Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Last day Londres, leaving in teh morning :) MALTA GUIDE inside

So as most of you know my London time is coming to an end after exactly 6 months.

Tbh I'm very happy it is over and I can move on with my life. Really looking forward for this summer. There are/were just too many things which are annoying the crap out of me but on the other hand the time was definitely a good experience and in the meanwhile I got to know alot of nice people.

The month in case of poker wasn't too good but on the brightside I'm careerpeaking on PTR and made more than my minimum monthly goal of 5 digits including rakeback which is a fine thing. Furthermore played higher volume than the first 2 month this year... Main problem was running terrible at everything above NL200 but as being said I made some money so I don't wanna complain too much... I sent my car over to Malta on tuesday so afterwards I was only playing rush because my 2 monitors went with the car. Wasn't running to well there either but basically played only 200 so no biggie. Furthermore I should be blackcard member now for a decent while after the volume I put in this week.

I turned 27 two days ago and after a spontaneous night out I wasted another 200 pounds or so in british nightlife... Unlike me spending money a good friend of mine from Malta managed to ship an EPT title and make some money - excactly 390.000 Euro. Ofc he has to donate some shares but anyways it should've been a pretty decent payday for him. I hope that the shipping party takes place the next days and not that I already missed it... Congratz Beyne, well deserved...

My parents are here in London this week for some sightseeing and since my mother has birthday on the same day I do this was a welcome occasion to meet up and spent some time together. It's pretty funny because my parents (especially my father) aren't speaking english and so they have a hard time here but somehow they seem to manage it... Later for dinner I meet up one last time with them b4 I fly to Malta in the morning and they head back to Germany.

So enough for the past and more of the future which is going to be alot cheaper and sunny: MALTA

I'm getting asked alot of questions these days about Malta, visiting, nightlife and bla and so I decided to write a little FAQ for those who are interested to visit...

1. With whom are you living together?

Since yesterday the team of roomies for the penthouse is completed which will consist of me, Christian and Adrian.
Christian is currently grinding teh micros at Stars but I'm sure he will be able to beat at least small stakes by the end of the year - good luck to him. He's german and I got to know him during my studies in Mannheim, Germany. He's a good friend of mine since then so I'm pretty sure we'll have a good time this summer.
Adrian is some sort of crazy australian dude I got to know last year in Malta. He isn't playing poker or how he calls it "I'm not a mouseclicker" and has a real job. He's probably better with chicks than anyone I ever knew (and I know alotta people who are pretty damn good...) and besides the he's a sick partyboy. Should be a pretty good addition for the flat.

2. Where exactly is the flat?

The flat is located in Swieqi/ta L-Bragg right besides St. Julians which you can describe best as the entertainment center of Malta. Basically everything from nightlife, Hotels, fancy restaurants, etc. is located there but you get significantly more for your money compared to living directly in St. Julians. Basically you can reach almost everything by foot but it is still quiet so that you can focus on work if you have to...

3. I want to visit you - how do we do this?

I'm always happy if friends are coming for a visit but there are some important things to consider:

- I cannot host more than 3 people at the same time so no groups bigger than 3 unless there are hot girls included who have no problem sleeping in my bed. If you are more than 4 we can figure something out that we split the groups on 2 different appartments for example but we def. have to discuss this upfront.
- A lot of people writing me things like "i want to visit you mid june, etc". Even if this is nice to know I cannot plan this long in advance which means I cannot tell you now if I'm in Malta mid june or if I'm in Vegas, Ibiza, Kazantip or somewhere else. So when you really intend to give me a visit get in touch with me 2-4weeks before you want to come and then I can tell you if it is working out. It will not have much effect on the flight prices anyways if you book now or if you book 3 weeks before.

4. How expensive are the flights?

If you are flying with Air Malta/Lufthansa from Germany you will have to pay between 180-250Euro to Malta and back. Easyjet and Ryanair should be alot cheaper but I don't know from which airports in Germany they are flying... Once you arrived you obviously don't have to pay anything for accomodation and even for the nightlife you will not be spending to much because there is always somebody giving you a fresh beer or vodka redbull so that most of the time you have to fight for paying for the drinks yourself...

5. How expensive is Malta?

If you put all together I would say it is something between 65% and 80% of that what you would spent in Germany and prolly around 40% compared to London.
In general you can say: Going out is very cheap, cigarettes are cheap, eating out is cheap, flats are cheap, supermarkets are somehow expensive, electronics are expensive.

6. How is the nightlife?

Here obviously it depends when you plan to come to Malta. Summers are pretty busy with (June-Aug as the busiest months). Pretty busy means that you can go out on any given day in the week and it will be a blast. The standard clubs are very touristic for the main part but with some alcohol you should be always fine. The average age of the people going out is pretty young - probably around 20 I think but also dependent on where you go. In summer furthermore there are some massive openairclubs in the centre of the island which tend to have a little "older" and not so touristic crowd compared to the mainstreamclubs in Paceville. In summer you will also find massive events with big international names every 2 or 3 weeks like Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Armin van Buren and alot more.

7. How are the girls?

If you like dark hair and massive breasts Malta is definitely the place to be. If you don't there are still alot of tourist chicks who might look different. All in all there are alot of beautiful girls living and travelling to that Island especially in summer and because of the awesome climate they don't wear too many clothes either which is a fine thing (most of the time...).

I guess that's it for now and this should give you a little better inside on the small island. If you have other questions please don't hesitate to state them and I might do an additional guide in one of my next posts.



  1. Alot off MMMF's in the making I can imagine?

  2. basically agree about the malta stuff. bottom line, it's just pretty fucking awesome to be here in summer (even winter isn't that bad, c'mon!). and regarding beyne: fuck, that's just awesome!

    your new apartment rocks, i already spend some time there, the terrace is amaaaaazing and the damn flat is huge!

  3. airport of ryanair is in frankfurt/hahn which is app. 100kilometres from frankfurt.

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