Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Running alot beyond EV in case of flat / non-official Worldrecord insinde!

To make a long story short me and my australian roomie managed to get a termination of our tenancy in less than 14 days and we have to go again on the flat hunt.

I'm pretty sad we have to move out after this short time but I can understand the landlord to a certain degree and given the fact it's not even summer it will get alot worse. His main issue seems to be the constant noise of music and friends coming over but another big issue imo is that he thinks we gonna fuck his place completely (which would've been very unlikely though). Furthermore he's living directly downstairs which isn't working in our favour either - otherwise I'm pretty confident we would not have to move out asap.
Alot of people asked me why so the main-points which led to this unsatisfying development are:

- my after birthday flat warming aka warm-up on 28th if March (2days after moving in); we started around 6pm and ended the thing about 11pm and had maybe 20 guests. Really no biggie. But after this one the landlord basically told us one more of this parties and we can pack our bags. So by this point I was quite sure we will not make it too long in this penthouse if we don't change our way of life (not going to happen soon, BIATCH!)

- Adrian's birthday BBQ last sunday the 10th of april; started around 5pm and finished it about 11pm again but we were definitely fewer people compared to the first warmup. With the rest of the crowd we went to Pace for some drinks...

- The grenades aka the irish girls; after 3 hours action in PV we managed to take 3 very attractive irish chicks home. Unfortuntely they were only attractive while disco light and not so much in the limelight of our penthouse. But from what Adrian told me I assume they looked even alot worse in daylight. At least I was so clever to go to bed rather quickly so that I did not have to see them the next morning.
In the end I think this event was the last straw because at 5:15am I received the email to vacate the property as soon as possible.

It definitely sucks because the place is awesome but what can you do with a place who is made for entertainment when you are not allowed to entertain. Not so much fun. And I'm not the guy who will tell people "we can not do the BBQ at our place even though we have massive grill and terrace because it might be to loud" or tell girls "we cannot go to my place because we might wake up the neighbours..." I mean I pay alot of money for that kind of luxury so I want to be able to use it...

So it's better to go now and search for something a little bit more appropriate for us. Best thing would be a nice Villa not too far away from Paceville but it's basically impossible to find something like that even if you want to spent alot of money because in general the pool areas of these are very nice and everything else is shit. It's like your grandparents did the interior design which blows my mind all the time because when the landlords would invest a little bit in modern furniture they would get alot better price. So in the end I see us moving the another penthouse and keeping my fingers crossed that we find a decent one where the landlord isn't living directly downstairs and where you don't hear every noise...