Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Flat hunt starts again...

Weekend is over... was a pretty massive saturday night out - think i left the club at 8:30 which is pretty late/early considering my age. Think we spent 60 pounds alone on entry fees that night not considering drinks, cigs and cabs. But I haven't had a night out here I didn't spent at least 200GBP and that is prolly not gonna change in near future.
Now that I'm almost recovered it is time to get back to work and to focuss on another great project: finding a new flat.
We originally moved into the current one in october and paid up front for 6 months and in November my former roomie from Malta moved in as well so we are 3 atm and paying about 2.8k GBP total which is pretty fine for London and considering the flat is really big. However we more and more realize that this flat is not exactly what we want because we are just too far away from the city, too far away from the nightlife, too far away from nice restaurants, too far away from everything.
So we decided the last days to do the move and will be looking for a nice place more central (Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Soho, Marylebone, Chelsea, and so on).
The good thing is, once we find something we get what we want. The bad thing is, it is going to be very very very expensive.
All properties which we found so far are in the range of 5k-6.5k Euros per months which will mean roughly about 2k per person. I'm not sure if there is another city (if we leave Monte Carlo out) in Europe where you can/have to pay this kind of money for a 3 party flat share.
Whatever, I definitely think it's worth it because it will be a better lifestyle in general so if we are able to find something decent we will give it a shot. Maybe we realize later that it's not what we wanted but then we can move out after 6 months anyway and search for something new in London, England, Europe, the world or whatever.

always good to be flexible and open-minded... I'll keep you posted...



  2. Yo Tim,

    London seriously kicks ass...I've never been to more amazing clubs and the lifestyle/atmosphere around the city is fkin cool. Like you said though, everything is sooo fing expensive I can't imagine living there. Sounds like you've banked some good coin for a few years now though so might as well live it up while you're young...dodging taxes is a plus too lol.

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