Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

November in Bali, teh offseason started

Another month down on teh island of gods and lotta stuff to write about.

It's sunday afternoon so i'm sitting here with a slight hangover in front of my desk. Yesterday was supposed to be Jimabarave - a massive beachrave with Paul Oakenfold as a headliner on a sick beach. Sounds good, no? Well, after 2 hours on teh road we got aware that teh event was canceld bc teh police shut it down. Such things don't even happen in Malta so i guess it's an only in Bali kinda situation. However we were early and managed to go to partycentral Kuta thereafter where we tried a new club which i liked teh most from everything i've seen so far. We were pretty much the only farangs in the entire place and was good fun but still party here for me is way too civilized. They played insanely good music but people here seem to drink was less and since there are zero drugs people just don't move. So u literally standing in a club with sick soundsystem. top notch electro and nobody besides yourself really moves.Really weird and prolly needs some time to get used to.
But first to poker. I wasn't to happy with my play lately and still had SNE for next year in teh back of my head so i decided to test what happens if i go back to 24tabling fullring 100-600 and did that for teh first 12 days of teh month. It wasn't going exactly like i hoped it would be. Basically from the moment i started massgrinding i was under EV all teh time and my volume went to 70% NL100. I hate NL100 and after a couple of days i came to the conclusion that this cannot be the answer. VPP rate bc of that also went to something like 0.28per hand which means 3.5mirrion hands for SNE - no thank you. Was also hard to even get 24 fullringtables during off peak and when u only play peak here you don't see any daylight for teh most part.
I canceld this experiment mid november and went back to playing 6max and also removed some stakes where my results where questionable like NL200SH deep for example. Over the next days i also removed the last NL100 stakes i were playing (euro tables) so that i was back to NL200+. Over the next days i added 600 6max and 1k FR and things going great so far. Granted to say i'm experiencing a nice upswing atm for a change but i was running like garbage alot this year so sooner or later it had to get better at one point.
Feeling quite good atm, have a good mindset and alot of momentum came back. I'm not looking at all at how many hands i get per hour or how many hours i want to play my session. It just doesn't matter if u don't go for SNE. So sometimes i play 3hours in a row and sometimes i quit my session after 30mins bc i don't feel it or whatever and this plan seems to work out so far..

Here's teh garph for teh moment which looks very similar to last months one:


Goal for december is to continue with what i am doing atm and see what happens. I'm not going home for christmas this year for teh first time and still haven't 100% decided how i split my time during christmas between work/party/travelling but i guess i know moar once i've seen how much i made or lost in teh first 2 weeks of december.

Not moar to say about poker so switching to teh good life. We started teh month with 4 guys and atm we are 5 living in teh villa and one next door. Also had two visitors who were here a couple of weeks so that it never became boring. Seems like testing restaurants is one of our main occupation atm bc we litereally eating out and testing new restaurants like each night. 90% of them are really really good and range from affordable to insanely cheap.
It's also noteworthy that rainy season started which means that you get some rain but mostly at night. You also have alot of nice days but not as frequently as i remembered it from april. For us though it's not really a problem bc when it rains we just work and when it's sunny we do some moar interesting stuff.

Mid of teh month we went for a mountainbike tour and drove up some spots in teh north/east of Bali, here are some pictures:

On the tour we visitied cafe next to mount Batur, took a look at a coffee plantage where teh famous kopi luwak is made, saw how teh traditional balinese are living, walked around some ricefields and ended in a restaurant before going back home. Was a little bit bad that i didn't slept teh night before but alot of kopi kept me awake somehow over teh day. During teh tour we also had teh most rain we saw so far which was quite unpleasant surprise but what doesn't kill u makes you stronger.

Last weekend 3 of us decided to escape teh Bali hassle and get a boat to teh Gilis which is like a small island group directly in front of Lombok and close to Bali. The most interesting thing is prolly that even though teh islands itselves are muslim and belong to Indonesia drugs are allowed or better said absolutely tolerated there compared to anywhere else in Indonesia where you will face jail time and possibly death penalty even for very small amounts. So no surprise that you find alot of reggea bars on that island with local rastas smoking all day...There is no motorized traffic on those islands so that teh only way besides walking is to rent a bicycle or a horse taxi.But honstly you don't really need those bc the islands are so small that you prolly can walk around teh biggest one in like 90minutes. Was definitely a nice relaxed weekend but there was not too many going on bc of offseason. Even there are shitloads of places to drink only like 1 or 2 went busy during teh nights but we still had a good time. Every decent looking girl however seemed to be there with her boyfriend and most of teh single girls seemed to not have heard of teh words gym or diet to often in their lifes. Honestly it's quite ridic to see that 90% of backpacking girls there seem to be chubby or moar while they travelling on a budget... how can this happen?

Since my pizza should arrive any moment i'm not going to write moar for now but hope to have an update ready before christmas this time. Best rgds from Bali and enjoy teh cold in europe ;)

Villa Kintamani

first dinner in full force


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