Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Update in case of the current developments...

So, as you all know after my last post I arrived friday night in Malta and went quickly to bed thereafter bc I was dead tired.

After that some things happend:

I started playing on saturday again and managed to play around 12.000hands in 10hours which was pretty good... However I lost 2k $ in the process - basically all back to basics I thought.
On sunday however something strange happend. First my ass was alot better than all the other days. Unfortunately my teeth decided to start hurting me on that day because me without pain would be probably no fun...Ahh, yes, the strange thing. I started winning at the tables, I even started winning alot. I didn't even knew anymoar how it feels to be able to make this amounts in very short-term. The garphs will explain more than words I assume:

Pretty decent upswing, basically teh first real one since february. I hope it still lasts a few moar days but we will see what happens.

Concerning my health I was at a very good dentist here in Malta who told me that the pain is coming bc I'm having an infection around my wisdom tooth on the right side. He thinks with 27years it's unlikely that the tooth will come out now so everything should be fine once the infection is gone. I will be taking some antibiotika the next days and see if it works out, However based on my recent luck I'm quite sure sooner or later I might get problems with the tooth again :(

Concerning the car I went for it earlier on and everything seems back to normal. The dealer told me there was a cable cut and they replaced it. This cable seemed to cause all the errors with the boardcomputer. In the end paid only 100Euro for the repair works so keeping my fingers crossed that this is really sorted.

Over the coming days I'm obv not planning to go out on teh antibiotiks so there will be alot time for teh grind. So far I don't really manage to play the nessecary amount for SNE but I'll keep ya posted...


Freitag, 23. September 2011

Epic Road Trip fail... es kommt immer anders als man denkt...

Hope for teh best, expect the worst... running horribad...

In general I wanted to write this blog entry on my way from Palermo to Genova on the ferry, however now I'm sitting in my car in Pozzallo, Sicily waiting for a ferry back to Malta.

To make a long story short I started appr. 12 hours ago with my roomie and the Vette from Malta to Sicily, then we wanted to drive up to Palermo, getting from there to Genova via ferry and from then on driving down to Munich. Even before the trip signs were not too good bc last friday I managed to fall on my ass which responded in developing a massive bruise and even though it got better over the last days it is still a pain in the ass. Second sign was that my car already fucked up yesterday and we exchanged the battery because of this. Everything was back to normal – at least for a couple of hours until we realized in the middle of Sicily that probably the charger of the battery is busted while the boardcomputer giving all typ of errors and the instruments barely working. Awesome thing in sicily is that appr. 1 out of 100 people is speaking english which makes it kinda complictated to have a conversation... However we managed to find a guy who confirmed our thesis with the broken charger and this guy got us another guy who had a tow truck. 550Euro and 4 hours later Adrian is now waiting for a flight to Munich in Catania in some shady airport Hotel and I am waiting for a ferry back to Malta with my car praying that it starts later on to get it somehow on the ferry. In Malta another tow truck will be waiting for me which will be another 100Euro or so to get me to my mechanic who hopefully figures out the problem the coming days. Ferry is obvisouly not for free as well so I already spent a k today for a shitload of stress and some experience... However I should look at the brightside – it's not like I crashed the car completly, I'm more or less healthy and if the ferry doesn't sink I should survive the day.
Probably this all is kind of god's saying: „listen son, you are 27, u had a fucking massive summer, went out a shitload, been with some very beautiful girls and spent a decent amount of cash in the meanwhile – get urself a break and go back on track you cannot live like this the whole fucking year...“

Bottom line is that god is probably right. This was a massive summer. I cannot remember any summer so far which was even close to what happend this one. I'm regretting very few. But summer is over. This week was the end of summer party so it has to be over.
Atm I assume that I will not be flying to Munich for the Oktoberfest – I wasn't really to much in the mood going there before the trip but everything was booked and so on. In the end this prolly even saves me money because in Munich and on the way I would've def spent more than what I spent today.

Plus I will be able to work the coming 2 weeks. So to speak of work the month was pretty much as horrible as it gets. Good thing is I played decent amount so far and made appr. 55K VPP. Bad thing is that I'm up around 2k $ and basically breakeven again since 50k hands. EV is at around 5.5k $ which helps me nothing and in the end I should be still up EV-wise over the year so it's kinda pathetic to bitch here. You also may say, well, be happy, you are up, you made some money out of rakeback... While this is ofc troo I'm far to ambitious to think that way. Games atm are pretty much awesome and adding 6max was a very good decision for me. In fact 6max 200 was the only limit I ran hot and made like 6-7k with over 4PTBB but unfortunately I lost 3BuyIns at FR and basically lost at everything higher than 200 which is against mindblowing considering what games I play there (the people who play with me probably know what I mean).

For the year I'm sitting at the moment with around 470k VPP and believe me or not I really think about shotting for SNE again... I'm really motivated in case of grinding atm (prolly bc I'm not really satisfied with my year so far) and if you calculate everything than it would be appr. 60K$ I could make in 3 month only through rakeback and boni plus the added benefits for next year which will easily be another 10-20k$ - alot of money given the fact nobody knows how poker will continue.

Furthermore my actual plan is to leave Malta not b4 after Christmas whih gives me additional time on the way. Best case scenario would be to ship SNE between the 20th and 23th of december, fly to my parents for Christmas and piss of on the 26th or 27th to Thailand. If this should really be happening I'm almost certain I take the entire january of. However I give myself like 20-25% chance of reaching that goal bc it would be an insane volume, with horrendous swings and not too much free time... I definitely will grind alot in near future and I'm pretty convinced I should easily do the 800k milestone but another 200k after this gonna be sick considering I will try it with NL200 and 400 only to keep swings as low as any possible (which is not really possible ldo). The main factors are that I have to see if I can put in 3 four hour sessions on alot of days (never really did this so that is def kinda very tough) and if the games stay how they are which is unlikely tbh bc alot of people will try to grind for SNE themselves pretty soon and put in sick volume and will decrease the fish to reg- ratioo. And for me it is 100% sure that I will never start playing tables full of regs only to accumulate some VPPs. But at least I can try, see how it goes and then reevaluate once I hit something like 750k VPP and then decide if it is worth it to push for the rest.

I still have another 3.5hours til my ferry hopefully takes me and the car to Malta but my battery (again) is getting low and I don't really know what to write anymoar. Atm def a bit frustrated bc of that fucked up day and a little bit burned out of real-life but still looking forward what the next weeks will bring. If I'm lucky there even could be an upswing coming around. And maybe I can manage to do 4 weeks without alcohol at a certain point of time which would be well needed as well...

On a sidenote we spoke to our current landlord the other day bc our rent is running out and he wants to have significantly more money in future even if we would commit for a year so it's quite uncertain if I'm going to stay in that lovely penthouse after this year. On the brightside he likes the idea of getting a jacuzi installed which def would give the place some more value but we'll see what is happening.

Ps: when you read this thingy I probably just arrived at home being dead tired and exhausted so sorry for no pictures and alot of text this time but I need to sleep...

chin chin