Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

How to get teh CHEAPEST airfares for business and first class - WORLDWIDE!

Hi there,

update a bit earlier than expected but this is not a real update but moar like a promotional post on my behalf.

Just yesterday i scored an affiliate deal with a fairly new company specialized in business and first class flights world-wide (long haul 5hours+ only). If you are not interested in this you basically can stop reading here because what is following might be not very appealing to you. If this sounds interesting please continue ;)

To give you an impression what is possible:

I just booked Frankfurt to Bangkok with Thaiairways for 1250Euro while the normal rate on Thai Airways would be 1720Euro. So in the end i saved 470Euro on this one which equals 27%. The economy flight would've been around 600Euro which makes business only double as expensive, which is a really really sick deal if you know a bit about flying. This is one way and you can expect roundtrips to even be cheaper from a percentage standpoint! I inquired not even 48hours ago and received my Ticket this morning via emai, i paid very conviniently on Stars.
Also note that flights from and to Europe in general have the worst %-deals. For example when you fly Asia to US or Asia to OZ the %-age you save compared to the regular business class should be significantly higher than the 27% i got here.

A good friend of mine is one of the agents for the company and so i offered him a collaboration to boost their business a bit.

Basically there are two options for you to get a quote and to book:


go to I only fly first class > Booking Request, add your details and what flights your looking for and post "timstone" in the "how did you hear about us" in order to 100% get the best rate available. They will give you quotes as soon as possible and you can decide afterwards if you want to take their offer or rather fly eco instead.


you get in touch directly with me via Facebook, Skype, Line or whatever and i will you forward you to my friend the agent who will take care of you from that moment on. Overall i would recommend this option because you will receive direct feedback and have a bit more personal experience but in the end this is completely up to you.

Every quote you get will be specifically researched extra for you with the best price available!

A wide variety of payment options will be available once everything is finalized - at the moment they have for sure paypal, skrill, pokersitetransfer and some banks, credit cards will be following asap.


- business and first class flights for better rates than found anywhere else
- worldwide
- long haul 5hour+ only
- if you are in a miles program you WILL NOT receive any miles for using ionlyflyfirstclass
- very easy booking process - all work is taken care of by the agents
- you'll receive your ticket via email you provided and will even be able to change your seat, meal preferences etc. afterwards

I really hope this might be interesting for some of you. If not just ignore!


PS: Also, if you think that might be interesting to your friends please feel free to share this, i really appreciate it!


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