Montag, 3. Januar 2011

It's been along time coming

Since I see more and more people (mainly other pro gamblers) starting blogs I think now that I settled in London it's about time to start a blog myself. Why? Because I think I live an awesome life many other people dream of and would like to give a little insight in my world, the world of poker, the world of money, the world of party and so on.
Furthermore this blog is a good thing for me to set goals and review how my life is developing. I gotta lot of plans and ambitious goals for this year and definitely need to stay focussed to reach them. I will keep this blog entirely in english in order to reach a bigger peer group but please keep in mind that I'm german and therefore no nativespeaker ;)

comments if positive or negative are always more than welcome...

let's get 2011 and this blog started!

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