Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Monthly Half-Time / small overview

Half of january is over and so I gonna make a small post with the current (aids) garphs!

I'm not really satisfied so far but I can feel that it is getting better day by day and I win back confidence in my game. I run pretty good at 200NL like always (definitely playing my best game at this stake) but unfortunately I run pretty crap on everything above with 400NL rush being the exception. My volume this month has been 2/3s at Full Tilt and 1/3 at Stars. Probably going to finish 50/50ish (bc I need 50k VPP at Stars and atm I'm at 19k) this month and not really sure for the future. If Stars is doing good changes with the buyin structure most of my volume will be there again because even with the new FT Blackcard rakeback just isn't in the same league as Stars SNE Rakeback.

My goal this year is to maintain a 3digits hourly before rakeback and I have to admit that I'm miles away from that atm. Nevertheless after a solid friday night I'm up more than 4k without Rakeback (which should be another 2k++). That's not very good and nothing I'm too proud of but it is definitely better than december and november last year and it will be enough to buy some drinks in a nice club in London today. I'm probably taking today completely off and sunday it's very dependant on how hung-over I will be but no matter what happens sunday will not be much volume lol...

Now the promised graphs:

starting with Stars:

not hard to see that it is pretty much breakevensville after one very solid session in the beginning. Even though I'm beating 200NL with 2.7PTBB I'm loosing at 400 with the same rate... At 600 I'm up and I stopped playing 1k pretty early this month. But in the end it's not really a big sample but if you take the EV from hand 21k ongoing it goes certainly in the right direction.

things look a little better at FT:

Here I was playing alotta rush and a wild mix of 200-600. In the beginning I was even playing some Rush 100 but gave up because I can't take the money serious there and therefore I'm stacking off/calling down way too light. Furthermore not much Rakeback to be made at 100NL haha. Here the tendency is also positive but I certainly have to take in account that I had massive heater session at 400Rush today which will not happen too often.

Now that I can compare FT and Stars I have to say that both sides are pretty similar tough. FT is a little softer because of the better reg/fish ratio which is only because of the 16tables cap imo and regs are not as good as Stars regs in a vacuum (there are good regs no doubt but there are some guys who have no clue what they are doing pre and post which you will very rarely find at NL200 Stars and above). But given that rakeback is alot less compared to Stars both sites probably have the same value in case of a possible hourly...

besides Poker this week didn't happend too much. I finally opened a bank account which went pretty smooth and made the first transactions and on wednesday I started the GTL season at the Virgin Active gym where you will be able to find me quite often the next time :)

gl at teh tables,


edit: forgot to mention that I now officially shipped my 2010 "Who makes more" prob bet which were an additional 7.5k in winnings and 15k in cash (bc the bet was escrowed) so if you take it from this perspective the month is more than semi-decent :)


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