Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014


Month not really over but since i'm not playing any crazy volume teh last days and since i'm at my parents atm having some spare time i figured it's better to get this done now than once back in Bangkok.

Was pretty sick month pokerwise overall, especially if you consider that i was in Malta and going out 2-3 times a week moastly. One of those months where basically everything is going your way, be it setups, EV, gameplay, you name it.

Here's teh garph:

july 2014
Garph is a bit to pretty to put in teh EV line as well so i just left it in teh info box. As you can see it's decent amount above but my ev adjusted WR overall was almoast 3bb with which i am quite happy as well.
Here is also teh stake breakdown:

So what changed compared to last month? Basically only teh one thing that i dropped 6max for good and played exclusively fullring. Tbh last month garph itself wouldn't have looked very different without playing 6max. That being said i had 2 major heaters over those 122k hands and was pretty much never running really bad - garph makes that obvious - furthermoar games became alot better once teh worldcup finished and it should go up from now bc euro winter is coming :) Also there is no rakeback included so with rakeback im def. in teh 20k's for july which makes me a happy man!

Goal for august is to ride that heater as long as possible and not lose too much once it's over. Volumewise i should also be able to play a bit moar overall once back in Bangkok but volume is not necessarily my goal as long as i run good and make enough money.
Ah, yes, and definitely not trying to play 6max anytime in near future but i guess that's quite ldo after those results.
So in regards of poker i leave it with those numbers for - don't really know what else i should write.

In life regards i spent teh 2 weeks after my last update in Malta and left it yday and am in Germany now for appr. 2 days. In retrospect i prolly should've left Malta after teh worldcup because i was quite bored overall teh last 2 weeks but than on teh other hand i put in some good work, made some money and felt good overall so teh 2 weeks were not really wasted. Nevertehless though i'm quite happy once i board my plane to Bangkok tomoro and will be out of Europe for teh foreseeable future. Just an easier life over there, way moar laid back, friendlier people, cheap as fuck, no stress, hot temperatures, etc.
Last 2 weeks i went out a bit but not as much as during teh worldcup i think but put teh main focus on poker.
Nutrition overall was not very good either so that this is going to be a main focus once i'm back to get a better gym schedule again. Wasn't necessarily bad in Malta - still average 3-4 times i guess but some breaks every here and there and overall too much pizza, pasta and alcohol... time for change!
Really not much moar to tell now that i think back which prolly explained my boredom in teh end. On of teh cool things i heard lately was teh Dan Bilzerian interview which i can only highly recommend:

Dan Bilzerian Interview

Guy seems to polarize pretty heavy, lotta guys hate him, lotta guys like him, i fucking love him. So you better enjoy that link ;)

After i arrived in Frankfurt i was positively surprised about teh weather and went straight to teh rental car company to get teh M6:

M6 fresh in teh airport garage

However in teh 30minutes i needed to sort teh car out teh weather changed so that i had to close teh roof directly and german autobahn looked like this:

It's a bjuuutiful day

So yesterday and today i didn't do much besides sleeping, eating and chilling with teh parents and tomoro i prolly gonna meet some friends in Frankfurt before flying out to Bangkok. Going to bed soon and will try to wake up superearly to grind a bit in order to be hopefully tired during teh 2nd half of teh flight - since it's business i might even be able to sleep a bit if i'm lucky...

Once back in Bangkok Damon Booth will be oreddi waiting for me which i think is moar a bad than a good thing but i have to accept teh fact that he is going to be there to make my life worse - looking forward.

Somewhat tired so that's it, short update but better than nothing i'd assume.

take care guys and cu on teh other side...

rgds from Germany

last pic of my malta pad

sunrise from teh terrace

bedouin partyaments

lunch at waterpolo club

comom procedure

bjuutiful paceville in teh morning

gonna miss that pool

lunch at teh sea


other sick penthouse i had a look at

another sunrise

bday fun #nohomo

home sweet home




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