Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Counting down those days...

Saturday afternoon here and i'm slightly hungover and not able or willing to work so i might just update teh blog i figured.

After 12 days in sydney i'm counting down teh days already to move on. 12 days is not really a long time but for sure long enough to know that tis is not my city and will never be.
My first impression that all tis is just another version of London with way better weather becomes moar and moar obvious. And people who know me know that i'm not teh biggest fan...

In general everything is quite cool. People are relaxed and friendly, food is decent, weather is good, you feel safe everywhere, everything is nice, clean and modern, etc. But when i take a look at all teh small things i just find so many things which piss me off so much that i wanna puke.

I already mentioned teh prices and probably could write a book about it but if you come from europe it is even hard to imagine if you haven't seen it for yourself. I laughed at those people telling me about it upfront but now getting teh cheque for it...

Lets take yesterday for example. German friend of mine is with his sister and her boyfriend in town so obv. decision is to go out. Beforehand i tried finding information about what's happening that night so that i can make some sort of plan where to go and where not to go. In any other 4.5mio city i browse teh internet for 10 mins and get a list with events, wat music they play, opening hours, dresscodes, whatsoever. In every other city i can ask people as well what is happening and you get some advice - here i wrote with 5 different people and basically nobody could tell me anything (and i don't blame them). Here i searched for an hour and found nothing besides some clubnames and how their interior is build. So plan is to have no plan and just go out and go wit teh flow. While tis might work in most cities here it is a recipe for disappointment. We managed to accidentally hit a bar where i inquired for teh guestlist for teh basement club of it so we start drinking there. It's a nice terrace and seems to be cool place. After it's my round to get drinks i realize that a 0.3beer costs 9AUS$. After couple of rounds they basically close teh place at 12 so that u have to go downstairs to teh club. Name of it was The Chinese Laundry and it was recently voted as Sydneys number 1 club. After saving a whooping 5$ wit teh guestlist and only paying 20$ we realize that they play drum and base in all 3 rooms and are definitely not intoxicated enough to take that for teh next 3 hours so we leave after another beer which costs now 2$ moar i think. While they def. had a topnotch soundsystem i've seen nicer basement clubs in german villages but nevertehless tis one makes sydneys number one... well... From now on i'm absolutely clueless wat to do and it's like 1am already so you could basically go home bc u know the real good chicks are already home anyways and 2hours later everything shuts down regardless. However we decide to go to Kings Cross which is like teh entertainment area for teh younger crowds and hop into a club called goldfish there. This one charged only 10$ but is even moar empty than teh one before. So we spent teh next 2 hours in teh smoking area drinking another 5 beers for 10$ each. At 3 we decide to make one final attempt at another club called tunnel which is around teh corner and free entrance with a stamp. In this one there are maybe 30people left at 3am that i rather quickly decide to call it a night and take a cab back home. And i swear teh amount of semidecent chicks i saw after 1am goes against zero. If i compare all that to what i saw in Buenos Aires last year i'm close to tears.
In teh end we for sure had a funny evening wit lots of laughs but i can have such an evening everywhere in this fucking world without having to spent over 200$ and still not being drunk.

Went out last saturday and on tuesday as well, Saturday we had a table in one of sydneys new hotspots called marquee directly in australias 2nd biggest casino. While teh club is quite nice 2bottles of belvedere and one of tequilla came down to 1.2kAUS$. For that amount i get over 20 bottles champagne in most places in Malta - nough said. I got to know first hand how dangerous it is for me to have a club directly in a big casino as well. After leaving Marquee i have a little fussy memory but think i threw 50bucks on black while passing a roulette table and doubling up. Afterwards i decided to play some good ol NL200 and sat down at a 5handed table with 2 asians who were like 2000$ deep each and me being completely shitfaced at that point. After folding 4 hands i finally get KK in teh 5th one and squeeze those 2 asians who obv snap. Flop is KT2 rainbow and after continuation betting one of those guys really folds his hand. Turn is a meaningless 7 probably completing teh rainbow (on teh other hand what do i know i could barely read teh board in that state) where i decide it is time to go all in and put teh asian guy to a decison. At this point i'm convinced there is not possible way i can lose that hand. Asian snap calls my overbet? like a boss and flips over Q9o with a massive grin on his face bc he prolly already knew wat about to come and river is my friend teh J of hearts as expected. After about 30seconds when teh dealer starts pushing my 200$ in his direction i start to realize that topset is not enough and i lost teh hand. I tell teh asian nice hand and decide to chase loses at a 2/5 table instead. Thankfully there is a waitlist of 5 people at 5 in teh morning so that i get bored rather quickly and piss off...

On tuesday we went to Kings Cross as well to teh Coyote Party. When i heard there was wet t-shirt contest at midnight i was quite sure of what crowd to expect :) Musicwise it was prolly teh worst i heard in my last 10 years of clubbing, even worse than anything in Malta haha, but at least there were some girls. Even though age avg was maybe 20 with shitload of backpackers and busto travelers my Corona still was 8$ (in retrospect that was quite cheap). Definitely saw two funny things there: 1. if u wanted to smoke you'd have to get in a queue for 10mins until they let you on teh terrace (there was prolly space for 75people outside but yeah it is better to just let 25 outside and keep teh rest waiting in a queue) / 2. one kid at teh bar in front of me realized that teh drinks are quite weak so he ordered 6 shots, paid and started pulling them into his 0.3cup to get some sort of an allright drink (after i drank a sambuca and a jaeger later i cannot blame him - even in malta i haven't seen such a watered bullshit, teh jaeger was almost tasting sweet...) However teh bartendress did blame him and instantly took away his drinks after she saw wat this guy was up to and even his complaining "but i paid for that stuff" couldn't help him. At least he got his money refunded haha. Now Malta friends imagine tis would happen in teh Nordic Bar hahahaha.
Overall sad at it is that was one of teh better nights out here. Another amazing thing is no matter in which clubs you go and wat you drink you always drink out of plastic. You pay 1.2k for a table - you get wat u derserve - PLASTIC! These morons even refill my beloved Corona in in those disgusting cups which takes away at least 50% of it's taste. But all makes sense. Prolly two years ago a guy punched another guy with a bottle in a club so better play it safe and make life miserable for every clubber out there. Furthermoar this refilling bs costs time so you always have to wait way longer for drinks compared to if they just give you teh bottle ffs.

That's for teh nightlife i've seen. I'm invited to another party tonight but for now i prolly rather grind teh donkey saturday before i invest another 200++$ for nothing but disappointment.

Still loving Bondi Beach where we staying atm but if i see how much potential this thing has and how it is actually makes me sad. You have to think about it this way. There is a massive 1km sandy beach (imo nicest beach i've ever been to) with basically zero families so all people who are there sunbathing daytime are between 16 and mid 30s. And this thing is packed everyday, with thousands of people from almost everywhere in teh world. Now you would assume naturally that nightlife at such a place has to be huuuuuge, right?! Nope, ur wrong, not down here. Alcohol at an australian beach is forbidden anyways and there are no beach bars whatsoever either. To make things worse teh last bar in Bondi Town closes at midnight, there are no clubs. I don't know why tis is exactly but probably bc of brilliant australian laws like everything else. If you would put a couple of beachbars directly at that beach, leave them open til 2am, play some good music and open some clubs behind teh beach tis would be some of teh sickest nightlife spots you could ever imagine. So it's just a nice beach - not moar, not less :( talking of wasted potential...

Another interesting experience here was last tuesday where i def. had my hottest day ever with something like 42°C. Wind was like you using a hot hairdryer and i actually went swimming in teh cold pacific for once bc it was just mindblowing. Even when we went out at 23pm it had still 36°C.

Since we living kinda directly in teh center of Bondi food options are quite good even though as usual superexpensive. When it comes to food delivery services it is pretty weak though for teh size of teh city. It's superhard to get anything delivered in teh afternoon (which is not teh biggest problem bc you can just go down to teh shore and get something there) and it is impossible to get anything delivered after 22pm. I haven't managed to find a single nighttime delivery here! Given teh hours i play here (peak between 12midnight and 2pm) this sucks balls bc i haven't planned to start cooking here. Teh stuff which delivers for dinner is quite decent most of teh time though but when u pay 20$ for a pizza you would expect some quality, would you?!

Also managed to return to teh gym here and averaging like 3.5visits a week so far which is good. Aso quite motivating here bc all those guys are working out like crazy which you cannot say about all gals unfortunately. Downside is it closes at 9 in teh evening and even earlier on teh weekend which makes it difficult sometimes. For teh most part it seems like this city completely shuts down at night in every fucking aspect.

Thursday we went to teh opera house which is for sure an impressive site and always has been one of teh places i wanted to stand in front of - check! Afterwards we ended up in a german pub teh "loewenbraeu keller" where a friend of mine got a little drunk but was definitely a good time. Pricing as always was interesting with a 0.5glass of german white beer for 13.5$ as my personal favorite.

Leaving to Melbourne on tuesday so defo looking forward for tis one. Flight company booked stuff off my cc but haven't received any confirmations and when i wrote them they obv didn't reply so that might get interesting. Hope for teh best end expect teh worst i assume. I furthermoar screwed up teh accomodation dates so that we had to book a hotel for teh first night until we can move into our crib. Melbourne should be a good time especially bc aussie millions taking place during that time so that i will be able to meet up, party and chill with alot of fellow grinders and MTT donkeys out there. Furthermoar our flat there seems a little bit moar spacious than our current one while having a way better price which is good as well...

Pokerwise it's going pretty meh atm. Kinda satisfied with teh volume i put in so far and games are definitelly decent but seem to have some sort of my usual breakeven downswings which happen every now and then. Only played 200 so far and while i made 1.7k$ directly teh first day tis year (all above EV obv) it was quite bad after that especially teh next two days. Haven't checked any results afterwards but if i'm lucky i might be up 1.5k$ + some rakeback which is not even close to teh money i've spent here so far. But it seems to get better lately and month is still young so i'll see wat happens. Hours for playing here are as already mentioned prolly teh worst i have experienced so far. Best time to play is essentially between midnight and 2 in teh afternoon and i you do that your lifeschedule is fucked up for real. Atm i mostly play from like 6:30am to 2pm and another session after 22pm with 2 or 3 sleeps for 2-3hours which is for sure not optimal but i'll guess i get used to it.

Last but not least as usual some pictures of teh recent events and days, greetz from down under,


Game over at 3:30 after a night of mediocre clubs and expensive beverages

Sydneys Central Business district

Teh intoxicted TimStone in teh Marquee

Posing in front of Opera House

Tower Bridge or something like that :P


  1. I stayed a couple months in Surfers Paradise in 09 and nightlife was def decent back then although u were not able to switch clubs after like 3 am and booze wasnt excactly cheap even when u still got 2 aud for a euro.

  2. yo Tim! I had a feeling you were doing MM after seeing you with girls and wearing that hat. Pick-up aside, I was wondering if you could give me advice on poker. I read all of your posts here.

    I just opened an account on PokerStars and kinda thinking about playing on FullTilt too. FullTilt seems to have more fish donkers but traffic-wise Pokerstars wins hands down.

    After finishing Doyle Brunson's Super System 2, I plan to read and master:

    Ed Miller's Small Stakes Hold-em
    Lee Jones's Winning Low Limit Hold-em
    Matthew Hilger's Internet Texas Hold-em Winning Strategies

    I want to be a grinder on low stakes FL fullring or 6max to build my bankroll and hopefully reach Supernova. Right now I'd say my style is nitty/TAG. Is a HUD essential to grinding? My 21' monitor can fit 6 minimized full ring cash games but I'm checking out TableNinja to hopefully increase that. Is there anything you could recommend to help me replicate your results? I basically want to know your flow/setup and what a typical full-time poker day looks like. I also want to know how you got to where you are today poker-wise, what books you read and such. If you would be so kind...=)


  3. hey there, cannot/will not give too much information away but:

    Stars seemed fishier to me compared to FT when i played both... haven't looked into FT last 2 months though

    Books seem good even though they might be a little outdated by now?! I have no clue about FL though and prolly wouldn't recommend learning it bc it will be teh first variant of poker which will die

    Atm I play up to 20 tables on an 18" Laptop and have a 12" travel screen for lobby and stuff. i stack tables for years now which makes it much easier to travel and play. if you want to tile a 30" or a 27" with same resolution is prolly your best bet.

    Typical pokerday is just 2-4 sessions a 1-3 hours, some sport, good food and enough sleep...

    Books i read are rather unimportant for you if you play FL and i don't recommend anything anyways bc it's not in my interest to educate other players - sorry for that. All the information you need is out there anyways though...

  4. No problem Tim. I understand. Its amazing how you still make a lot without facing the computer 24/7. Yeah you're probably right about FL. I think I'll focus on SnG tourneys. I place consistently enough on my play money practice. How's Australia?

  5. any reason for using Pokertracker instead of HM2+NC?
    I kinda hate HM2 because it is so buggy but I imagine the other regs should have some kind of edge on you when using it(though it doesn't seem to be the case)

  6. Do you have the same policy on educating other players in getting a 8 pack? :-)
    You seem to be doing ok even with the amount of beer that you drink. Shouldn't you have a beer belly?

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