Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

SNE Hunt first update

Seems like my health is directly correlated with my success or better said luck in case of poker... I'm painfree now, ass is fine again and my teeth no longer hurting but from the upswing I had when I was in pain I came directly to that current downswing when I'm painfree. In the end it is painfull anyways though...

That's the AI-EV garph for the month so far. I'm kinda satisfied with my volume even though I have to increase it a little bit to hit 200k VPPs this month and I'm def. satisfied with my game giving that volume. I'm still highly motivated but when the current bad run continues over teh next 100k or 200k hands then this might change eventually... Alone today I think I lost more preflop AI's with Overpairs then I won in like 8k hands which is insane. Nevertheless I was up in EV last month alot so things equal out I assume. I would nevertheless not mind a somehow steady run without that EV bullshit but I guess variance is part of teh game and especially shorthanded increases it alot which I am learning teh hard way at the moment...
Besides poker I'm not doing too much tis month. I'm still on my detox until Halloween (maybe I finish a week earlier but highly depend on my playing volume) and I'm finally back in the gym and back running. Even changed my gym to the one next door, that I save some much needed grind time :)

Cannot say anything about results for the moment bc I'm not checking but it's pretty obvious that I'm down a bunch so it's comebacktime for now...



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