Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Khao Lak and Poker update

Hello there, me and Alex arrived in Khao Lak 2 days ago. We r staying in a pretty nice resort in 2 Villas very close to the beach. Yesterday we had dinner in Khao Lak which is like 5km away from our resort. Life here is alot moar quiet and relaxed compared to Patong (Phuket), Samui, Phi Phi or Koh Phangan. But since we want to keep it slow for now, relax, work and work out it seems we are at the right adress.
Unfortunately I managed to get sun rash (prolly for teh first time in my life) which shows that the sun here is alot stronger compared to anywhere in europe. First I thought my neurodermatitis which I had as a child is coming back or that it had something to do with the extreme alcohol consumption during teh last 2 weeks but since Alex showed me an article about sunrash it was pretty obviuous that this is the right diagnosis...It's pretty uncool bc atm we have decent weather and I have to stay away from beach and pool but there is not much I can do about it and it seems to get better now. Good thing is, that we have pretty reliable internet here and a very good gym for a hotel so I can make some money and work out without getting to bored. Atm we thinking about if we longer our stay here for 1 or 2 moar days bc we really like this resort b4 heading to Krabi which is basically our final stop in our Thailand journey. Attached some picz of the resort that you can get a feeling how it looks like:

Well. the good thing concerning my sun rash is that I have plenty of time to play cards and make some money which is working out well so far (had only one day where I lost a bunch I think.) Haven't checked every results but yesterday I made almost 2.000$ in not even 5000hands which is pretty nice and related to my rungood at teh NL600.

I never imagined working with only my laptop would be that easy and work out that well but it does (stacking > tiling as usual) so I'm not even sure yet if I'm going to buy a whole setup in Brazil.
Pokerstars announced big news shortly before NYE where they changed their Rake(back)system from dealt to weighted contributed which means that in the old system every player who was dealt into a hand would receive the same bonus points at the end of the hand while now only the players who actually put money in the pot receive bonus points. That results in a system, where players who play moar hands, aka play moar loose, getting moar rewards while tighter players getting less. In the end with this new system basically every casual player gets a little moar while almost every poker professional (besides the loosest players) gets significantly less. I'm no exception here. I was always playing a so called TAG style, not too tight, but not extremely loose either and after my first session I was pretty confused when I got 0.35points for every hand while last year I was getting 0.5-0.55 almost all the time. If you now put that in money terms you can see that I lose about 30% in value and achieving milestones gets significantly harder which would result in a net-rackback loss of something between 20.000$ and 30.000$ which is alotta money. Furthermoar I really thought about shooting for Supernova Elite again this year but with about 3million hands needed for it I will for sure not pull the trigger. At the moment it seems like Stars will compensate players a little bit better after a meeting in teh end of january but no matter how this meeting goes I will never make close to what I did in teh past in case of rakeback with my tight-agressive style and playing 20-24 tables.
Ofc everybody hates it when somebody takes something away from them if they felt it belonged to them in the first place. But poker is a fast industry and everybody himself has to find solutions to maximize their earnings. My solution after that first horrifying session this year was: "if they want me to play looser, they'll get it". So I experimented a little bit and now playing somewhat different compared to last year with only 15 tables at the same time and an improved tableselection. So far everything goes pretty well but I ofc have to see how other regulars will react to my new style once they have my correct stats in their HUD. Pointwise I still get a little less per hand (10%) but I assume after the aforementioned meeting I will have at least the same if not moar per hand compared to last year. The pokereconomy moves fast, is permanently evolving and changing all the time and if u decide to play for a living you basically have to accept that and make changes yourself accordingly. Moral of the story is that it is very unlikely I will shoot for SNE as it was planned in the beginning. Bad thing is I will def. lose some value in rakeback (which I can hopefully get back from worse players) and good thing is I will have plenty of free time this year and will never be forced to play too long sessions, play when I don't want to play, play when hungover, and so on.
I cannot exactly say yet what I think about these changes but things don't look so bad atm which can always change rapidly ofc.

best regards from Khao Lak and good Lak at teh tables!


  1. Can't say much about the Poker Stuff, but the villa indeed looks nice :P Enjoy your time there

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