Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

NOSSA, BOM DIA Update Brasileira Style

Allrighty friends, it's been a while and so far I was only writing about pokerrelated bs nobody give a crap about so it's time for teh real brazilian shit this time.

When I was in Thailand and all the boys told me to get my ass down to Brazil asap I was sure it would be nice... Little did I know how sick it really is. So far I've seen alot of advantages compared to Europe while only few (minor) disadvantages.

Let's go into detail on different parts about the daily life.

Weather: weather so far is amazing, it's end february now and I haven't seen days here were temperature was below 22c°, in general it's around 30°C and sunny. You always have some clouds and it's raining like every 10 days but all in all nothing to complain. However you will not have the maltese summer with like no clouds, no wind, no rain for 90days in peak saison.

Girls: there's alot of girls here. In fact a shitload. In fact even moar than a shitload. Rule of thumb is when you weren't here you cannot imagine. It's as easy as this. And the very good thing about this is the majority of this shitload of girls is hot. Not like London where 1 out of 10 is hot, not like Malta were 3 out of 10 are hot and not like Ibiza were 5 out of 10 are hot - it's moar like 8,5 out of 10. So far so good. OK, that's the good news. Unfortunately bout 8,5 out of 10 of these beauties are not speaking a single word english (which gets quite annying and frustrating after a while) plus you have some decent competition here. In the Hotspots of Florianopolis like Lagoa or Jurere a 6pack for guys is quite common and almost everybody hitting teh gym quite frequently. Nevertheless, while these are certain disadvatages it is still up to yourself to learn portugese and to work harder in the gym then the other kids. Nothing in life comes for free...

Parties: mindblowing, just out of this world. Forget Malta, forget London, forget Ibiza, forget what you were used to be. I've never been to Vegas but alot of my pokerbuddies from here went and they told it's still another league here. Main reason for that is most probably that you always have significantly moar then 50% girls, no matter where you go. And probably also bc of that you see rarely any fights.

Prices: Ok, one major disadvantage here is, if you don't have some money to spent it will suck eventually. They have some sort of nice system here (which I love) that they charge guys like crazy for parties. Guys always pay at least double entrance fee than girls do, sometimes even 5times the fee. But again, this is a major guarentee for a good girl/guy ratio. Entrance for parties in general varies hardly between events and clubs but even for normal nightclubs it's not uncommon to get charged between 30 and 50Euros entrance as a guy. Drink prices are fair though compared to something like Ibiza. We were like 12-15 pokerplayers over carnival and table grinding heavily. Tables range between 800Euro and 4000Euros but I'm sure that you can easily find moar expensive ones. Bottle prices kinda fair again with Belvedere and Goose around 130Euro and Champagne slightly moar expensive. Still there's basically no limits, for example in the one hipclub cafe dela Musique was open bar party couple of days ago with 500Euro entrance fee and something like 80/20 girls-guys.
That's for the parties. Food-wise you can find cheap buffets if you search a little bit but in general what I've seen so far I would tend to say it is a little moar expensive than Germany or Malta in a vacuum.
Yesterday I bought a new phone which was like 40% moar expensive than in Europe and they didn't even had the newest model yet. Cars are supposed to cost a fortune here as well from what I heard. Renting places depend highly on what time you rent. For example the villa I'm renting for the next 5 weeks was rented out over 9 days during carnival for the same price I'm paying for 5 weeks from tomoro which is sick. I assume if you rent places for very long time you get very good deals, even better than in Malta for example and there are some sick sick properties available here, in fact sicker than everything I've seen so far.

Internet: For the grinders a quite important factor. It seems to vary alot as well. From what I've seen you should always have a USB stick as a backup especially if you are playing SNGs and such rubbish.

Language: As being mentioned it's not easy. Literally 10% of people speak english and they who do are in general the ones with higher education so you will experience some nice fails in restaurant, taxis or supermarkets. But still, portugese does not seem to be to hard to learn in general and if I return next winter eventually I should come off alot better.

Safety: So far I cannot say anything bad, never felt unsafe at any time here but you have to take into account that we are in one of the safest cities in this big country so I assume you will encounter moar shit once you move direction north.

Food: Lots of different sushi places here if you are into that kind of food... they seem to love pizza alot and you find buffet restaurants at every corner which range from very good to very mediocre.

Service: Never thought anything could be moar worse than Malta in this case but it is. In 80% of restaurants you wait ages to place your order alone, than decades for the food and another year for the bill. Yesterday I needed 2 hours to buy a phone and a SIM card even I went in and said directly which phone and SIM I want, would take even in Malta max. 15 minutes. So you have to be very patient here for almost everything or otherwise you will explode.

If you are interested in other areas of life just shoot and I might add some other sections later on but I imagine this gives a slight overview of my experiences so far.

Have to come to an end of this post. Need to take a nice beachrun b4 hitting a BBQ at the other house of players later. Tomorrow we move back to Lagoa (from Jurere) in the new villa 50m away from Praia Mole Beach. Really looking forward for this, time to get back on teh grind and living the sweet life under the brazilian sun. So the next 5 weeks are basically planned. Not really sure what I'm doing thereafter but for the moment it looks like we all move to Rio in the beginning of April which should be a sick time as well. End of april it's time to get back to the rock. Really missing my car :( And some rock people as well...

Boa tardes and take care...


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