Montag, 2. Februar 2015

2015 kickoff - back to massgrindaments

Welcome back to my infamous blog my dear avid readers one month into teh year 2015!

Before we go into teh pokerz we start where we left off last end december.
After i finished one of my worst months since teh existence of teh timstone account i started packing my stuff and boarded a plane to Taipei, Taiwan on teh 29th of december in order to visit one of my german friends who was doing a semester abroad at that time. I moved into his flatshare for a couple of days over NYE and we had a splendid time there and especially a siq new years party.
Taipei is definitely a quite interesting city and i'm not sure if i would've managed to see it otherwise so i was quite happy how things worked out. In general you can say there are just alot less western foreigners compared to pretty much all other cities i've seen here which gives it a more exotic touch. English is spoken pretty widely though by teh young generation. However when you get a taxi you should no some words of chinese or have teh adress in chinese on your phone otherwise you might encounter problems. Teh new town is supermodern (around 101) and you couldnt really tell if you are somewhere in Europe, USA or Japan. The rest of teh city is a bit moar traditional with few skyscrapers and alike. City didnt really felt as big as it was as well. Definitely enjoyed it but could imagine it gets boring sooner or later and thats pretty much what teh exchange students told me when i asked them.
We went to see some sights, went out 2 night and visited a hotspring resort (they are famous there) to get over teh hangover on teh 1st.
NYE was in fact quite siq when we went to a rooftop party directly next to teh 101 tower which had an open bar from 9til12 and afterwards we got moved to teh clubs downstairs which was fairly legit as well. Price was like 50euro which was moar than reasonable for what those guys offered.
They wanted to keep me there a bit longer for another party but since im old and really wanted to start teh year strong in case of poker i left late in teh evening 1st of january with destination bangkok. Arrived in teh middle of teh night and was fairly tilted because there were like 200 people in front of me queuing for taxi but after changing teh side of teh street and after paying a big blind extra i was on my way back to my condo.
Here are some pictures from those days:

sightseing taipei


taiwanese and alcohol doesnt work well together

NYE club

me love panda

happy ny

after almoast busting end last year that was cheapest bottle i could come up with

But now to teh hot topic: poker!

After my fairly disappointing finish last year i was very motivated to change some thing this year right from teh start and to go back printing some money (which worked for teh most part).
I definitely made some major mistakes last year which will definitely not happen again. Teh 2 main points prolly being never playing a hand of PLO again in foreseeable future and also staying away from 6max no limit – both of those points i managed so far this year.
Basically i crunched some numbers end last year and came to teh conclusion that my max EV line to take should be playing NL fullring only, switch majority of my volume to NL100 and massgrind teh shit out of it. All this worked out fairly well so far. Sure there were some swings but nothing out of teh ordinary. I definitely will stick to that plan for now and have to take great care that i not make teh same mistakes like last year once i hit some sort of downer (mainly changing games, adding game, freaking out, etc.)
Teh month started of fairly well, finished fairly well and had a long "nothing goes my way" stretch in teh middle. Card distribution wasn't to well either if you look at this one here:

hitting skills not there yet

That's only part of teh story though. I was running atrocious at hundo for teh moast part but running fairly well at anything i played higher so i cannot really say i was running shit teh month. I'd assume i should have worse months once shit hits teh fan at 200 and 400 at teh same time. Still though you feel like everything is shit at times because moast of my hands happend at NL100 and u easily neglect that things are going well higher (what i didnt necessarily knew though bc i dont check results...)
Was fairly surprised to have ended up with this beauty:

no reason to complain yet

I really hoped for something around 10k but was expecting something between 4 and 7. Always nice when ur expectations get topped.

Heres another overview how teh month went by days:

winnings by day

Looks quite sexy i think and also looks alot less swingy than it is but if you play big volume and you are +EV in your games you definitely manage to grind out alot of swings you have fairly quickly. You can run easily breakeven over 50k hands but not that easily over 200k hands. But thats just basic maths anyways...

Lastly a short overview of teh goals i have this year:

  1. make moar than last year – VERY IMPORTANT
  2. avoid last years mistakes at any cost
  3. make 700k vpps aka 60k USD rakeback
  4. play at least 200k hands a months on average
  5. 10k USD tablewinnings per month on average
Especially teh last one is ambitious though not unrealistic. But yeah, a man gotta have some goals. All teh other ones should be achieved a bit moar easily.
For teh moast part i plan to update once a month as usual and hopefully during downswings as well. Not going to promise anything though...

I finally also managed to invest some of my money which was just lying around in teh bank. Kinda sad that this took me like 4years... But yeah, looking forward how this goes.

Lifewise i'm feeling fairly good in Bangkok atm. Prolly because i switched schedules from teh wakeup 9pm go to bed at noon to teh wake up 3am go to bed at 7pm. Always going out for nice breakfast and often for afternoon lunch as well and not always locking myself in ordering takeaway... Quite insane what difference daylight makes on your overall feeling/well-being.

That should be it for now,

have a good year everybody and peaze out!

ps: also make sure to check out this site of a friend if you are into fantasy sports:


  1. Your blog is awesome! You seem to live your life to the fullest and at the same time you have an insane work ethic. Perfect combo imo. Gratz on this! But I don't understand 1 thing. How do you manage to switch your sleeping schedule so radically? How do you manage to get to sleep at 7pm? I wish I could do something like this aswell. I am using the program Cold Turkey since a few days to block me from any internet access and pokersites at night. It's awesome (only 15 Dollar for the pro version, it also blocks all kind of applications and games if you want to), but I still struggle with getting tired early.

  2. just seen this, interesting. well, my schedule became alot moar unstable again. if i dont go out drinking im completely fine but once i went out it take at least 3-4days to readapt which sucks majorly.

    thanks for teh warm words btw, much appreciated!

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