Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

Sick life in teh middle east

Hello folks,

back again writing a little something something from Dubai this time.

Have to say finally i really enjoy that travel and hate it moar and moar that i blew 3 months in Australia but what can you do.
Left Bali on saturday and arrived in Doha early in teh morning. Have a good english mate who is working there so that i could stay at his place. Plan for Doha was basically doing nothing besides good food, some gym sessions and put in some hours in teh office. That all worked out and even though i'm not running as horrific as in Bali anymoar i'm still far away from something i would consider running decent but it seems at least that i'm back to winning money even though not much for now. Have not checked exact results but definitely first month in 5 years of playing poker for a living i'm down significant amount of money even after rakeback. Would assume it is around -5k but just don't wanna check results and see teh disgusting garph. There's just no point. And once again teh phrase: "one day you will run way worse over way longer time than you ever could imagine" becomes true. Swings are sick but why should i care, longrun is all that matters and there's still alot of money out there.

Anyways, that should be it for poker. So while goal in Doha was to grind plan in Dubai is and was to see something of teh city, take some time off poker before coming back to Malta and party quite a bit.
I absolutely didn't know wat to expect when i came here. It's teh first two really muslimic countries i've went to so i had no clue. But i have to say so far i love every bit of it. While Doha seems moar like a business hub Dubai is for sure built as a prime holiday destination with business in teh background. It's like those guys took a look at some really cool cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, etc, than sat down and looked what's good in those cities and said we gonna make it even better and what's bad and we cut it out completely and then build teh city. Stuff you see here is just fucking mindblowing. My mate was living for a while in this region so he knows quite a bit and i profit of this wisdom for sure. Some examples: There are no bums here on teh streets, everything is clean, everything is hypermodern, it's fairly cheap for what you get, service is from absolutely another world no matter where you go, there is basically no crime, etc.
I really like how those guys just handle stuff: Went to some steakhouse chain teh other day and they literally had like 50 waiters running around for maybe 25 guests who were there. All those guys speak way better english than i do, had t-shirts with "i love my job" and u really have teh impression they love wat they're doing even if they get paid shit for sure. If you would have teh same place in Malta you would have two miserable waiters and you could read on their faces that they would rather shoot themselves instead of working another week in that place.
Regarding crime from what my mate told me you have one chance here and zero tolerance and if you blew that you are out. So u don't even try to take your chances. You steal from a shop you get thrown out of teh country and you are never allowed to come back. You fight somebody for no reason and the same happens. If they would apply that system to germany you wouldn't have all those morons who ask you in nightclubs why u looking at them only to provoke an argument and stuff - how nice of a place Germany would/could be haha...
It's a bit weird in teh beginning that you cannot drink on teh street, there's no alcohol in supermarkets, etc but if you like me and either you go ALL IN or don't drink at all this really makes not much of a difference. I don't need a beer for dinner to feel alive and if i do i can still go to one of teh hotels which all sell. Alcohol also is pretty much teh only thing which really is expensive. Fuel and cigarettes are amazingly cheap, mostly because they are just not taxed. Going to restaurants and stuff is not supercheap but definitely not expensive either. Probably comparable to a normal european city but as being said you always get 120% service by competent staff.
Amount of 4 and 5 star hotels is sick as well. No matter where you go to people open teh doors of your taxi and greeting you with a friendly smile wishing you a good day etc. Taxis btw are amazingly cheap as well and you can ball it up here over white BMW taxis, 7series limosines and Bentleys however you like...

Went out yesterday to Cavalli Club which is definitely one of teh sickest clubs i've been to so far. Interior, setup, etc. just on a completely different level, service once again out of this world, etc. Had a table and if you only 2 persons it gets quite expensive but still miles cheaper and miles better than anything i've seen in Australia. Bottle of Jaegermeister was around 200euros, bottle of JD around teh same. As being said not cheap but not teh 350euro australian shit either.
You definitely can have a very decent lifestyle here without spending sick amounts of money if you don't go to crazy in teh clubs and with shopping.
Speaking of shopping we went to Dubai mall now twice which is out of this world as well. Huuuuge place where you can get literally every fucking thing. They have an aquarium inside, a vip cinema, like 40 different electronic stores, any fashion designer you can think of and and and - just fucking sick.

Weekend here is friday and saturday instead of sat an sun but after having a solid night out yday we decided to keep a low profile and save some money instead today and rather go big on one of teh friday brunches later in some beachclub. I never heard of those brunches but apparently they seem to be a big deal here so everybody goes to a brunch on friday noon where you usually have an open bar and free food for 3-4hours and all people get shitfaced. Sounds like good fun to me and definitely worth checking out.

Weather is pretty good as well. It's not as sick hot as in summer while it mostly has over 40°C so atm it's quite allright with alot of sunshine and 30-32°C.

After teh brunch we are prolly fucked and not going out to a night party but we'll see what happens. Saturday my mate is leaving in teh evening and i stay one night longer and take an early emirates flight back to my 2nd home so that travelling comes to an end. Also pre ordered teh new Galaxy S4 today that after almost 2 weeks without a phone i will finally be mobile again. Was quite a pain in teh ass using my Galaxy cam as a phone because teh thing is just too huge to carry around to clubs and shit haha.

After all i've seen so far from Dubai i'm quite convinced i will come back for a bit longer somewhere beginning next year if things work out. Maybe 6-8 weeks or something like this. There's just too many things you can do here so that 4 days are just not enough. Furthermoar Dubai and Doha as well are highly motivating me moneywise because you see so many people who really make big cash and not just teh pocket change i do that you just think about what you can do to make moar moar moar. Really looking forward now to may and finally be back on teh grind again and hopefully making some money.

Landing Malta on 28th and then directly searching for a nice summercrib for just myself teh next day. Gonna be good summer for sure but i don't even know what winter is anymoar anyways :P

That's it for now, need to catch some sleep before teh brunch with booze and Booth...

peaze out and teh usual shots of my travelz!

my room and office in Doha 24th floor in CBD

2nd skyline from Atlantis at teh Palm in Dubai

Burj al Arab ******* Hotel

Nightout at Cavalli Club

Teh rulers of teh Dubai and prolly UAE as well

Doha at night

VIP cinema wit teh english boiii

Last pciture before leaving Bali

When it all started

In front of Dubai mall

Burj Khalifa aka highest man made building in teh behind


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