Freitag, 2. August 2013

Nasty July downswingaments...

Just sitting on a plane to berlin where i will attend a wedding of a good friend from my study days and as usual during flights i'm bored as shit. Good thing is that july is over and i have teh possibilty to write a summary of july. 10Minutes ago i checked results for teh first time since end of june.
Well, i made 3kUS$ before rakeback in july and i'm feeling happy. If somebody wouldve told me before july i only make 3k i would've said fuck off, if somebody would've told me i end up with 3k after teh first 3 working days in july i would've snapped it.
Cannot remember i ever started into a month that horrific. Dropped 7k straight from teh start in 3 days which makes that one of my all time top 3 downers, possibly even no.1. Why was it that bad? Basically i was somewhat satisfied with my game but if you get in at least 20times BvB vs. Aces (and not a single time teh other way) even my account can not turn it around. Furthermoar i wasn't winning a single hand at NL400 and running crap all over teh place. Still interesting to see teh massive amount of variance involved in this game. Even after 5 years grinding for a living it sometimes makes my head shake in disbelieve.
Thankfully after those 3days teh worst part was over. Unfortunately i was still running quite bad which resulted in nearly another 100k hands of breakeven poker and believe me games were quite good. At least i wasn't dropping an average of 2.5k per day anymoar. So basically i had 4 fairly crappy weeks in july and one decent upswingy one which made me come back into teh black again. I basically made 10k from 5th of july which is not bad considering i was not running very well most of teh time. Probably rarely was that happy making 3k a month haha.

While running that bad i watched a dc-series focussing on what variance really is which was quite good and made me feel a little better. Most important lesson i learned i wasn't that aware of is that there isn't a "normal" run. You either run good or you run bad and you can classify this from very good to very bad and people who say they run normal at the moment most likely experience a small upswing. Also outcomes of alot of sessions are dependant on very very few keyhands so it makes no sense to focus on results EVER... All stuff u already know in general but still nice to hear it every now and then from another person and also see teh maths behind all of this.

In 2 hours i will arrive in Berlin and gonna check out teh new Mercedes CLA which i have as a rental for a couple of days before i return to Malta on wednesday. I also will give my parents a short visit once i'm in germany for teh first time this year. Gonna be good couple of days because some of my very best mates are situated in Berlin so i have some people to go out and talk bullshit with.
The hotel i'm running in Malta was also very busy in july so that i had 7 different guests during july. Fairly happy with teh 125k hands (appr. 160Hours works) i played if i think about how often i went out and had people around. One part is prolly that i started drinking less and alot moar water over teh course of teh nights while still take rehydration salts which resulted in having way less hangovers and i almost always was able to play teh next day after a night out.
Gym routine was also quite good that i managed to go 4 times a week for 3 weeks i think.
Now it's one moar month of visitors until it starts to get quieter in september.
In october i will be officially gone, already booked our shortterm villa in Seminyak, Bali 2days ago from which we will search for a longterm stay for 6 months on teh island of gods. Gonna be a bit harder to find something decent than i originally thought especially in that area bc most of accomodations and villas are shortterm and bc aussies seem to have way too much money. Nice 5-6bedroom villas get rented out for 1-2k USD PER DAY. Remember, this is Bali, a pack of smokes is 1$, you get meals for 2-3$ if you go to sidestreets, etc. Just fucking ridiculous. Anyways i'm quite sure we will manage to find something during teh first week, already in contact with alot of agents and one of those should be able to sort us out. Our budget is 7.5k a month so there has to be something something for that amount of money. So far we have 4 people confirmed until christmas and another one thinking about it. If you interested to stay for 1 or 2 months we currently still have spots available for january to march (and depending on wat kind of villa we find maybe from oct-dec as well) so if you want to join teh party u know whom to holla to.

Regarding Malta life i'm getting moar and moar bored so that i assume that this goodbye will be (moar or less) for good. Island and people will always be in my heart but i'm here for too long and need to try something new b4 i get stuck like many others... I mean Bali is pretty much confirmed 100% but thereafter i'm not sure wat to do yet. Prolly my midterm future will be somewhere in southeast asia so i'm currently looking into options. Dubai gonna be too risky regarding gambling laws that i will not take teh gamble and crossed it from my list. I'm now mainly looking into Singapore and Bangkok while Bangkok is in teh clear lead so far. Both sick cities but while i have to pay between 2-3kUSD a month for a semidecent 1bedroom apartment in Singapore i get a superluxurious 3-4bedroom subpenthouse right in teh center of BKK for teh same price. If i want to go cheap i even get very nice apartments for just 1k a month. Cost of living besides that is way way cheaper in BKK as well and if u net 6 figures a year you prolly belong to teh top 0.01% of teh city living like god in france. Another point in favour of BKK is that there are just so many other players already that it will be quite easy to connect and build a network right from teh start which should be significantly harder in Singapore. Alot of sick beaches are easily accessible by plane in teh matter of 1-2hours if you feel like getting out of teh city for some days... It's still a long time until april when a decision is overdue but when i think about it it makes me smile already and i'm looking forward to what is there to come :)

Yeah, that's teh news, not much else to write about. As being said went to a bunch of parties this month but all was pretty much same same without anything sticking out. Finally teh usual party shots and depending on how i run this month i gonna update a little earlier but when i run bad i don't really feel like writing about it which resulted in teh month wait.

Peaze out!