Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

So today I received the final email from my flat in London. Haven't anything better to post atm so I share it. Second part might be funny though.

- you even get ripped off after leaving London - solution: Never move there in the first place!


> Dear Tim,


> Please see below your landlord deductions from the deposit;


> Door handle to upstairs room ripped off and door damaged - cost to fix
> £50

> Replacement for broken bulbs - £40

> Shoe marks on wall near base of stairs required re-paint - £20

> Dishwasher not working due to build up of food/lack of cleaning breaking a
> pipe - £84

> Fixing office desk upstairs - £50

> Fixing the floor - £100

> Dry cleaning of curtains due to smoking - £50


> Total - £394


> Please can you confirm that these deductions can be released to your
> landlord.


> There is also outstanding rent of £106, £118.80 for the check out
> report, and £330 for the professional clean, meaning the total deductions will
> be £948.80.


> The balance of the deposit will be returned to you via the bank details
> you have given.


> Kind regards,

tha reply:

Yes, that's pretty much the rip-off I expected to see...

Because I know I can't do anything about it I can confirm that you can deduct this from our deposit...

The door-handle fell apart on the day I moved in.

Dishwasher was working until the moment I moved out - pretty strange it is not working now anymore - do you see why?...

Fixing the office desk takes 5 minutes. 5minutes = 50GBP??? So one hour of work is 600GBP?? That's not even what me or my roomies making in one hour... (ok, maybe in a good hour...)

I have no clue why there is rent outstanding? We paid everthing upfront... EVERY, wait for it THING!

The professinal cleaning wasn't needed because our own cleaner took 10 hours for cleaning the place. So I paid twice. I confirmed before that it is fine if we do so. So please next time tell me "we don't care we want 330GBP for cleaning anyways so don't bother to take care of the cleaning yourself" thanks.

From beginng of january the shower upstairs was leaking causing a complete powercut downstairs while showering longer than 5 minutes. I claimed that several times and told the landlord but he did nothing about it (he probably takes the money from the deposit to fix that - well played)...

Thank god I'm out of London now and don't have to go back there soon.

In general I really would claim some of that, excuse my words, bullshit which is listed in that email, but my time is far to important and to valuable to bother about these stuff and in the end I lose anyways because I cannot do anything from here.

Only question I ask myself is how some people can sleep at night but if I explicate that thought it might go a little bit offtopic...

Please don't take this stuff personal because you can probably do nothing about it but I'm quite sure you read similiar mails quite alot.

sunny greetings from Malta where I'm living in a penthouse with a nice pool and seaview, paying less per month and probably getting most of my deposit back, because the stuff in this place is high quality and not broken from the beginning...

Tim Stone


  1. Heheh, just take it as minor bad beat in life imo :)

    Some ppl are just like that. Plus if they knew what u do for living, they are probably like: yeah that guy makes a tonn of $ "easy way", let screw him over!

    Guess ppl are just like that and if they can still sleep with that, you still should`t mind cuz your conscience is clear ;)

    GL at the tables and post a few sunny pics of malta if u catch some time.

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