Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

2012 finish line comes closer

Another month down and teh end of teh year and my travel season comes closer.

Wasn't teh very best month at teh tables but in teh end i made 5digits b4 rakeback which is something like my minimum goal so i will not complain.
Like in september i pretty much missed teh start of teh month entirely and after 2 weeks work and 50k hands i find myself with basically zero $ tableprofit and some pocketchange out of rakeback: welcome to playing poker for a living, sometimes you work for free and sometimes u even pay for work :P
Not drinking alcohol during that time didn't seem to have teh same effect like in september profitwise... Was about mid of teh month when i was really not satisfied with my overall results and play so i decided to put in some work off teh tables and put in some new theory. Don't get me wrong, i was by far not unhappy with my game but i realized that in some spots was definitely room for improvement and i wasn't studying teh game at all during summer. Given teh nature of poker and teh rapid development of teh game you will get eaten alive sooner or later when u spent all your time at teh tables while not working to get better in teh meanwhile so it was about time.
I pretty much directly felt a good motivation push after getting to know some new concepts and ideas so that thereafter things were working out better. However games during that time were not teh very best and i had often problems to get as much action as i wanted.
So in teh night of teh 18th it finally happend that i was so tilted after waiting for 45 minutes and barely getting games at all that i decided to give ZOOM a 2nd shot. I wasn't playing ZOOM during teh last months at all, mainly bc i hate mixing ZOOM and normal tables and bc games were not too soft when i stopped playing them somewhere in may. Anyhow this was probably teh best decision i made tis month bc afterwards teh heater started that like 80% of my overall profits are from ZOOM (alot over EV though). Games seem to be way better compared to april/may but if you expect a game where u can print money i have to disappoint you. From wat i've seen alot of regs seem to be worse compared to normal games. There is a couple of guys who playing way too tight, a couple of guys 3bet and therefore 3bet/folding way too much, etc. But even if you exploit that it will not make you crazy money. And fish play tighter and therefore better as well which is probably teh biggest disadvantage. You still have teh occasional 50/25 drooler but by far not as often as on normal tables and i don't have position on him everytime. Furthermoar i only played 200 6max so far so cannot really judge how tough/soft 500 really is but swings are definitely way bigger compared too normal games so if you tend to tilt teh slightest bit after losing 3 stacks in 5 minutes ZOOM might be difficult. I believe teh biggest advantages are that you get close to 1000 hands an hour while 4tabling from teh moment you sit down so you don't need to waste time to open and close a session and therefore you can play with a very high focus and alot of breaks to keep your mind sharp and you have a way better overview tiling 4 tables compared to stacking 16-18 which also helps to make better decisions. But enough about advantages and disadvantages of it. For now i'm quite sure i will play decent amount of it in november as well but also will play normal tables when games are good. Sooner or later i might shot 500 but given what i've seen swing-wise at 200 (even while running like god) i'm not sure if i will be shotting very soon...
Here teh garph which illustrates teh good and bad phases of teh month:

October garph

If you cut out teh first 50k hands it looks rather decent... On a sidenote besides that money i made teh usual rakeback and another 1k$ out of a ZOOM promotion where you had to win with very specific hands at showdown while receiving 100BBs for free if you do, Obviously was running hot here as well.
Goal for november is to make way moar but since profitgoals are nonsense anyways i will rather focus on staying motivated and making good decisions.

Non-pokerwise i'm back to partying every now and then again but in general that is limited to teh weekends and i try to only do one day bc of hangoverpurposes and teh general state of games (especially on friday i prolly have double teh EV compared to any other weekday...)
Malta got alot quieter now but especially on teh weekends there are still plenty of options to go out and meet people that it doesn't get too boring.
Bodywise i'm around 82kg now and quite satisfied with teh results. I feel way better overall compared to summer where i only had 71-72 and alot of people told me that it looks better as it is atm. 6pack is gone unfortunately but since it's autumn/winter now anyways that is not my biggest problem. I'm even considering gaining further mass and then invade Australia with around 85kg - we'll see wat happens.

TimStone wit around 81kg at teh gym

In case of Australia all my accomodation for teh time is sorted and most of it already paid. As being mentioned i'm in Sydney and Melbourne in january and at Gold Coast (Broad Beach) in february in march. For february and march i still have two bedrooms available in a massive supermodern villa very close to beach and nightlife so if you are interested in moving in keep me posted.

I also started watching Dexter lately which is definitely one of teh best series i ever watched and only can recommend to anybody who is searching for something good.

Need to go for a sleep so that's it for now, HOLLA!

Sunglasses at night at Aria very late...

Murcielago in teh garage of my car dealer in Malta

maltese weather has changed

Sunglasses at night again

Part of teh group of our big pub crawl to Kings Club