Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

The Uberman sleep experiment

I don't exactly know how I came up with it but like 15 hours ago I decided to give it a try.

The Uberman sleep schedule is a schedule, where u sleep 20-25minutes, then stay awake for appr. 3.5hours, going back to sleep for 20-25minutes and repeat. More detailed information u can find with the help of google. Gossip tells that people like Da Vinci and Einstein used to live with that schedule for a long time.

The main upside is pretty obv. You only need 2-2.5hours sleep a day and basically have over 21hours where you are awake and can be productive. At least that's the theory of it. I bought a book about it this morning which should help me alot on my way.

Main reasons why I'm doing this is because I'm curious if it really works and because it would be very good for my time management in case of the Supernova Elite attempt as well bc I have moar time to work and moar free time.

I started basically yesterday afternoon. I woke up after a long sleep at around 3pm in the afternoon, then stay awake until 7:30am in the morning.

At around this time I was trying my first 25minute NAP which failed unfortunately. However, at noon I did my next attempt and it worked out nicely. Same at 4pm. Nap at 8pm wasn't that good, I think I only slept for maybe 5 minutes. Anyways atm I'm feeling really good. Maybe a little tired but not very bad and my next Nap comes in 2 hours at midnight anyways...

From what I read so far the hardest thing is the adaption to the new schedule. Especially days 3-5 shall be a pain in the ass and they say you get insanely tired. Thereafter it is going to be better. After 10-20days you should have completely adapted and be able to function with only 2-2.5hours sleep each 24hours. We'll see what happens...

For most people this schedule is not applicable bc you cannot manage a normal 9-5 job and doing strict naps every 4 hours but since I'm flexible as shit bc of poker I don't have this problem so I figured I could give it a try.

Only real issue is when I finish my detox at around Halloween it is going to be tough to live this schedule. I mean, imagine taking a nap at 8, starting pre drinks at half 9, taking another nap at 12, going to a club, probably drinking, coming home at 4 sharp, sleeping 20 minutes, waking up at 4:20, having to stay awake for 3.5hours half drunk and pretty exausted - well, I guess I have to deal with it when the time comes :P Furthermore they say this sleeping pattern gets u in euphoric state, comparable to a drug, so maybe I can skip alcohol completely :)

keeping u posted.


  1. holy hell dude, good luck. This is pretty awesome, but don't hurt yourself.

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