try to get back to even and can play for hours without a stop - the game i'm bringing in those sessions is a decent B-Game at teh very best. Sometimes that's enough (if u still somewhat running decent even though you lost a bunch) but most of teh time especially in todays games it's not.
An even bigger problem though might be if you are up a bunch and force yourself to continue playing bc "you run good so why stop". While this is true i switch to my B-Game as well pretty quickly which results in folding moar and try to keep winnings or in some stupid stack-off's bc "i'm not losing flips" or "i'm not folding my AQ against tis moron". I will really try now to stop my session teh moment i realize i'm switching to my B-Game and losing focus and not force myself to play another 400 hands because i wanted to play 1.5k and am only at 1.1k.
While all that sounds pretty sweet in theory practise might be another story but i have to check it out to know moar.
Games were quite decent last days as well with teh 100 billion promo around teh corner so i hope i manage to dodge some parties this weekend and do nothing besides grinding, gym and good nutrition...

Finally i'm able to post some graphs which don't look like aids so here they are:

This is teh month so far, basically 3 good days and one breakeven, Played very high volume first two days but moar and moar i doubt that volume is really teh answer to my question.

This is teh one from today. Most likely my strongest day this year, not moneywise but playingwise 100%. Don't think in 5years of poker i ever had a positive redline over 5k hands which comes mainly from playing alot moar focussed than before.

Played a bunch of interesting hands as well of which two are those:

Riverdonkovership by Donk

- this one was quite std up to teh river where it became insanely ugly. Lotta people would say snap but guy was not insanely retarded plus he instashoved that river while donks take at least a couple of seconds before they decide it's time to bluff in general.


- probably teh most non-standard hand for my standards i played this year. Pre is questionable itself, you can 4bet/fold it and have an easy live, you can fold it and focus on better spots or you can click teh call button and try to maximise EV. Flop is not good but not terrible either with 2 over and a nice backdoor so i decide to peel and hit or try to take it away later. No reason to bet that turn and when he checks behind turn i might even have teh best hand and should get him from alot of stuff on teh river. River is where stuff gets exciting. I make my halfpot bluff and expect to take it down almost always but he timebanks and finally minraises. At this point i cannot put him on a single value hand he can have that is playing this way and decide to go for it... worked out and i showed him :P

That's it for now, hopefully post doesn't doomswitch me and month continues a little bit like that...


Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Grinding that Malta life

After quite a long time since my last post here i guess it's time to give some sort of update.

Prolly writing this post together over teh next couple of hours whenever i have time so teh redline and some structure might be lacking but i'm not writing a novel here so that should be fine.

Kinda hard where to start since one month is already gone since i arrived. Anyways, i think i stopped last time shortly before i went on the flathunt and it went quite smooth. Found the perfect bachelor pad for me directly on first day looking which is situated in Sliema, has 2 bedrooms, nice livingarea, seaview and small balcony. I have shitloads of restaurants around so that i can leave cooking to other people who are better than me at it most of teh time. All in all i'm quite satisfied so far and basically teh first time in ages that i really live alone (even though i will get alot of visitors over the summer months...)
Here some pictures because they tend to say moar then words:

Have this place rented and paid now for a year even though i doubt i will stay the entire time but who knows what happens.

Regarding poker it is still going mediocre at best. Year is still pretty terrible so far. I'm obviously up some money but still nothing too meaningful. In the end it could be worse though i guess. Cannot really provide a graph bc i haven't checked results basically since i came back to Malta and it's kinda pointless to do so bc it only will affect my game. Wanted to grind alot in may which worked out moar or less until i tried starting my laptop one day only to realize that my SSD was fucked. Took about a week to get it fixed and during teh week i was forced to play on a backup which wasn't going very well either, neither in case of volume, nor in case of winnings but what can you do. Furthermoar that was another 600Euros down teh drain which i could add to all teh expenses i had lately but still better that this happend here compared to in Bali...

My car was fucked as well when i came back, was overheating bc of a stuck fan which is now fixed but i got it to the inspection just for the case if there is anything else. That's not going to be supercheap either but after this i think i finally have sorted everything out and should not have any major expenses during the next couple of months which is good and gives some peace of mind.

I furthermore started mixing in some good NL100 games lately simply bc of the fact that i don't really get enough tables running at 200+ alot of the time and if i only play something like 7 or 8 tables i get insanely bored fairly quickly and start doing other shit in the meanwhile which is not good. NL200 is still kinda allright with alot of fish but regs are just insanely good these days and nobody makes many mistakes anymoar and if somebody does those mistakes tend to be aggressive ones which are by far not as bad as passive mistakes. I would assume games getting a little better teh next weeks bc of Pokerstars 100billion hand promotion so that my plan is to play a decent amount especially during that time.

Another big thing i'm part of atm is a pokerdocumentation they shooting in Malta where they film 3 different players and their lifestyles. Seems to be a pretty ambitious project and gonna be quite interesting to see the final outcome of it:

Partywise i haven't been out too much since i'm back but when i was it was ALL IN for teh most part. Hangovers i experience here so far are def. worse than teh bali or australian ones bc there are just too many drinks, everything costs shit, everybody is offering you drinks etc. Luxury problems i guess :)

In regards to gym it's still going pretty well and even though i'm not doing too much atm besides eating good my body seems to stay in shape. Haven't done a single day cardio so far since i'm back but don't gain any moar weight which is fortunate.

That's it for now and i hope i update a little sooner next time. Usual party shots for the end, have a good june everybody...