Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Arrived in teh city of angels

Kinda bored and waiting for food so i figured i might write a short update which mostly caters to teh people who are particularly interested my life.

Left Bali on teh 7th via Singapore. While at teh airport getting asked for teh time i realized that my watch which stopped working around 2 weeks ago was going in full force again which was a good sign for teh trip. I basically scheduled teh stopover in Singy bc teh 2nd harddrive in my brandnew laptop was already malfunctioning and since teh shop i bought it from is there and Singy is somehow on teh way to Bangkok i figured it's best to get it done there. From Singapore i was flying with Scoot for teh first time which i can recommend if you travel middistance around Asia. They are a cheap subairline from Singaporean Airlines and use their old Boing's and unlike most of teh lowfare airlines they have a pseudo business class which is cheap like shit. Normal flight was like 70$ and Biz 110ish so it was a no brainer to book that and it was decent. Not teh most comfy seats but teh 39inches between seats easily made up for it.
In Bangkok at teh airport i tried getting a taxi from one of teh official stands where i got quoted 1.600THB which is around 40euro. Was reading abit Lonely Planet during teh flight where they wrote std fare is 500ish to my area so i turned her down with a "wtf u srs?". Price instantly went down to 950THB but i moved on before giving those fucking scammers any money. Kind of ridic because that was a big fucking official taxi booth - welcome to Thailand. Waved one from teh street then which costed me 500ish as expected.
Once arrived in my condotel (a mixture between condo and hotel) i realized that teh pictures of my place at Agoda weren't even close to what waited for me upstairs. This told me ones again if a deal is too good to be true it's unlikely that it's true or good or both. Place i'm living atm reminds me at teh tower where teh sport students in Cologne reside - pretty good view but that's pretty much it. I scored at least one of teh highest floors (43rd) so that it looks quite sick at night but furniture are lolbad and beds are uncomfy as shit. Since i didn't plan to spend much time here anyways i couldn't care less.
Tuesday and wednesday i went out with different agents and looked at places but it's quite tough to be honest. Definitely moar expensive that i would've thought it is and 90% of teh places are just supergeneric and have no style, soul, whatsoever. Only found one which i really liked and a couple which were ok but there was always something which crossed them off my list in teh end.
Signed a contract earlier on for this one:

It's not exactly teh location i originally aimed for but it had alot of other benefits which made me go for it and besides it, it was teh only one where i really had teh feeling i could spend some time in.
It's directly connected to teh BTS and a mall with a big cinema AND a solid gym (gym is 3mins walk from teh doorstep of my apartment :)). There is another mall directly next door which specializes in computer stuff and inhouse i have a Starbucks and an office of my future internet provider and some other stuff. Also there are alot of beautyshops downstairs so that i expect quite a bunch of decent chicks flocking around getting their nails done...
I haven't done any parties so far bc i hate being hungover while I have to look for a place to stay but that should change over/after teh weekend.
Didn't play much so far bc internet in teh place i'm staying atm is terrible with alot of discons especially during peaktimes but when it works i seem to run quite decent and win moar than i lose - one of teh reasons while i want to get out of here asap. If everything goes smooth i will have moved in at my new place on saturday where i have a pretty sick 2nd bedroom waiting for guests who are brave enough to come and try Bangkok.
Also quite amazed by teh food so far, everything i ate was outstanding and especially teh delivery service options are just sick and so good for a reasonable price. Speaking of this my food should be here any minute anyways so i finish here.
Will try to poast a better update with some moar pictures of Thailand New Year which starts sunday during teh next 2 weeks but will not promise anything.

rgds from Bangkok,



  1. Fuck, nice! :) Living the life! We're finally leaving Malta as well in 2 months. First the Caribbean, then Asia in 2015! I'll get back to you for local tips then! ;)

  2. Tim, sweet place, how much is that setting you back per month? How are the prices in comparision to Malta?

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