Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

October wrap up, halloween update

This time i'm able to update a bit earlier than in general. It's Halloween today and i'm basically done for the month so here what happend.

Finished teh month with making 6.35k$ before rakeback that i can count it as minimum goal of 10k$ achieved if you put rakeback into teh equation. Doesn't exactly makes my pants wet but doesn't give me suicidal thoughts either. Given that it was fairly busy month lifewise with teh move to Bali i guess i take it.
Wasn't really able to play any sort of volume for teh first 30% of teh months, mostly due to extensive search for a longterm villa and a crappy setup in teh place we stayed. I just cannot be bothered to put in alot of time when my ass starts hurting massively after 30mins sitting on one of those wooden chairs.
Once we moved in the new villa and bought chairs and desks it was alot better but still i needed time to adapt my schedule to bali which resulted in being tired very often and not playing too much either. However i seem to have adapted to timedifference and climate finally so that i was playing a bunch last week and finally managed to catch a heater while teh entire month before was quite meh aka breakevenish. Basically my schedule atm is something like waking up between 3 and 4pm, having a protein shake for breakfast, catching some sun, driving to teh gym or restaurant on restdays, have dinner afterwards, be back at teh flat around 8pm and start grinding, go to bed between 6 and 8am. I know it's not teh optimal lifeschedule but it's good schedule to catch some good games and make some cash.

The guys with whom I'm staying left to Macau last saturday to play live there but since my month wasn't working out very well i decided fairly quickly not to join them and enjoy teh villa for myself with lot of time to grind. As you can see it worked out - when graph is starting to look sexy was pretty much exactly when they left.
I somwhat have a good feeling for november now but since it's poker basically anything from -10 to +20k can happen.
So far i'm staying at around 450k vpps for teh year and contemplating doing teh 600k milestone but if you take into account that my max vpps in a single month this year were in teh 60k+x range and that i new need to full 75k vpp months it is prolly not going to happen. Obviously i could just fuck it, lock myself in for teh reamaining year, increase volume massively and hit teh 600k but that would also mean a decrease in winrate unless i catch a sick heater (which from my experience you never do in such situation). And for only around 4000$ value of that milestone i don't see much sense behind this especially since we want to do some island and city trips during teh next two months. If i would be something like 200k vpp short of SNE by all means i would lock myself in for a potential value of over 50k$ over teh next year but yeah, i'm far away from thinking about Supernovaelite these days...

Directly when i moved into teh villa i also ordered a 27" screen (largest screen i had in teh last 3 years). After around a week it arrived from Korea and after paying another 50$ import tax it was mine. Unfortuantely teh fucker was not working because teh adapter seemed not strong enough to connect it to my Alienware. After a couple of hours searching for a suitable adapter in Bali with not success i had to order another one via amazon. Was only 100Euros for a fucking adapter haha, but at least teh screen was cheap. Problem in Bali is if you order stuff from abroad you always pay a bunch of taxes and you have to track teh package 3 times a day in order to be able to give them a call once they screw up somthing which they always do. DHL wrote me several times they couldn't locate my adress (while every food delivery service has absolutely no problem finding it...) so that i basically had to guide them via phone in teh end. Anyways, long story short, adapter arrived and my 27" with teh 2560*1440 max resolution is running in full force. So much moar fun to play on teh thing that i'm already quite happy i bought it even though i'm not even tiling my tables.

Lifewise there are not too many news after last update. So far Bali has been a great detox. Only went drinking 3 times teh entire month and one of those was in Singy. I still like it alot but in order to consider staying for longterm nightlife seems awfully quiet and generic as already mentioned in another poast. But maybe i just haven't seen it all yet.
Also have a fairly strong gym schedule atm which is mon, tue, thu, fri; wednesday off and weekend off.

I have teh villa for myself for another couple of days until teh guys come back and tonight i will try to catch some drinks at one of teh local halloween parties...
Plans for immediate future are a Jakarta trip mid november and a Singapore trip beginning december but nothing set in stone yet.
In november also 3 other players will come to Bali for 2-6 weeks which will result in a bigger group to go out and do stuff with - definitely looking forward. Not much moar to say, fingers crossed for a good november :)

couple of bigger hands:

QQ at 600



another set

vs retarded reg


finally 27"

sunset at teh villa


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