Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Massive start into december

Prolly regret posting tis but since it is my best start into a month this year so far I somehow feel the urge to share it (in b4 downswong...).
Playing good poker, good hours, good games, running decent, having fun - atm just everything fits together. Got 53k VPPs left for my 800k bonus and basically I want to be done until teh 23rd of december where I'm flying out to my family in Germany for Christmas. Shouldn't be to difficult to bomb about 100.000 hand the coming 15 days but nevertheless I have not much time to fuck around with other stuff but teh occasional party with teh guaranteed loss of memory should be allright...

Like a friend of mine once said: 1k everyday keeps teh doctor away...


on a sidenote: gratulations to spanish maricon Adria Baluga who managed to come in 2nd at World Poker Tour in Prague for around 320.000$ - nh, sir...


  1. Amazed to see such great start in December, I wish them best of luck, looking at the graph, it is showing trend growth line, good for them. Keep it up.

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