Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Life without Winter - trying to make it happen :)

Honestly I want to write more often here but somehow I'm too busy/lazy/whatever...

But now almost one month after my last post I think I can share a little bit (it's not that I wouldn't have stuff to post every week but yes, lazy me).

First off I thought about my near/mid future and what I want to do with it while I was not really able to sleep one night and came to the conclusion that I'm living life at 90% right now, but why not living it 125% or 140%? I'm playing since almost 3 years for a living now, stopped giving a fuck about money long time ago and still I'm not travelling like 1/4 of what I want to travel. I mean, I'm free like a bird, can basically work from everywhere in the world (ok wait, no longer in the "land of the free"), make decent money even if I only work like 80 hours a month and I'm not using the opportunities given because of that. Don't get me wrong, I feel pretty damn good atm in Malta, getting to know a shitload of new awesome people each week, have a massive circle of friends here, amazing Parties, etc. But winter is coming without a doubt and I'm definitely not looking forward to spent my time in winter here working 200++ hours a month to kill the time. I did that the last 2 years and I'm not getting younger unfortunately...
Ok, to make a long story short I'm definitely planning to leave Malta latest in November and not returning before late April 2011 (at least that's the plan). Also I definitely wouldn't mind spending another summer here next year - everybody who went to this island and is young and outgoing probably knows what I'm telling about. I doubt there are many places in Europe or maybe even in the world who give you that lifestyle combined with amazing weather for a reasonable price.

massive Beach Party at Armier Bay
About one month ago I was speaking to a friend who is definitely planning to go to some island in Thailand end of this year and my roomie is also very interested so this is going to be the first goal. This should go down somewhere between november and february.
Given the fact that in february is still european winter (even if it is not really cold in Malta) returning by that time is not really an option for me. So I definitely have to go on the other side of the world to run away from winter. 3 places came to my mind which I would really be interested to see/live there:

1. Buenos Aires - Argentina: There's alot of poker guys living so that I would be connected right from the start but it's spanish speaking so this probably would really cause problems even though I could go to a language school but when I'm to lazy to update this blog more often I'm not sure if that would work out.

2. Cape Town - South Africa: Another place I heard alot of and I definitely want to go to at a certain point. Only thing here would be security issues because I heard you really have to take care where you go and when you go and I don't really want to get robbed coming home latenight after a party. Sure you could rent some bodyguards there but that's probably not too cheap and maybe a little bit exaggerated.

3. Golden Coast - Australia: My current favorite. It's basically main season there from january to april, weather is amazing, lots of party people and I would finally make it to Australia which is ranked pretty high on the list of places I want to have spent some time. Also got alot of other pokerfriends who are really interested in this which makes it alot cooler than to travel alone. Only thing now is that this needs to be scheduled somehow but in general I'm pretty good in organizing stuff so I would say this is really going to happen!

Gold Coast
If some of you have other suggestions for places where I should go don't hesitate to share your opinion. Criteria is that it is not in the US and A, weather is comparable or hotter than the mediterranean summer and that there are some parties going on. Don't wanna go to some abandoned island - I'm still under 30 ;)

Malta life is pretty good atm. I think I found a pretty good balance between work, party, workout/run and relax which results in 2-3 Parties a week and 110-130k hands of poker a month which results in a 120-140hours working month.
Last month was my 2nd best month in case of poker this year so that I cannot complain to much. Crossed the 20k$ border a 2nd time 2011 nevertheless because of the Spring Championship of Onlinepoker (a very big and well known tournament series on Pokerstars) out of which I pulled appr. 8500$. The rest came from the cash tables and from rakeback. Also received 10k$ for the WSOP ME which I'm not going to play and also not really count as profit for may but it's money in my pocket anyways. Apropos WSOP in Vegas - at the current point it is very unlikely that I'm going to Vegas this year mainly because I never planned to play Live Poker anyways and since black friday I'm not even allowed to play Onlinepoker there as well so I would basically only go there just for partying, sunbathing and sexual harassment. I expect with flight, hotel, food, drinks, shopping and co. I would end up spending appr. a thousand dollars a day and the question is if I really want to do this or pay alot less and still have the good life here in Malta. Definitely tend to number 2 at the moment but my mind changes rather quickly so I will not give it a 100% yet.

Current month is pretty meh in case of poker so far but it is slowly getting better. This is mainly based on the fact that I run like a one legged hooker at NL400 and 600 and run g00t at NL100 and 200 but as always no matter how good you run at the lowest stakes if you get screwed at the higher ones you don't really make money. Here the current EV graph which shows that pretty much everything is ok. Don't wanna complain about it because year so far was fine but this is the only graph I can post because I'm basically started checking results maximum 2 times a month and don't even know at the moment if I'm down or up in money.

ALL IN EV June 2011

Biggest difference at around hand 255 results in a hand where spanish spewtard idiot xGabrielMooyax decided that KQo is good enough to ship over my 4bet at NL600 for 120BBs effective Button vs. Small Blind. Even if you consider the aggressive nature of todays games especially at NL400+ this play is ridiculous and you will probably not find a single reg who makes money who will disagree with that. I fistpump AKs and he flops gutter and bink a Q on turn for a 1.5k pot. To be honest I have not the slightest clue how a guy who has such obvious leaks can put down an NL400 leaderbord not long time ago but there are people who seem to run good and he is spaniard so power to him.

Next week some good german friends are coming over for a little visit (basically every month somebody is coming) so I will try to increase volume a little bit the coming days that I can take most of the time off end of the month to spent some time with these guys. Then end of the month is also Malta MTV music week with some massive events. Even Snoop Dogg is coming for the big final. At the moment me and Adrian trying to get somehow in contact to him that we can organize some sort of After Party at our penthouse or Hendrik's Villa with him so I will keep you posted about that one :)

In case of working out I'm coming closer and closer to the final body goal for this summer. At the moment I'm running 3 times a week and going to the gym the other 3 days with mostly one day off because of heavy drinking. When I left London in April I had about 80kg and now down to 74kg. 
Beginning June
Reaching 71-72kg would be really sweet because then I would have the perma 6-Pack, maybe even 8 but for that I would have to do at least a 2 week drinking break which is basically impossible at the current time. Furthermore I'm still eating pizza like twice a weak and some fries every now and then which doesn't really help but I'm still pretty satisfied with the results so far given the fact I started to get really serious maybe like 5 weeks ago. Nevertheless maybe I get lucky and loose the last 2-3kg somehow but who knows...

A little book tipp for the end for you guys who speak german (I'm not sure if these books getting translated into english but if so they are a must read).

The guy is Kurt Molzer and also wrote a book before that one which was also amazing. Think it's called "Kurt's Geschichten". If you like sex and have some sort of humor both of his books are definite must reads...

To finish this post I managed to get into some sort of disco fight for the first time after more than 10 years. Until now I'm not really sure what happend but let's say it was pretty decent and I drank a little bit that night (it all started in Nordic and the locals will know what that means). However I ended up in some "nice" after hour club and got into some trouble at the bar for some reason - don't know because of what but whatever. Next thing I remember is that pretty much before shit was about to get real the two bouncers were standing right besides me at the bar. I was pretty happy at that moment because I knew they gonna kick me out so I'm not getting in some fight down there on my own. Unfortunately the one of the bouncers didn't seemed to appreciate my pretty face and started trying to hit it while the other bouncer was dragging me out. Even if my defence was pretty nice given the fact 2.5°% were running through my body he somehow managed to hit me 3 or 4 times during our journey to daylight so that I got some nice cut behind the right ear which made me able to take this picture:

Vampire Party

Moral of the story: avoid bouncers - run as fast as you can.
If my mum is reading this: I'm good!!! This is obviously no real blood - was at a vampire party that night and this was part of the costume...

Rock on! Over and out...