Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Expect teh unexpected

Small update today, but thought i need to write another post before i leave Bali.

While life is good poker is/was absolutely not and so i'm right in teh middle/end of my biggest moneywise downer so far. Everything was going fairly meh aka breakevenish for teh month until i started one session and made like 2.5k in maybe 500hands (most at 600). Thereafter you would naturally assume that teh goodrun is back and you are back to making money. However after this small success i dropped around 8k$ straight in significantly less than 10k hands. Quite sure i haven't seen such a run in my 5 years of playing. Winning literally zero flips for 100BB stacks, AA or KK getting cracked litereally each hand by fish no matter what they called pre, they get there and a sick amount of hands where you flop big and after turn and river come you have a weak bluffcatcher otr. If all this comes together and if it stays for a while that's a receipt for disaster obv. So my mood teh last days was not teh best but on teh other hand it's part of teh game i love and there's nothing i can do besides pushing harder, keep playing a-game and hope things turn around. As it seems of now the worst part is over bc my last session was actually a winner but you never now. And if we are honest this run was long overdue, i cannot run every years several 10k's above EV and expect nothing is ever going to happen.  Also learnt one important lesson in regards of bankrollmanagement which was slacking a little lately and so i will rebuild my online roll to 100Buyins for 200 and never drop below that again bc now i really cannot comfortably mix in 400+ anymoar without decent chance having to push new money into my Stars account which i don't really plan to do. But once again we'll see what happens...

Anyways, for most parts i still was satisfied with my game even in that stretch (a fool will say that he will play 100% a-game even if shit hits teh fan but i did not play (m)any hands which i would play much different in retrospect which is good.) Big problem for me in such downswings is i tend to get a little too passive but if you get assraped any given hand then it's kinda hard to not get a little paranoid after a while.

Enough of teh bitching though. It doesn't matter if i lose 5000, 10000 or 20000 in teh shortrun as long as my longterm EV is positive which given teh state of games it 100% is. Nothing changes, i have enough money on teh side to still continue that lifestyle without having to worry about shit which is good and gives some peaze of mind.

I finally managed to get a 5mbit connection and stable internet here in Bali which is a little late but better late than never and good to know you can get that speed for my return end of teh years.

Another funny story is about two fellow players with whom i played quite a bit. Alot of people ask me when they hear i play poker for a living if it wouldn't be a good idea to play in a team:

So these two guys were both supernova elites, making at least 200.000US$ a year playing poker and were best friends in real life. So they decided for whatever reason it is not a cool thing if they take money of each other (i disagree here, one of teh most funniest part of teh game is to suck out on somebody you know you go drinking with tomoro and win a couple of 100s of him - maybe my mind is just fucked up, who knows).
Anyways, they decided 12 months ago that they will softplay each other which means essentially they are not playing big pots against each other, folding when teh other guy bets, etc. I cannot tell how far this agree went beyond this but that enough to understand teh situation. They even claim that they thought this behaviour would be allright bc no other players get hurt directly by it. Because they both have to be highly intelligent people to make as much money as they did i just assume they are superyoung and insanely naive bc it's kind of obvious that this is never within teh rules.
Whatever, end of teh story is Pokerstars closed their accounts, conficicated 80.000$US from both of them and they are banned to play on Stars or Full Tilt for 3 years. Moral of the story is think twice before you act and softplaying, colluding, etc. will be punsihed by Pokerstars.
So it does not make sense to play in any sort of team on Pokerstars bc risks and penalties you face for being caught are far to sick to justify it...

That's it for poker. Was playing decent volume lately, especially since having good internet so that i wasn't doing to many other things but yesterday we managed to do a trip to Lembongan Island which is very similar to Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Lotta small and supernice islands, not overrun by tourists yet, sick beaches, cheap food, etc.

Gym is going pretty good as well. Even though i pulled my ligaments and had to stop running for a bit i'm down to 73kg now and from what it looks like i'm supersatisfied and don't wanna go down anymoar. But now teh hardest part comes which is mainting this. Food here is like perfect fitness food, will not be that easy in Malta to eat as sound as here unfortunately.

My friends leave Bali tomoro and i follow up on saturday. As being said i loved every minute here (maybe not those where i lost big haha) and will be back end of teh year for a couple of months, most likely from october ongoing. There is still so many things i haven't seen yet, teh food is fantastic, teh locals friendly, weather amazing. etc. Just teh perfect spot to continue euro summer.

Saturday i'm flying to Doha where my english mate is working so probably playing a bit til wednesday because he has to work as well and then going over to Dubai and going completely mental for a couple of days there with hopefully no imprisonment. Flight to Malta is booked for teh 28th of april so i shall return to my true home fairly soon :)
Plan there is to find a decent crib for teh summer and also to play alot during may where Malta is still quiet and hopefully make some money back.

thanks for reading and peaze out!


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  2. as long as you have better equity than the fish its all good. poker is all about the long run anyway. feel bad for those SNE guys. what were they thinking? they could have just avoided each other's tables.

  3. no clue, nicole. I just blog on Blogger...

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