Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Update in case of the current developments...

So, as you all know after my last post I arrived friday night in Malta and went quickly to bed thereafter bc I was dead tired.

After that some things happend:

I started playing on saturday again and managed to play around 12.000hands in 10hours which was pretty good... However I lost 2k $ in the process - basically all back to basics I thought.
On sunday however something strange happend. First my ass was alot better than all the other days. Unfortunately my teeth decided to start hurting me on that day because me without pain would be probably no fun...Ahh, yes, the strange thing. I started winning at the tables, I even started winning alot. I didn't even knew anymoar how it feels to be able to make this amounts in very short-term. The garphs will explain more than words I assume:

Pretty decent upswing, basically teh first real one since february. I hope it still lasts a few moar days but we will see what happens.

Concerning my health I was at a very good dentist here in Malta who told me that the pain is coming bc I'm having an infection around my wisdom tooth on the right side. He thinks with 27years it's unlikely that the tooth will come out now so everything should be fine once the infection is gone. I will be taking some antibiotika the next days and see if it works out, However based on my recent luck I'm quite sure sooner or later I might get problems with the tooth again :(

Concerning the car I went for it earlier on and everything seems back to normal. The dealer told me there was a cable cut and they replaced it. This cable seemed to cause all the errors with the boardcomputer. In the end paid only 100Euro for the repair works so keeping my fingers crossed that this is really sorted.

Over the coming days I'm obv not planning to go out on teh antibiotiks so there will be alot time for teh grind. So far I don't really manage to play the nessecary amount for SNE but I'll keep ya posted...



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