Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Back in Malta, teh best is yet to come

Yo, will try to make it short today bc last update was only couple of days ago.

Took an early morning emirates flight to Malta and arrived in the afternoon. Prolly flying only emirates from now on whenever there is teh possibility bc that was def. much better than anything i've seen so far. Servicewise very good, food definitely better than anywhere else and they seem so take a look at their air hostesses before they actually give them a job. Weather in Malta was/is quite allright in teh mid 20s even though it feels cold if you come from Bali/Dubai, but that should change rather soon.
Moved in for a couple of days in teh flat of another pokermate who is currently in Germany that i have some time to sort something for myself. Just finished 1st session which was basically teh first really decent one in a longwhile. Maybe i even manage to get back to even for teh month in teh next 2 days, who knows?! Also it seems that i underestimated how important fast internet with a very fast ping is really for me because i seem to get significant moar good seats now compared to last months...

Not much moar to write about teh pokerz bc i haven't played in Dubai.

Big problem after tis april is though that i have moar questions than answers. So far everywhere i travelled i had an interesting time but Malta was always teh number 1 when it comes down to teh question where i want to spent teh majority of my time. Now i'm pretty confused. Bali was fucking amazing and Dubai is on another level as well so i prolly will reevalute teh next couple of months what to do. Definitely staying here until october though.
Regarding Dubai my first impressions got confirmed during my last 3 days as well. It seems like a city just built for me. After teh wednesday party and thursday aquapark we went to a brunch in a beachclub on friday. Weekend there is friday saturday and teh city is basically famous for it's friday brunches. Every place is doing them and for something between 40 and 100Euro you get all u can eat and drink for 3-4hours. In teh end we made teh right call to do teh brunch in a beachclub rather than an irish pub. Over teh course of teh day we managed to get insanely shitfaced and when a filipino hen night with 20hens arrived around 3 in teh afternoon we knew that could possibly get interesting. But it went even better thereafter. I'm quite sure i have never in my life seen that amount of beautiful chicks in one place. There were literally 25 girls in that beachclub who could've easily worked for victorias secret - just mindblowing but probably quite std for Dubai.
After we didn't finished our 3rd bottle on wednesday we decided to go back to Cavalli Club in teh evening (after a whole day of heavy drinking) and finish wat we started. In retrospect maybe not teh best idea. Lost my mate a 2nd time this day and i have absolutely no clue wat i did between 1 and 4, memory completely wiped out, but i didn't got arrested so it wasn't too bad.
Next day resulted in a terrible hangover for both of us. Still no clue how i managed to buy teh new Galaxy in teh morning but thereafter we couldn't be bothered to go up teh Burj Khalifa bc we were just too fucked...
So at this point i'm quite sure i'm doing Bali in winter still for a couple of months but thereafter i have no clue if i stay in Malta or move to Dubai for good. I'm 29 now and this city just caters so much moar to a guy in that age compared to how Malta does. In Malta i go out and in most places i'm on teh older side of teh crowd even if i don't feel or look like it. If i go out in Dubai i belong to teh young guns... And besides alcohol and party everything is quite affordable - in fact supercars, cigarettes, fuel, taxis, electronics and some other stuff is ridiculously cheap compared to europe because they just have no taxes over there <3 Guess only time will tell wat happens...

In a couple of hours i meet wit my estate agent and try to sort a place for Malta. From then on it will be alot of working time in may and hopefully june as well while i will take a little bit moar time off during peak summer in july and august. I also hope i manage to visit some good friends in Ibiza this year.

That's it for now, holla!


  1. Sick work at the gym Tim! Any pans ahead? maintaining or keep on building?
    No girraph this month :) ?

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