Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Last session fail - OBV.

ok, short post.

last session of the month of course failed miserably. Not really because of me even though I might have had better days but main reason is Mr. Sklansky. Tbh I cannot remember the last time I blew this massive amount in Sklansky BB out of the window. Furthermore considering that my biggest losing session this month was around -350ish tis is pretty massive. Meh whatever. But it's always interesting to see as soon as you have some VPP goal in mind which is pretty soon to be reached (in my case 50k VPP for the month in order to maintain SNE) Stars is happy to pull the trigger. The whole mess starts around 6 hours b4 midnight ET (Stars server time) while having around 1000 VPPs left to earn for 50k when some BE highstakes Reg decides to take my limp/raise (expert play created by myself) not too serious at around hand 1200. From that moment everything was pretty std until losing AA to QQ and 88 AI pre, losing AA to KK AI pre and losing AK to A4 AI pre in about 5 minutes...
I don't feel tilted at all so I'm gonna try to get something back now but obviously not the coolest "end of the month session" jajajaja


6 hours later:

tried to come back but wasn't working too well for the most part. Down 3k in EV. Definitely haven't experienced that kind of difference ever since I'm playing.
Whatever, show must go on...


  1. Awsome blog! Such sweet life man ... I dream about this every day! Keep them updates comming, cuz blogs like this and ppl like you are like a fuel for us dreamers :)

    Oh and bout massively under EV session ... If u didn`t tilt even for a bit ... U can count it as a winning session as well ^^

    Take care!


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