Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Big June, back in business baby...

Don't really feel like writing bc I'm still damaged from teh weekend but still want to do a recap of the month.
After the disaster in may i had a pretty good month at teh tables in june due to running insanely hot and playing well. Basically it was just one of those very rare months, where everything is going in your favour no matter what. So I'm shitloads above EV, managed to find a sick fish at 1k and play him shorthanded until he busted his account, tons of setups vs. regs, etc. These months tend to not happen too often but every now and then you get lucky i assume.

After last month I changed some stuff as being already stated in the last blog post and it seems like everything i did was the right decision. I don't think I ever played this few hands in one month since I'm playing for a living but on teh other side I never had a higher hourly before either I assume. In general the main things i did was kicking out 6max 600 and above of my filter and playing way shorter sessions while table selecting harder than before. Games ware basically always good so that I could play any time around the clock. Obvisously I did not always had 16-18 tables open, sometimes there were sessions were I did not find moar than 8 at the same time but if these 8 are good it doesn't really matter...

So for july I will not change too much and just hope that the godrun continues for a while :P

BB garph


Besides poker it was a pretty busy month in case of serious partying... MTV music week is just over so that I can focus now a littlte moar on poker I guess. Weather here is awesome, haven't seen a raindrop or even a cloud in weeks :) Mid of july I'm going to Visby (Sweden) for the stockholm week which is going to be sick and unfortunately pretty sick expensive as well so that I hope to make some money b4 I catch my flight. Last but not least teh obligatory random party shots from teh last two weeks.

peaze out...

Hotel Pool Party

Sunglasses at night

Hotel Pool Party 2

Hotel Pool Party 3

Isle of MTV

Bedouin Bar

Marakesh White Party