Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Februar Review aka Back in Business, Bitches!

Februar was alot better than I expected because Buy-In changes and some serious run good helped alot.
It's not my best month money-wise (I have only played 116 hours) but I never had a better month when you take the average winrate and the amount of money won per hour into account. So I'm pretty satisfied.
Furthermore I think I had my longest streak ever without a single losing day which took part between the 10th and the 25th of february. Unfortunately I experienced a little downer during my last 3 days of playing but I ran pretty g00t b4 so I will not invest to much thought in this shit...
Bottomline is over 17k $ made from the tables and another 4.5k $ from Rakeback which brings me above the 20k border which is always a very good thing.
Here the garph:

Besides the last few hands it looks pretty decent imo. Have to say though, that I'm fair amount above EV (3-4k$). But on the other hand I ran 3k under EV last day of january as earlier posted in my blog. So what's the conclusion of this? EV doesn't matter if you play for a living. Whatever you lose in EV, you will make it back in the longrun and whenever you run above EV there will be days and weeks when you run under. I'm really trying to get this shit in my brain so that there may come the day where I just don't give a fuck when I run under EV and stop complaining like a whiny bitch about it - gl me...

I'm not feeling to good these days. Just defeated the cold I catched in Malta. Was pretty sick because I had a mad cough for a whole week which didn't got any better and then I went out one evening and drank massively and the from the next day on my cough was completely gone. Leads me to the conclusion that I should drink more often/more...
Furthermore the weather is fucking me up more and more - cannot take the grey sky and the permanent rain any longer and will be very happy when I'll arrive in Malta in the end of this month.

I booked a flight to Germany for wednesday some days ago because I wanted to spent the week for carnival in cologne but atm I don't think I will take the flight. I still feel last weekend in my bones and main problem is that I don't have too many time this month for playing (bc I'm prolly sending my car with the monitors and the 22nd destination Malta) and when I now miss the start of march I gotta have to play high volume mid of the month which I don't really wanna do. Furthermore I'm not supermotivated for carnival - maybe I'm just getting older or maybe it's just because I was the last 5 years in cologne for Altweiberfastnacht - w00tever...
Still some chance I gonna take the plane on wednesday but it's prolly like Kings vs. Aces pre... never say never though!


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