Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

2011 - done!

About half an hour ago I hit my 800k milestone and since I'm not planning to go ahead and make 200k VPP in order to accomplish SNE the next 9 days I'm finished for teh year:

December was a pretty good month again and a solid one to finish the year off. In the beginning of the month I already posted about my hot start into the month but as usual when u brag and post garphs shit got real literally directly thereafter when I managed to book my biggest losing day I had so far which looked like this:

It was one of these days where nothing was working and still you keep playing bc u have to hit milestones and make some VPPs. Not that much fun to lose around 440$ an hour over 13hours but I guess it happens. It tend to check results pretty infrequently, especially when running bad which was a very good thing in this case. Obviously I knew while playing that I was down a decent chunk of money but I never would've thought that it was in the 5k+ area. However when I checked results 5 days later I was career peaking again bc I grinded all back and even a little bit moar so I couldn't care less. If I would've checked my results this day, saw the garph, the hands, etc. it definitely would've got me thinking about my game, how unlucky I am, that I play too long sessions, blablabla and in the meanwhile I would be depressed for at least 2 days. Bc of not knowing how much I lost however I was able to play my A-Game from the 1st hand when I started my session on the next day. Good poker is insanely dependant on having a good mindset - always - and you should do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Not checking results especially when I run horrible works wonders for me.

Anyways, after this day, where I slaughtered almost all my winnings I made the first 11 days of teh month, I was back winning as usual and having new career peaks almost each day (which is extremly motivating).
Final graph looks kinda donkish:

So the story is to go from zero to 7k, go back to zero, go to 11k. I can live with that. Over the next couple of days I might do another graph for BuyIns won this year including All In EV which should be kinda interesting bc I don't really know anymoar how good I was running during the first month of the year bc I change the database of my Tracker pretty frequently. Over the last couple of months I was pretty much always running around my All In EV without huge swings which is nice to have but kinda expected(intended) given my style:

Not much moar to say in case of Poker. Tomorrow I leaving teh rock for appr. 4 months. First stop is my hometown in Germany, catching up with my parents and having a couple of Weizen with a couple of old friends. 28th I fly from Munich directly to Phuket and meet up with my roomie and another good friend in order to explore Thailand for 3 weeks. Atm we trying to make it to the Full Moon New Years Party in Koh Phangan. We screwed up the organisation a little bit bc we booked Patong in Phuket first and thereafter everybody was telling this is shit when u r not into hookers so we canceled our plan and will be starting from Samui. However our flights were already booked so I'm going to have a rather interesting trip with Mr. Schtevendahl from Phuket to Samui through the jungle of Thailand on the 29th...
In the end of January I leave to Brazil where we are having a look into the real estate market atm. It's alot moar expensive than I would've expected but whatever. Main plan there is to spent Carnival in Jurere Internacional which seems to be the hotspot of Brazil - people there call it the Ibiza of Brazil haha. Gonna be pretty interesting to have Ibiza, Carnival and 30°C with sunshine at the same time. I probably could get used to this :)

To give you some impressions how life in Jurere will be like here a few videos and picz:

Return to Malta will be somewhere in the end of april. Haven't booked a flight yet but got my room sublet until teh 30.04.2011 and after this time summer in Brazil is over and it's time to move on. Seems like finally my plan to not have to deal with any sort of winter works out. Malta was fairly nice until mid december this year and the 5days in Germany I should survive somehow I assume and then it's summertime again. weeeeee

Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Massive start into december

Prolly regret posting tis but since it is my best start into a month this year so far I somehow feel the urge to share it (in b4 downswong...).
Playing good poker, good hours, good games, running decent, having fun - atm just everything fits together. Got 53k VPPs left for my 800k bonus and basically I want to be done until teh 23rd of december where I'm flying out to my family in Germany for Christmas. Shouldn't be to difficult to bomb about 100.000 hand the coming 15 days but nevertheless I have not much time to fuck around with other stuff but teh occasional party with teh guaranteed loss of memory should be allright...

Like a friend of mine once said: 1k everyday keeps teh doctor away...


on a sidenote: gratulations to spanish maricon Adria Baluga who managed to come in 2nd at World Poker Tour in Prague for around 320.000$ - nh, sir...